Strictly Come Dancing Week 5

Last week we said a classy goodbye to Tim and Natalie after a shocking results show that saw Mark and Karen join them in the bottom two.

Halloween has been pushed back to next week (oh no) so this week we have another good old fashioned week of dancing. Who has improved and who should go home?

Jake & Janette 
Quickstep : I’m Still Standing – Elton John

Jake has always been a curious one for me. I enjoy his dry sense of humour and think he is one of the cleanest dancers on the show. I’m not too keen on Janette as a pro, I think her choreography is weak and she’s got a very bland personality. Together they make my “Dark Horse” team.

This week it was another one of those weeks. His dancing is great, I love the commitment he puts into it, I liked how much content there was. I think he performed really well, he was in time and looked in control. But like most weeks there was one thing that I just wasn’t sure of. It was kind of like his bum was stuck out, his top line had gone a little funny and there was something I couldn’t put my finger on. It looked good and it was energetic and fast but I just didn’t like it that much.

I gave it a 7. The thing I have to say is I don’t think he’s improved. He’s been good from week one but I think he has similar problems to what they’ve always said he’s had.

Judges Scores : 7 8 8 8 = 31

A fair score, if a little high. Would have preferred another 7 in there. The judges actually amazingly were talking about dancing as well so there seems to be some strange… Illness going about where the judges actually JUDGE dancing! Who knew they could do it?

Sunetra & Brendan
Viennese Waltz : Anyone Who Had a Heart – Cilla Black

Sunetra is probably one of my favourites. I wouldn’t mind if she went all the way and I wouldn’t mind her winning. She improves every week and has started to really put personality into the dances.

This week though I felt let down by Brendan. The V.Waltz didn’t feel very V.Waltz-ey. I felt there was too much faffing about and too much out of hold for me to really get into the dance. It came very close to being one of those dances that didn’t look much like the dance they were meant to be dancing but when they were actually DOING V.Waltz bits they actually looked half decent. She’s got a long LONG way to go but I think that she can actually do the dances she just needs to be given the content to really prove herself.

I gave it 3. It would have been a 2 but I could actually tell what dance they were doing.

Judges Scores : 7 7 8 8 = 30

I think she was over marked. Compared to Jake they were not a single point below. Jake had so much more content to his dance. Then again as I said what they did do was good so who knows what the judges think.

Scott & Joanne
Charleston : Flash, Bang, Wallop – Tommy Steele

I feel really sorry for Scott. I don’t think he’d want me to feel sorry for him but I do. I think he really honestly thinks he deserves more then he gets from the judges and I really think he thinks he’s OK. He isn’t OK, he isn’t close to OK. He has this really weird head movement that he does all the time and sometimes he looks like jelly, something moves and the rest does out of time and strangely.

This week was no different and I think Joanne was a fool to add any lifts. All the lifts looked clumsy and Scott just couldn’t handle Joanne’s weight, not only that but he didn’t have the confidence in himself to do it. The setting up of each felt like it took forever and the actual lifts looked ugly. There was no joy in the dance either. I know the Charleston is more difficult to do then it looks but there are so many little bits in a Charleston that I would have loved to see Scott tackle because it might have been easier then the stupid lifts he did do and the not so Charleston looking steps that he did.

I gave him 1. For his own sanity he should leave.

Judges Scores : 4 5 5 5 = 19

Strangely that was OVER marked. They said it was his best dance, I felt that they didn’t want him to be upset. He didn’t deserve a 4 let alone 5s. I’m getting fed up that they seem to have to be “nice” to celebs and give them 5s just to make them not be emotional at them.

Thom & Iveta
Cha-Cha-Cha : It’s My Party – Jessie J

Thom… Now Thom is a interesting one. I think everyone on the forum started off thinking he was a bit of a air head and nothing much to his personality. I wasn’t sold on his dancing till his Charleston. The last few weeks he’s been by far the biggest improver of the bunch.

This week didn’t stop that trend. He looked great out there, so much more confident and so much more emotive with the dancing. The whole dance felt confident for a change and he looked like he was enjoying himself and not like he was trying to remember his steps. There is a lot of improvement still to come but this guy could do it. I think he could really be the dark horse if people aren’t careful.

I gave Thom a 7. Yes I gave him the same that I gave Jake. I think he did a great job of his Cha-Cha and I think he’s improved a lot. He’s one to watch.

Judges Scores : 6 7 7 7 = 27

Good score for Thom and well deserved. Maybe without any emotion attached to it it was a single point or two over marked but it would roughly be what I’d give him so I’m happy with that.

Frankie & Kevin
Foxtrot : Daydream Believe – The Monkees

I like seeing what Frankie can do. She always leaves me with my mouth open. The problem I have is that I don’t find her interesting, I’m not sure if it is just badly done VTs or if it is Kevin but I’m not clicking with her like I am others. Don’t get me started on Kevin, I truly want to like Kevin, he has that kind of personality that I love but without actually doing anything he manages to really wind me up.

And it seems to be the same for their Foxtrot. I loved their Foxtrot but at the same time I hated it. The whole setting and the colours all matched Frankie so well, they looked great (well when Kevin had his mouth shut and he wasn’t gwaping like a fish) but it looked like Frankie was dragging her feet. There was little elegance in it and I couldn’t put my finger on what I truly disliked about it but there was something that made it uncomfortable to watch. I could see that what she was doing was good but I just couldn’t get it.

For that reason only I gave her a 5. I really want to like both of them but something stops me from liking either.

Judges Scores : 8 8 8 8 = 32

I think it was over marked. She wasn’t as good as Jake. I think the dance suited her though and I should probably give them more marks for doing more Foxtrot then most other contestants do.

Alison & Aljaz
Tango : Addicted To You – Avicii

Alison is addictive. She’s got such a great personality and she does have so much rhythm. I love the side of Aljaz that she is bringing out because I always felt last year because of how shy Abbey was we never really got to see Aljaz’s personality shine out. This year I think we’ve not only seen his personality shine out but we’ve seen it in his choreography too. I so want them to do well.

This wasn’t their strongest week though and I feel that it was purely down to choreography. The problem I is with her feet. She can bring personality to every single dance, she can make us want to dance along, what she doesn’t do is inspire me to vote for her anymore. Aljaz needs to start focusing on the feet, I don’t even care if the performance disappears for a week or two when they work on it I’d just love to see some dances being done technically well.

She hasn’t improved and for that I gave her a 4. I was very disappointed this week.

Judges Scores : 5 6 6 6 = 23

I think it was over marked. I think it didn’t deserve more then 5s so there is a good 3 points there that I think she’s over marked by. I love Alison and want her to do so well but she needs to actually improve.

Mark & Karen
Samba : That’s The Way (I Like It) – KC and the Sunshine Band

I’ve always been quite meh about Mark. His dancing is up and down, his relationship with Karen is a tiny bit annoying and one week I’ll like him the next I roll my eyes at him. I don’t think he deserved to be in the bottom two though and I really wanted him to come out and impress this week.

To be honest he did impress me. It was Karen that I didn’t like. I don’t know but I have seen a fair few Samba’s and Karen just didn’t look like she was doing anything but jiggling about. I don’t think it really is that fair to judge the dance as I stopped watching after Karen kind of wiggled her way onto the stage. It was disgusting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that I thought looked so vulgar in dancing before. It was like some stupid cross between doing a Samba and being Beyoncé. It made me remember why I don’t really care whether Karen is in the show or not.

I did give it a 6 though because I think it was Mark’s strongest Latin to date. If I had to judge the professional though I’d judge Karen to go home.

Judges Scores : 8 9 8 8 = 33

Well if I thought that over marking couldn’t get worse it does. Maybe the fact that people aren’t idiots is why people like Mark end up in the bottom two? No way in hell did his dance deserve a 9 let alone three 8s. Personally I feel like it is 10 points off his try score.

Simon & Kristina
Viennese Waltz : Somebody To Love – Queen

I get why people don’t like Simon. He’s hard on himself, which I like, he takes the competition seriously but he tends to put it on himself. No matter what he does though he gets little praise compared to other couples and that means that when he gets to Claudia he’s thinking about what the judges are saying so not playing along with Claudia’s pantomime. Some people find it hard to like. I can’t say I like him but I respect him.

This week though I think Kristina missed the mark. Their V.Waltz was way too fast. At times it looked like both him and Kristina nearly fell over, it had no elegance or flow to it. The camera work is bad enough but the floor was covered in smoke so we couldn’t even see his foot work half the dance. For me it looked a mess and way too skippy (as the judges said) nothing like you’d want to see in a V.Waltz.

He got a 3 from me. Both the Viennese Waltz disappointed.

Judges Scores : 7 7 7 7 = 28

About right. Under marked compared to others possibly but I think it was the right score in the end.

Judy & Anton
Charleston : Varsity Drag – Pasadena Roof Orchestra

I personally find it hard to enjoy anything Judy does, mainly because she doesn’t seem to move very much in her dances and she has little personality in her VTs, dances or interviews. Half the time I just see Anton, and he isn’t even funny this time out. By far my least favourite couple (though not the worst dancers by a whole Scott Mills or three.)

This week she had her best dance though. She put more personality into the dance and her head, arms and legs seemed to move, though strangely it seems that her body still stays still. I think she’s found a bit of form though and I’m interested if this could be a turning point to her. She seems to have enjoyed the dance much more. Of course she’s still all over the place and by far the second worse dancer on the show left but for a change I saw improvement of sorts.

Saying that she only got a 2 from me.

Judges Scores : 3 5 5 5 = 18

I will only say this once (and not because of the score but because of the leader board) she was under marked by 2 whole points! Why? Because she should have been higher, not the same or lower then Scott and she was lower. Disgusting really. And mainly because she doesn’t moan, cry and get annoyed at her marks.

Caroline & Pasha
Paso Doble : Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney & The Wings

I don’t like them. I can’t help it. I’ve never really been that keen on Pasha and I find Caroline boring. There isn’t much more to say about them other then I know she’s good but that doesn’t mean I have to like her.

Their Paso was devoid of any real passion in my opinion, I didn’t like the cape stuff it was boring. I did think it was better then the Flamenco that Frankie did when it comes to Paso but I didn’t think it had as much personality as any dance that Frankie does. I think if you stuck Caroline and Frankie together you’d make the perfect contestant for me… Or at least you’d make a rather more grown up Pixie. As it was it just fell really flat.

I had to put up with yet another Pasha Doble apparently and I gave it a 5.

Judges Scores : 8 9 8 9 = 34

Not even going to comment.

Steve & Ola
Waltz : I Wonder Why – Curtis Stigers

I don’t like Steve so much in his VTs. I think because he’s a presenter, a kids presenter at that, he uses that kind of voice in his VTs and it comes across as annoying. It is why (other then my age of course) I don’t bother watching kids TV now. I might tune in for the odd cartoon or something but I wouldn’t sit with it on even if I had kids because the presenters tend to speak in this over the top way that pisses me right off. Saying that he’s growing on me as is his dancing.

And this week I think it was a much needed improvement. I think he still had slightly dodgy footwork but there was so much that needed to be applauded. He once again got into the spirit of the dance and it had such a romantic feeling. Though I don’t know if Ola is still ill, I know she was last week, she really looked it this week.

It might surprise people that I gave him a 8. Now I think it was a tad over marking of my own but I got really swept away in his dance.

Judges Scores : 7 8 7 8 = 30

Compared to other dances and other Waltz scores I do think he might have been under marked but again I’m a little biased this week because it was truly a dance that touched me. Emotionally I just loved the dance so much.

Pixie & Trent
Samba : I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much) – Edmundo Ros

Pixie and Trent are my couple to win this. I know people are now bleating on and on about her dance training but seeing I was told not to care in earlier series I’m not caring this series. I don’t think technically she’s the best, I don’t think she’s done anything that really deserved a 10 or anything of the sort, in fact I think she’s on a equal playing field with Jake, Frankie, Simon and Caroline. There is something about these two though that really makes me love them.

This week wasn’t an exception. There was so much personality, life and fun in their dance. She did so much of it on her own and showed so much confidence. Maybe this is where her training shows, but for me it just blew Mark’s Samba out of the water…. Though strangely enough I would have loved to see Mark dance in Trent’s place. Pixie is fun, she’s got a great personality and she brings it out every week. I loved it.

I gave it my highest score of 9. Near perfection.

Judges Scores : 8 9 9 9 = 35

Right place on the leader board, right score in my eyes. I usually agree much more with Craig so maybe 8s were more the score she should have gotten but compared to the others it was perfect scoring.


As you can see from the above I tried to give you a little bit of a inside to how I feel about the couples now in week 5. Of course this all changes from week to week but that is how I really feel.

My favourite dances of the night as you can see were Pixie and Steve. I think Pixie brought the fun to the show whereas Steve really did emotionally touch me this week.

To be fair other then Scott I think all the couples have improved miles. I think Alison struggles with learning a dance in a week and I think because she’s got the personality and maybe not the dancing know how Aljaz has done the opposite of what he did with Abbey. Whilst I respected how good Abbey was I didn’t like her dances because I thought they were empty and hollow, Alison I love her dances but I won’t vote for her now because technically I think she’s falling behind.

Thom is the biggest improvement I’ve seen in a celeb in a long time. He’s a real Mark Ramprakash in the making. I enjoy watching him dance and seeing his improvement.


Results Show

The opening dance I have to say was amazingly funny. I will give them props, I like seeing dances like that on Strictly. I think I’ve said it before but the pro dances can sometimes feel like the same old same Latin number week in week out and having dances like this really help to change it up a bit. The only real problem I had is Kevin’s face.

Now listen up people because I will say this only once more. I have said above that I WANT to like Kevin. I find his personality funny, I love his jokes, I even don’t mind his choreography, but there is something I don’t like about him. It isn’t even I don’t like about him, its like there is this brilliant guy right in front of me with a black bubble around him. One thing that I can’t help but notice about him, and I’m not saying it to be mean just observing something, is the stupid faces he pulls. Him and Joanne seem to open their mouths to their fullest extent at times and they look like children. The opening dance provided a lot of cheese for him and his cheesiest faces to operate under.

I liked it though.

First to be announced in the bottom two : Thom & Iveta.

Don’t deserve to be there at all. I was actually disgusted by the thought. I’m allowed to be grumpy about it as well because I voted for him 5 times. I like him a lot and think that he has improved so much.

I don’t want to be mean either but the over the top reaction from Joanne when her and Scott were saved doesn’t help either. When the worst dancer (and she must know he is) is kept in you know someone half decent is in the bottom two and I just felt a little more class wouldn’t go amiss.

We then got a strange performance from Culture Club.

I don’t know either Boy George has lost his voice or else he was on something tonight. It was very quiet and understated and he didn’t look right.

Also the perfect example of why I go off Karen so fast. Her and Kevin looked terrible, in my opinion of course, next to Tristan and Aliona. I guess it might just be that I prefer the less Dancing With the Stars approach, Tristan and Aliona actually looked like they were dancing a dance meant to be judged as a dance whilst Karen and Kevin looked more like they were at a club and about to get down and dirty on the dance floor.

She does that a lot in her Latin. Its why I don’t like her much.

Second Couple in the bottom two : Simon & Kristina.

Again not deserved. I understand why people don’t “get” Simon but I was hoping that they’d vote for him. I’ve also heard that whether or not Blue are popular as a band the actual members of the band aren’t so highly thought of. I don’t know if that is true or not as I only just, when Strictly started this year, learnt that Blue were still a band!

I apologise to all Karen fans because I’m going to moan once more. I felt their “outbreak” of emotions was really fake and gooey. It is one reason I don’t like them. He keeps getting so emotional about the smallest of things. Then the whole time they were up talking to Claudia it was all about Mark and Karen and how upset they were. It was just vomit inducing. Whether real or not it didn’t feel genuine to me.


I would have saved Thom & Iveta from the dance off.


Judges Saved : Simon & Kirstina (Craig, Darcey voted for Thom, Bruno and Len voted for Simon)


I will put my hands up to say the reason I would have voted to save Thom wasn’t anything to do with the dance off and little to do with the technique. I think that Simon just pips Thom on the technical side of things and is a true contender (if only he could get some support behind him.)

Honestly I am distraught seeing Thom go. His dances have all seen a improvement and since his Charleston there has been so much personality and so much to like about Thom. I feel like I’ve been robbed of a really special dance, I don’t know which one it would have been, but I feel like Gethin Jones and James Martin he would have had one dance that would have blow me away and made me not care whether he won or not because I’d always have that dance. The Charleston came close, I was extremely impressed with it, but I was so certain he was going to get a little further on and do so much better. In fact I’ll just re-post this :

Thom… Now Thom is a interesting one. I think everyone on the forum started off thinking he was a bit of a air head and nothing much to his personality. I wasn’t sold on his dancing till his Charleston. The last few weeks he’s been by far the biggest improver of the bunch.

This week didn’t stop that trend. He looked great out there, so much more confident and so much more emotive with the dancing. The whole dance felt confident for a change and he looked like he was enjoying himself and not like he was trying to remember his steps. There is a lot of improvement still to come but this guy could do it. I think he could really be the dark horse if people aren’t careful.

The wrong person has left the competition by far and I’m sad that we won’t get to see another dance from him though his final dance and his and Iveta’s final speech showed just how far he’s come.

Another week has come and gone, next week we’re back to a theme with Halloween. I can honestly say losing Thom has made me think about not watching it live because I honestly can’t be bothered but I’ll be here no doubt.

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