Free! Eternal Summer : The Six-Beat Kick of Tears

“Namida no Shikkusu-Bīto!” (涙のシックスビート!)

I’m late, I know that and I’m sorry but we are now on the last legs of Free! (which is officially over in real time) and we are in for a tear jerker (just look at that title!)

So what is happening?

No one has made it to Finals in their individual events but there is still the relay to go.

This episode builds up to the relay, but not from our Team’s perspective. This episode actually gives the final polish on Sosuke.

What do we know about him? He’s grumpy, he’s already been offered a place in a university and well… He’s a bit of a grump.

Two out of three ain’t bad!

It turns out that this injury has plagued him for a while and he hasn’t been scouted at all. This is his swansong. He wants to race one last time with Rin to find out what is so important for Rin before he gives up swimming for good.

And again unlike Rin last year I felt so moved by this story. He was just heads and shoulders above Rin last season who was just rather annoying.

Of course after learning this it is time for the relay which is such a close cut thing but we finally win (meaning our Relay is going to Finals!) but it is smiles all around as everyone is left with a smile on their faces!

The episode really is a tear jerker. Whether it is reminding us that Haru hasn’t though of what he is going to do after he leaves school, or the fact that this is the last chance these TEAMS have to do something together or just the fact that it is terribly sad that Sosuke is injured and can’t race. Everything about it made me ultra sad.

It is building up for quite an incredible end of season but I do wonder where it goes from now. Obviously the final will be the Finals but we still have to find out what is going to happen to the guys. And with their futures suddenly becoming their present the boys really need to figure out what it is they are all going to be doing.

It is the start of something quite emotional that I don’t think I’ll survive watching to be honest!

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