Gotham : The Mask

The game has changed ever so slightly, the pieces on the chessboard (and yes I can imagine Robin Lord Taylors Penguin easily playing chess with the pieces carved like the characters) is starting to move and the players are starting to become clear.

Last week Gordon (and a drunk Bullock) made a stand that won’t be forgotten too soon.

The ramifications of last week are more then being felt this week.

Gordon being hunted by the Falcone family and the whole station walking out on him is hanging heavy on Gordon and the others. Guilt, anger, confusion and fear hang in the air at the GCPD building.

They tried to be clever this week, they had to change the pace again so once again had to move it away from the families and the corruption, in doing so they gave us a slight introduction to the Black Mask, who in the Gotham universe is running a illegal fight club with his business. A slow drip of dead bodies meant nothing over the years until one showed up in front of Jim Gordon.

I wasn’t too interested in the Black Mask to be honest, it all felt a bit like a CSI:NY episode that I’ve seen. I think the concept fell flat compared to the recent weeks episodes and I really wanted to see something more with the Black Mask, then again there is plenty of time. He is still not as disappointing as Zsasz was.

What I do think is very clever is how they’ve actually snuck in a great origins for The Riddler.

Now along with the others I don’t think anyone has overlooked Edward Nygma at all, some have scratched their heads with where it could go having him work with the police but in recent weeks under the radar Nygma is starting to come alive.

You had a view of the twisted way his mind works, even when he is meant to be doing it for a positive reason, this week we got to see how his mind works, and also more isolation as he has been barred from the morgue (I actually thought he worked in the morgue.)

I could very much see there being a whole series with him being the main villain like this year with the Penguin. It could actually be a very dark and entertaining series.

Penguin didn’t have much to do but he did go home to see mummy who is a welcome addition to any episode that she graces. I enjoyed their interaction and gaining a greater understanding of where the Penguin gets his ideals from. Its easy to see that most of his ideas seem to come from his mother.

But it was Bullock once again who stole the show.

He is trying to mend the police force and help Jim at the same time. With a extremely Bullock-esque heartfelt yet insulting and shouty speech he was able to win some friends this week which is what Gordon really needs.

I have always felt that Louge’s Bullock would be worth watching the series for and he hasn’t disappointed.

The episode felt like it was going back to what it was before all the build up and drama, right now that building war seems to have deflated a little and my feelings for this episode felt much more disappointed purely because I was hoping for more then we got.

It actually was a decent episode.

The problem is that it doesn’t really look like it has a real idea of where it is going yet. We know that there is a mob war coming but that is it. Even though we have Bruce’s origins going in the background too it doesn’t feel like a build up to the Bat but it doesn’t feel like Gordon is going anywhere either. It feels like we are already in Bat-Gotham and the show has forgotten to bring out the Bat. It has slowly creeped up on the series but it really was the feeling I got this week.

Talking of Bruce him and Alfred are up to no good and Alfred has gone from not being happy with Bruce to forcing him back to school and agreeing to teach him how to fight.

It all comes about after Bruce gets picked on at school so Alfred drives him around to the bully’s house where Bruce takes out his anger and Alfred gets to sass a teenager. Oh the lives of the rich and their servants.

Every week I look forward to whatever these two get up to. Sean Pertwee is in his element and it is wonderful to see it.

Next week looks promising.

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