Gotham : Spirit of the Goat

Another episode and another one off villain holding the story together as we once more build the characters, relationships and tension to the upcoming war.

This time though the episode worked.

Might sound a little harsh to “Viper” but it really felt like a lot of threads dangling around the place and not much point to either the threads or the dangling.

This time there were threads being tied together and a lot more development. We learn there is a soft side to Bullock as a 10 year old case comes back to bite him. Bullock thought he’d solved the “Spirit of the Goat” killings 10 years ago but has a nasty shock when the first born of a wealthy family is killed in the exact same style.

Bullocks character was very much on the case the whole episode long, it was an interesting case as well with the actual villain of the piece being a hypnotherapist (Dr. Marks) who hypnotized people as an act of therapy for Gotham. Another person sick of the greed of the elite classes. I also believe, other then a gun shot to the foot, Dr Marks survived so one villain that could very well return.

Bruce and Alfred were pushed to the shadows this week and I don’t think we even saw one mafia family in sight. It made a refreshing change as did the development of one character that I think a lot of people were interested to see more of.

For this week was Cory Michael Smith’s time to shine as the delightful Edward Nygma. We almost got a full riddle out of him and we also saw his attempts at wooing someone in the office, re-arranging files isn’t going to win over a girl by the looks of it and he seems quite upset to be called weird. It was the longest we’ve seen Nygma on screen so far and the character didn’t disappoint. For me The Riddler has always been a favorite, he’s eccentric and clever and I love seeing both sides to his cunning character. Smith is really making the character his own though. Nygma is a character I want to see a lot more of in the future.

And as with every week so far we had a lovely time in the company of Oswald Cobblepot. Gotham really could be renamed The Penguin Story and we wouldn’t care. Robin Lord Taylor is winning fans left right and center for his portrayal of the ciniving Penguin and this week he goes back to visit dear old mum (and it was worth it just for her to shout that he got lost in some “hussys demon purse” a phrase I think I shall never forget.)

The thread that was tied this week involved Oswald, as it was the MCU who have finally got the proof they need to arrest Gordon. Montoya is her usual charming self and to be honest added nothing to the episode. The idea behind Montoya/Barbara/Gordon is interesting but the character of Montoya is for me so boring and bitter that it isn’t interesting to watch. She goes from basically stalking Barbara to telling her not to speak to her again in the run of a few episodes. This week the smirk finally leaves her bitter face when having won over Gordon (out of all the dirty cops in the city why go after the newbie? It never felt like she was “just doing her job” moreover if she can’t have Barbara she’ll go out of her way that Gordon doesn’t either) the man she’s arresting him for murdering just so happens to walk into the GCPD building.

I would have loved a minute or two after that moment just to see her reaction, unfortunately we got Bullocks reaction and not much more.

The episode was much better then the last one, not that the last one was bad but it was starting to feel like there was never going to be any progression on any of the story plots that we had suddenly been given. Now we have one progression, of course it has to do with Oswald, he’s the most enigmatic part of the show, but it is a start. With the series getting a extension it had to start moving and that is what it has done.

I can’t wait for the next episode and the fallout of Oswald walking into the GCPD. I mean where does this put him with Maroni? Surely Maroni isn’t stupid enough not to have a tail on a known snitch? It was only a episode before that Oswald told Maroni that he went to the MCU about Fish’s plans and now he’s free to wander around Gotham on his lonesome? Not to mention Gotham isn’t that big a city and Falcone and Mooney both think him dead, surely walking into the GCPD (and as we saw when he got back to Gotham the fact that he’s such a unique looking individual) would make his status of “believed dead” to “bloody hell he’s alive”?

An interesting episode.

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