Denki-Gai no Honya-San : Episode 3

Party Hard // Hio-tan Go Home

Another episode and this time we’re being transported to Christmas time! Yes Christmas is here for our lovely characters. I love Christmas don’t you?!

So to begin with we get another one of Director’s speeches! This time about the anniversary of a video game, it came out last Christmas so it must be the most Christmassey thing of all right?! For the lonely people who have a girlfriend in the game yes, yes it is.

Hio-tan goes back to Directors house to help him decorate for a Christmas party, it is nice seeing them both relaxed around each other and Hio-tan see’s that he’s actually quite a nice guy deep down. We also get to see the clumsy side of Hio-tan as she cuts her finger seconds after starting to cut something out! Though she does make a nice paper chain.

It was also nice to see everyone dressed up! Sommelier looked hell of a cool! And I liked the joke that Umio has a girlfriend, of course it had to be the character in the game!

After the party its time for everyone to go home, just Hio-tan doesn’t seem to want to go. It is pretty cute seeing them together especially because it just doesn’t look like Hio-tan wants to go.

Back in the store and they have the New Year Rush! Man is it busy! I loved the scene it was actually really touching, not that our shop is ever like that but on a day like Stock Take day (Tuesday was our Stock Take day, the joys!) I understand that pain! Of course they have a moment where the guys tell Director how much they like working for him but he spoils the mood! Of course!

This show is slowly making me wish that I could open a store like this in Plymouth, or if not a store like that just a Japanese based one! Sell anime and manga and figures and such like. Maybe even some Japanese styled food! I’ll never get the money together to do it but I wish I could! I’d have Fairy Tail and One Piece posters up all over the shop and I’d run a club there once a week where people could come together to talk about that weeks anime and manga! Now that would be cool.

Its a shame we haven’t got something like that in Plymouth, I really wish there was somewhere I could go to get loads of anime and manga merchandise instead of just relaying on certain shops to maybe get something I like in. There isn’t enough places like that! If we ever had one of those when I was growing up maybe I wouldn’t have felt so alone all the time.

In a way this is becoming my adult version of Empire Records. Man did I want to work in a record store when I was a kid thanks to that movie! In fact we had a cool store a bit like that where the Poundland is on the corner of Royal Parade when I was a kid and I really wanted to work there. I can’t remember what it was called now but I used to buy my Insane Clown Posse CDs in there!

I don’t just want to work in a shop like that now I want to own one! Maybe one day!

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