Free! Eternal Summer : The Eternal Summer of Beginnings!

“Hajimari no Etānaru Samā!” (はじまりのエターナルサマー!)

It is no “Eternal Summer of Beginnings” for us fans but for our characters it is the perfect way to say goodbye to four (OK more like nine or ten) characters that we love so much, to remember this isn’t really a goodbye for anyone but a new beginning.

It is time for the final episode *sniff sob*.

Forget the Nationals this was such a sweet episode. It celebrated two wonderful series of such a great anime, the characters reminiscing about the past adventures. Lots of crying, lots of sadness but a lot of fun and laughter too.

I can’t think what life will be like never knowing any more about their lives, I love them all so much and not just the main characters, I love the  Mikoshiba brothers, I love Goro… I don’t really want any of this to end and it is sad that it is.

Though I am proud that I called it! Mako is off to become a teacher. I said he’d be great as a teacher, I think I was saying that during series 1. I love him he’s pretty wonderful when he’s being the “older brother” type character. He also fitted in so well when working for Goro and I’d love for us to have seen him maybe working with Goro in the future!

It was the perfect ending though, we got one last race, lots of memories and then we got to see a glimpse into the future. It looks like Mako and Haru stuck together, who knows what came of Sousuke but he looked happy enough, Nitori became captain of his team and I can only think that would have made him a much stronger person.

I already miss them all!

It was the perfect ending though, it looked back and looked forward, it showed the bond of the characters and it had them grow.

I’m just way too emotional right now!

They are all so perfect and this anime was perfect and I can’t stop saying I’m going to miss it but its the damned truth!

I guess that is it for Free! EVERYONE needs to watch this anime because it is great.

One thing this anime always did for me was make me sad that I never had a dream as a kid. Or at least I did but it was never as strong. I don’t think I’ll ever do anything important in this life, I’m stuck being… Well just me. I can’t even get a semi better job then I have right now. Free! always makes me feel better though because it makes me feel like even if I find a dream late in life I’ll be able to achieve it. I just don’t really have one that I ultimately want. The only thing I’m 100% sure of is that I want to go to Japan and explore it.

Never mind.

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