Denki-gai no Honya-San : Episode One

Love and Eros for all // The Nightmare before Carnaval

A new season and a new load of anime to watch and I’m starting this bad boy off with Denki-gai no Honya-san or the Electric Town’s Bookstore.

Straight off the bat the theme tune/opening credits got me so excited I started bouncing in my seat so it should be good!

Well as the title suggests it is all set in a book store. The cast are all a tiny bit crazy but I really enjoyed meeting them. The show seems to be split into a first and second part under different names (the first half being Love and Eros for all and the second part called The Nightmare before Carnaval.)

So the characters, we’re introduced to them just before the opening credits. You have Hio-tan, Sommelier, Sensei, Director, Umio, Fu Girl, Kameko and briefly there is  a Manager but you don’t seem to see him.

The first skit is about erotic manga books, someone from the government (the Ero G-Man) comes into the store and see’s that there are some erotic books that aren’t properly sealed so the workers get to work on sealing them.

Whilst this is happening we find out a bit more about a few of the characters. Hio-tan seems to be quite nervous about liking Ero, she seems to go all giddy at the thought of sex of any kind, Umio seems pretty normal and up front about what he likes and dislikes. Director is called Director because he likes to film everyone. Sommelier is called Sommelier because of his skill of being able to find the perfect manga for everyone. He holds Sommelier parties where people come to be matched up with a story. The Ero G-Man shows up and gives a rousing speech “WE ARE ALL ERO BOOK LOVERS!!!”

I do like some of the names of the manga though “This is the definitive shorts manga”, “Battle on the South Seas”, “My 70-Year old sister”, “I’m a Panda and you’re a Deer”. They all sound riveting!

The second part is all about Sensei. We find out that she’s actually a manga writer herself and that Umio is a big fan. It seems that she is quite slow though and her deadline has had to be extended so Umio and Hio-tan help her over night. We get to see Sensei have a break down.

I liked this anime more then some that are similar because it seems to be keeping the story going, it doesn’t just jump from one skit to the next the story as a whole keeps going just the “story of the week” tends to be two stories.

The characters are all really funny and I don’t find any annoying so I think I’m going to love this. There seems to be a few matches relationship wise showing up but I’m not too sure about it all quite yet.

In the end though the humour and the entertainment tends to come more just from the characters as they progress. I liked how this episode started and ended with everyone shrink wrapping books. That was quite a funny joke.

It was a very impressive first episode. I don’t actually know why I found it so funny because it isn’t my type of humour really and not the kind of anime I tend to enjoy but I loved it! I thought it was well paced and extremely easy to watch, in fact I could easily watch it over and over without getting bored of it. So much better then I thought it would be!

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