Gotham : Penguins Umbrella

Jim Gordon was saved from a prison cell by the Penguin’s sudden appearance. But I feel there is a whole load of hurting coming his way.

I would also be right because walking into the GCPD building isn’t going to go unnoticed by the people who think he’s dead. His sudden reappearance makes Gordon and Oswald public enemy number one in Fish’s eyes and Maroni is not about to let Oswald go.

This episode was very well done. I did feel at the beginning it kind of skipped around the place, not letting events breath enough, but by the end there was so many stories being worked into a sorrow little dance that you can’t help but hold your breath for the explosion.

For a start this episode made you feel like Fish’s time was coming, we actually found out that her time has been up for a while, Penguin has already told Falcone about her plans and in fact has infiltrated Maroni’s gang to feed back information to Falcone. He’s doing such a good job of his job that he’s able to win favors from Falcone. In actual fact all the spinning plates are firmly being held in place by Penguin, his grip on his dream is stronger then anyone can see. And maybe, just maybe, this war that he’s been bleating on about started with the false death of Oswald Cobblepot.

Gordon still is quite weak as a character. There is just something so bland about him, he doesn’t show a range of emotions he doesn’t really show any. Ben McKenzie started off really well but slowly he’s becoming the least interesting part of the story. This week he had to move the plot along, the story was his, he was leading the beginnings of the rebellion against the corrupt and unjust system, yet the whole of the time it never felt like he was fighting, or that he believed in his fight, or that he was worried for the life of his partner, or that he cared about anything really. His relationship with Bullock and Bruce and Alfred is as good as his character gets and there was a lack of either this time out.

The rest of the cast were great in what has to be my favorite episode so far.

The one big disappointment, mainly because I’m not expecting much from McKenzie at this point, was Zsasz.

If there is one thing that I like about Zsasz it is that in the Arkham games he terrified Anna and Amanda to the point that they had to play with the music off when they knew it was coming to a part with him in it, they both get other people to do the side quest with him in it in City because the second they hear a phone they get scared. This is in a video game, and it isn’t like Zsasz is a main character that does a lot of creepy things its all about the way he moves, the way he talks and the stories we hear about him.

If anything this has taken away some of that from the character. In fact I was expecting him to have a bar code on the back of his head when he turned around because it was much more Hitman then Victor Zsasz.

I don’t think it was the best way to go with his character, in fact there are so many other characters you could have put there it seems a waste.  Anthony Carrigan is great in the role and it would be interesting to see the more insane side of Zsasz being let out and less of the Hitman rip off going on.

The main point of this episode though seemed to be to tell us how hopeless Jim Gordon’s job is going to be. We know it is because even with the Bat Gotham is still corrupt. It is the first time though that you can see where they might go with this.

The episode was good and I feel its starting to get its feet. It did miss Edward Nygma though and it also missed having more Bullock.

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