Free! Eternal Summer : A Swim-off in a Foreign Land

“Ikyō no Suimofu!” (異郷のスイムオフ!)

As always Haru doesn’t want to think about his future. This lead him and Mako to having a bit of a ding dong at the conclusion of the last episode.

But with two episodes left there isn’t much time for Haru to find his place in the world. With the news that Mako already has its a worrying time for Haru!

The truth is so has Rin! This week see’s him drag Haru along to Australia, he gives us a little more in depth look into his time in Australia but in the end the message is clear, he’s been asked to come back to train in Australia and he’s here to agree to do so.

He takes Haru on a bit of a self discovery tour around where he used to live. He meets the family who looked after him, goes to the beach and finally stands side by side with the Australian National Team in the Aquatic Centre.

This is where Haru realises he wants to swim.

I’m not sure I’m really with him on that because he never really wanted to swim competitively. That is the whole point of “Swimming Free” as far as Haru was concerned. He just wanted to swim. The fact that he lost his spirit to swim free BECAUSE of competitions but somehow then finds his “dream” whilst dreaming of competition is a bit lost to me.

Either way it is nice to see that he’s still planning on swimming, I couldn’t imagine Haru doing anything else.

With Rin off to Australia, Sousuke not swimming and Mako off to Tokyo I wonder where Haru will actually go?

I guess that might never be answered, hopefully it is next episode.

I liked the episode, it didn’t feel like the penultimate episode but it was nice. It was nice to have a breather and also to see Haru acting probably the most human he ever has done. Though I’m sad that it had to be Rin that brought that side out of him. I think it is always a little underplayed just how well Mako works with Haru, in fact just how much he looks after all his team and just how level headed he is. I think they downplay the influence that Mako would have being Haru’s stone.

I don’t think I want to watch the finale now! I doubt there will be a series three and if there was it won’t be the same if the guys aren’t all together so I’m a little sad and very tearful!

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