My One Piece Adventure : Getting to Know Luffy // Catching Up

The fighting is over and all there is to do now is for everyone to get back together and to sail off on more adventures…

Just it isn’t going to happen right away.

We actually end up sidetracked and learning more about Luffy and Ace and their past together.

I was in two minds about this, I quite liked not knowing THAT much about Luffy’s past and I just liked to imagine him growing up in the village that Shanks left him in. As it was he didn’t, the story we got was actually really emotional and introduced another character for us to all start sobbing over, the character of Sabo Luffy’s OTHER brother.

To start with it is a heartbreaking story of three outcasts finding each other and making a bond that is stronger then you could imagine. They all had the same dream and it basically boiled down to sailing away from where they were. And you couldn’t blame them. The arc was riddled in a wonderfully thought out story of class divide and the way that people in higher classes look down on those in lower classes.

It put Ace into more perspective as well. You were able to really absorb who he was and just what his life was like. It was amazing that I cared as much as I did for Ace during the last two arcs seeing that we’d never seen him before but now that he’s gone its not like he’s forgotten and we get to know the character we never got a chance to really meet.

After a lovely look back it is the start of the getting back together stuff.

I liked how they did it, they gave each crew member a small space of time to grow themselves, show what they were doing and what challenges presented themselves to them. It showed them working out the puzzle that Luffy left them (my poor baby Zoro, the second someone said that one person on his crew was slow I KNEW they were talking about my baby and there he was having to look again and again to figure it out. Poor Zoro baby!) Not only that we got a look at what everyone else was doing, the old making way for the new.

When they finally meet again it is under funny circumstances. For some reason a group of pirates just so happen to be pretending to be Luffy and his crew at the time that the Strawhats are back on Sabaody. There is once more a lot of talking, telling us where people are, what their actions meant in the past, what happened to loose ends and shaping the New world in front of us. It is something I love about One Piece, again something Fairy Tail doesn’t always do very well, it might not be the most exciting parts of the series but at least you always leave knowing where you stand in the world.

It made me realise just how much I love Zoro and Sanji together, always squabbling. Zoro’s entrance was great though, he got on the wrong ship, silly boy (again!)

I felt there was a lot of thought given to how each character arrived as well, it was important for them all to arrive in their own unique manner. They aren’t the same people and they all needed to be seen as older, wiser and stronger in their own ways, if not more intelligent or able to tell their right from their left. There are new little things that we can learn to love about the characters, like Sanji and his near deadly nosebleeds.

In all it has made me super excited! I am writing this whilst reading chapter 605. CHAPTER 605!!! I can so get up to date with this before Christmas I know I can!! Then we’ll be weekly updates and I’ll understand everything everyone says to me! Oh joyous day!

Of course this all depends on work and getting time to read it. And when I’ve caught up with the manga it’ll be time to catch up with the anime.

Can you tell how uber excited I am every time I finish a arc?! Now is like a whole new adventure spreading out in front of us and I can’t wait! (Sorry for that little bit of excitement don’t know where it come from!!)

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