Free! Eternal Summer : The Open turn of Destiny!

“Unmei no Nebā Tān!” (運命のネバーターン!)

I have predicted that in the run down to the final we are going to have drama followed by drama and ending in tears, laughter and drama!

We’ve had a lot of work on Sousuke who is now content because he has completed his dream but what about Haru? And the much forgotten about at times Mako?

The episode does kind of hit home the thing we already knew, that summer is coming to a end and the third years (Rin, Mako and Haru) will all be leaving school and off to whatever it is they are planning on doing next. Sousuke isn’t going to university, Haru might have thrown his path into a uni away, Rin is going to be able to go and do whatever he likes and no one seems to give a toss about Mako and what he’s doing.

Well that is until the closing moments of this episode.

Yes it was thrown in his face. Because Haru doesn’t want to stand up and think about his own life he throws that back at Mako, just it turns out he HAS been thinking and he’s chosen a university to go to (Tokyo) and is growing up. This seems to shock Haru, then again I don’t think he wanted to hear that Mako was growing up.

The others in the episode are once again preoccupied with Haru. He isn’t swimming like he used to, he’s getting caught up in trying to block out his future and his feelings that it is worrying everyone. Talking to Haru about these things doesn’t work the way they were hoping about it either.

So we are being pushed into remembering this is it. They have the relay at Nationals and that is it for our team. It is truly sad to think about but it is the truth.

I’m not sure how I feel about the show at the moment. I think I’m a bit like Haru and trying not to think about it, I’ve enjoyed the two series and love all the characters and thinking they might split up within the space of a few more episodes is difficult to take.

As it is I’m getting more emotionally attached to their little world as the episodes go by and with two more to watch I’m not sure I’m going to make it!

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