Gaming Babble : Final Fantasy VII Part 2

Or The Hunt For Yuffie! Soldiering and Grinding!

So we were on the trail of Sephiroth last time out. I said we’d done 5 hours of play, I actually should have said 8 (yeah I lied shoot me!) This time out I don’t have too much time to play so there is a lot of grinding levels and limit breaks going on.

We end up (after getting through the mines which is easy enough) in the first place that we can get Yuffie to join our crew. The woods have the smallest percentage of getting Yuffie so it is a great place to level up.

Now this was like a hour of hell for me! I got Yuffie the SECOND I walked into the woods but I forgot what I was meant to do so ended up losing her. As I said the rate for her showing up is so slim here that I spent another 30-40 minutes in a grump fighting random spawns. The problem with being in a grump is the time goes so fast and you forget golden gaming rule number 1. SAVE THE GAME! I wasn’t paying attention at all and ended up being killed and having to go back BEFORE I even fought Yuffie *sigh*. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to get Yuffie again right away so the grinding continued.

I decided I wasn’t going to bother leaving till I got Yuffie, she’s a optional character but I wanted her as soon as I could (it’ll be the same for Vincent, the second I can get him I’ll be off to get him.)

My whole thing was a hour with Cloud / Tifa / Red XIII and then a hour with Cloud / Barret / Aeris. So about a hour and 15 minutes in (meaning I was already with Barret and Aeris) I got Yuffie again (YAY!) and this time I managed to do it right (the answers need to go : Not Interested – Petrified… – Wait a second – That’s right – Let’s hurry : as soon as its over I had Yuffie! I decided to do another fight or two with Barret before I changed out with Yuffie for another 30 minutes.

In this time I was able to get Reds “Lunatic High” limit break, Aeris’s “Seal Evil” limit break and Cloud’s “Climhazzard” limit break.

I will be hopefully grinding up to get the complete limit break for everyone. Aeris is going to be tough but I’ll stick with it. I think it is important that I do it this one time, I tend to get to the end of the game without bothering too much with limit breaks so it would feel complete if I tried to do it this time out.

You do need to be careful here though as the random spawns are quite tough, as a attack “Blue Impulse” is a pain in the butt. It attacks all three of your players and when they spawn with three enemies they can use it one after the other. That and the fact that I stupidly had my items messed up was the reason I died. It was the third time I’ve died so far (I know I’m such a noob) but after that I just decided to use DeathBlow constantly.

Talking of DeathBlow it is a great summons! The Chocobo running in with the Mog on its back running into the enemies. So cute. But so deadly at the same time. Really make sure you get that one!

It is also good for stocking up on Potions and Hi-Potions as they drop quite regularly here.

After I finished levelling up for the time being I changed my party to Cloud / Yuffie / Barret and headed over to Fort Condor. There is quite a cool mini-game there, you have to defend your base. I tried it once, won (WOOHOO!) and then left. It is ideal for stocking up on items and resting up before going over to Junon.

Junon is my favourite place so far! So much fun things to do. First off you save Priscilla, after saving her you have another button tapper when giving Priscilla CPR (though as I work for the British Heart Foundation I can tell you that Cloud wouldn’t have gotten anywhere just breathing into her mouth. Did he not see the Vinnie Jones advert? Does he even know the chorus to “Staying Alive”?!) and you get your second Summons Shiva. We get a little sneak peak at a mystery between Tifa and Cloud (why didn’t they meet up on their own 5 years ago?!) before you get to play with a Dolphin. Yes indeed! Playing with a Dolphin. That was quite fun (Tip #1… Don’t have [Switch] bind to your Shift button. It is annoying.)

This is my favourite bit, when you are in the base you have to dress up as a Shinra solider and practise your movements. It is great fun. I was terrible, it is probably much easier on a controller (I can’t remember) but the way I have my key bindings meant it was difficult remembering what button I was meant to be tapping at the time. There are a few stages to this and you can explore the town a little bit and buy some items and weapons. I didn’t care I loved doing it and wish I could do it some more. Again it is a moment of comedy that breaks up the drama and that keeps you interested.

I don’t know how your team does it but they manage to sneak on board the ship before you are there, you make your way over to the other continent but before you get there you have to fight Jenova-Birth and see the very grumpy form of Sephiroth. Jenova-Birth wasn’t as hard as I remembered it to be but that might have a little to do with the fact that I’d levelled up a little.

And this blog is Summon’s mad as we also get Ifrit after defeating Jenova-Birth. Whoop!!

……I have nothing to add to anything else but Hojo at the beach. Not quite the place you’d expect to re-encounter him.

On your way to North Corel is another good point to train a little. I wish I had a little more then I did though because by the time I got to Gold Saucer to get a lifetime pass costs 30000 Gil and I only had 10000. Bah!

Before you get to Gold Saucer you find out that North Corel is Barrets home town, it was destroyed by a Mako Reactor exploding and Shinra destroying it in retaliation. It is another sad story, there isn’t a single happy one in there. I feel sorry for Barret who seems to blame himself for everything. His home town is no more then a few tents and a load of poor scavengers now and they really don’t like Barret.

I mean in Sector 7 and him losing all his friends and being part of the reasons that the Sector 7 area being squished. That is sad enough as it is but to then add on top of that more heartbreak is just sad.

As I just said above I have to grind to get 30000 Gil before I carry on, in fact I think I’m going to be going for more then that to put me in some money after I pay for the lifetime pass. I won’t bore you with the details of the grinding which will probably carry on for a few nights. I actually pretty much gave up at this point (it was just after 10pm and I have to work in the morning!) but before I did I managed to grind out “Meteorain” for Cloud.

Again this section of the game was brought to life with the various different ways to play the game. I went from Grinding to playing a strategic game to button smashing my way through various different activities. There were big fights, Dolphins and stories all round.

I said it in the other blog but I do feel this variety is what is missing from many games today. I mean it is all sameyΒ now, button smashing mini-games aren’t exactly mind blowing, but it keeps you interested. It changes the flow of the game and makes the grinding worth it. There is nothing worse then having to grind just to go from one fight to the next anyway.

I also love the interaction you can have with all the characters. They mix quite well. It is weird that Yuffie just joins you and has a opinion on everything, not weird that she has a opinion but that it sounds so informed when it isn’t. I really enjoy when the people are just relaxing to go talk to them, I even kicked a ball at Red at one point (MWUHAHAHA!)

My preferred team is probably Cloud / Barret / Yuffie. I like Barret being long ranged and Yuffie is such a character I love having her around me! I like seeing how she interacts in the cut scenes and prefer her to Aeris. Β I do kind of wish we can have a four person team because I’d love to have either Red or Tifa with me. As it is I’ve decided to rotate between players anyway.

I’ll probably be grinding for a while just to get levelled up and get some Gil.

Again depending on how long I get to play and how long it takes to grind the money I have no idea when the next blog will be hopefully it won’t be too long though.

The game is still just as fun as ever. I’m happy I was able to get Yuffie as fast as I could. Yuffie is a fun character, she’s spirited and reacts to things in a great manner. She’s the only person who really gives a honest opinion on how she feels about Barret and what happened to him. I wasn’t sure who I wanted to go to Gold Saucer with but I’m starting to think I want to go with Yuffie.

Of course when I do in the future get Vincent I’m going to be stuck because I never take Vincent out of my party if I can help it (he’s my bubby) so I want to level up quite a lot and try and get the majority of my work done before I get Vincent. I’m really looking forward to having Vincent and Yuffie. But there are so many decent characters in this game that it is hard choosing you it is you want to party up with. FFVIII is easier for me because I just tend to have Zell the whole time. Oh game crushes… Nothing like them! Irvine is another one from FFVIII. I think if I could have a dream team it would be Vincent, Zell and Irvine… Now I’m going way off topic though.

So yes, laugh now because the person with the smallest amount of patience in the world (i.e. ME) is about to spend two or three nights just outside North Corel grinding up levels. I believe I need to defeat 80 enemies with Aeris to go up on her limit break. Gods help me.

I will survive. Honestly I will.

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