Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

You might have noticed last week that I did not enjoy Movie week whatsoever. I am very much happy we are back to no theme but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to stick with the series if it carries on like last week.

Sometimes I feel like I missed something in the show. Most dances don’t look or feel like they are actually proper dances anymore. So many feel like show dances with one or two elements of a proper dance in it. I don’t feel people who DO do a proper routine are given enough credit over people who faff about a lot and don’t do a full routine that looks anything like it should and I also don’t like the (and never have) one rule for one and one for the other thing we had going on this week.

I think I’m just overly grumpy.

Anyway on with the show as they say.

Frankie & Kevin
Cha-Cha-Cha : Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

I really didn’t like it. I like Frankie, I think she’s one of the best dancers on the show but  I felt there was no fun or energy in the dance. It felt flat and dull. No matter how I feel about Kevin he usually oozes in personality when he dances, not that Anna will ever be able to eat and look at Kevin in the same way now, but I just didn’t feel it this week.

I felt there wasn’t much of the dance actually being danced either, there was a lot of posing and a lot of slowly stumbling about but no real dancing. It was strange.

Because of this feeling I could only give the dance a 4. It seriously wasn’t as good as some of the Chacha’s this season.

Judges Scores : 8 8 8 8 = 32

They obviously saw something I didn’t. I had a feeling from the moment it started that they would like it. Never a 8 for me.

Mark & Karen
Quickstep : Tiger Feet – Mud

Tell me I am going through a phase of being mega grumpy but didn’t back in the day (‘m not that old honestly) a Quickstep have to be quick?

I liked Mark’s Quickstep a lot, I thought there was an obvious attempt at dancing this week and he spent a lot of time in hold which is a rare sight, but he DID look like he was trotting about. I was laughing because he looked like he was cantering about the dance floor, you could have strung a carriage behind them and they’d be a lovely pair of horses to have ride you somewhere. Because of this it never felt like a Quickstep. Saying that I thought it was a good improvement for Mark.

I don’t get the love for him and I love Quickstep so not feeling it was Quick enough or elegant enough I have to give him a 3.

Judges Scores : 7 7 7 8 = 29

6s would be fairer and it was nowhere near a 8. I agree with a lot of what Bruno says but his marking is silly at times.

Judy & Anton
Tango : Jealousy – Billy Fury

This is the point where Judy and Anton become unfunny for me. I know we have comedy pairings every year and they do well because people love to watch them. I didn’t find Ann Widdicombe very funny and Judy is becoming the Widdie Mark II being flung about like a sack of dirty laundry, jumping about and being lifted about like some kind of child.

I like Tim, you know why?! Because he takes everything Natalie says and does it to the best of his ability. I like Natalie why?! Because she choreographs routines to show off the strengths of Tim. I don’t like Judy why! Because she’s gone beyond just not being able to dance and is happy to spend the whole dance being a moron. I dislike Anton why?! Because he is acting up more so then I can remember, he isn’t even choreographing proper dances anymore, he’s gone back to Widdie mode and good dancers, half decent dancers and bad dancers that are trying are going to fall before Judy does which is unfair. Judy might want to learn to dance then shame on Anton for not teaching her. Judy might not want to learn to dance then shame on her for carrying on with this charade. Either way I am no longer laughing at them or with them or laughing at all. When Len said that he wasn’t going to mark them down for a lift, REMEMBERING poor Kelly Brook and the vile he spawned at her and Brendan for one extra lift that looked more like a innocent mistake then a full on lift and I want to hurt someone badly.

I gave it a 1 because there is no option for 0.

Judges Scores :   4 6 6 6 = 22

What do I know. That “dance” deserved 22 points. OK.

Simon & Kristina
Charleston : My Old Man (Said Follow The Van) – Kenny Ball

Now this was the way to come back from the Dance Off. And he is right that this dance seemed to suit him.

It was very fun, very goofy but didn’t look wild enough for me. I think his confidence has taken a big shake and he needs to work on getting that back when he dances. He put a lot of effort into connecting to the spirit of the dance this week. On a personal level I think I preferred Thom’s from last week, not least because it really was a break through for Thom, but it had so much spirit. Simon is getting there.

On performance alone I gave it a 8. I’m not sure if on replay I’d give it a 8 and unlike Thom’s (or Sophie Ellis Baxters) I don’t think it has replay value in itself. But a good try.

Judges Scores : 7 8 8 8 = 31

The judges seemed to agree with me on that one so something must be wrong!

Alison & Aljaz
Samba : Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child

What I like about Alison is she makes me want to dance with her, I don’t stop smiling from the second she comes on the dance floor till the moment she leaves it. So on the night it leaves me a little bias, and it might be a good thing recently that I haven’t had a chance to do the review until the Monday after.

As it was she really was channelling Beyoncé in her performance but she does need to remember her feet need to move. On the night I didn’t notice it, but it becomes more obvious the more you watch it. I think she can get the technique so I hope that Aljaz hammers it home to her, she doesn’t have to practise learning the personality of the dance because she has plenty of that anyway she just needs to get her feet going.

After calming down (you don’t want to know what I marked her on the night) I’d give her a 5. She’s half way there after all.

Judges Scores : 6 7 7 7 = 27

I think it was  a fair score, maybe it needs to be a mark or two lower but roughly OK.

Scott & Joanne
American Smooth : Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

The worst song choice of the evening. Once more when you have a dance like the American Smooth why try to pop princess it like they seem to have to do with Scott every week?

The man seems uncomfortable in his very skin. I don’t get why they insist on making Scott look like a camp little brother to a princess but they seem determined to do so. Joanne leaves much to be desired in her choreography. I feel so sorry for Scott.

I gave them 2 only because at least they danced a American Smooth of sorts. Not that lifts would be illegal in it as they can lift in a AS but it was still better then being thrown around like a sack of laundry.

Judges Scores : 2 5 4 4 = 15

Seriously Darcey! Even this doesn’t go lower then a 5?

Steve & Ola
Salsa : Jump In The Line (Shake, Senora) – Harry Belafonte

Steve has a lot of character, he does put so much into learning what Ola is teaching him. Unfortunately I don’t think that Latin routines are best for him. He put the same amount of oomph into his Salsa as he did his Quickstep last week but it just didn’t work.

His hips really do lack, he either looks extremely wooden or else he kind of shakes his hops like he is trying to rid himself of an annoying child hanging onto his mid-section.

I gave him a 4 but I do think to a point he is improving and I still think he is one to watch.

Judges Scores : 6 7 7 7 = 27

For me that was over marked but I think he ended up in the right place on the leader board.

Pixie & Trent
Rumba : Stay With Me – Sam Smith

I really liked this Rumba for some strange reason. It wasn’t her strongest dance, for a start I don’t think a Rumba can honestly be the strongest dance of anyone.

The main problem is purely because I can’t get the”romance” between them. I think the Rumba is a boring and ugly anyway. I personally felt like the tears at the end were a part of the routine and don’t know why Tess made a big deal out off it, it felt like after Tess took it the wrong way Pixie felt she had to act like she was upset. Shame.

gave it a 7 as it wasn’t like it was a terrible dance and she is I improving so much..

Judges Scores : 8 8 8 8 = 32

I think it was underscored compared to Caroline’s last week but then I’m biased because I think Caroline is over marked most weeks.

Tim & Natalie
Paso Doble : The Best – Tina Turner

I like Tim, I like how much he tries, I like how much effort he puts into it, I like how he actually improves every week, I love his relationship with Natalie and I think they are a great couple.

Unfortunately the Paso wasn’t his thing and there was little I think he could have done to make it his thing. I don’t think he was stampy like a lot of celebs can be but his footwork was poor and there was no going back after his extremely

I gave them a 2.

Judges Scores : 3 6 5 5 = 19

I don’t think he was as poor as Scott so I think in relation to Scott’s score that he was fairly marked, I honestly think Judy, Scott and Tim were all over marked though. The pleasures of no one going below a 5 usually, this week Len and Bruno dared to give a4 but that is as farr as their “meanness” would go.

Sunetra & Brendan
Salsa : Turn the Beat Around – Vicki Sue Robinson

Again Sunetra is improving so much every single week. This week wasn’t the best, the dance could have done without the annoying lifts which all looked clumsy, then again when did Brendan’s trousers split because it possibly put them off.

She now has the personality factor going in each dance, she just needs to get the feet and legs going too and she’ll start to look like a a contender.

I gave her 4 as I thought it was one of her weaker dances.

Judges Scores : 6 7 7 7 = 27

Compared to others I think she was fairly marked but personally as I’ve said above I think a lot of them have been over marked.

Thom & Iveta
Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations

So much progress has been made with Thom in the recent weeks. The Charleston feels like the making of h. This week he had a similar character in his Foxtrot which was actually a very good Foxtrot. Iveta trusted him with a lot of content and didn’t shy away from staying in hold.

I enjoyed their Foxtrot a lot. He looks like he is leading the dances which is hard to do, he has a long way to go with his footwork and I think he’ll struggle to get the frame working properly as he is too tall for Iveta. If he wants to win it then he needs more then just personality in the dances. I have a feeling he’ll struggle more because of his height but I think he could go a long way into the competition.

Thom won a 7 from me this weekend. I thought he played the part well and he’s improved so much week in week out.

Judges Scores : 6 8 8 8 = 30 

Slightly over marked, it wasn’t worth a 8.

Jake & Janette
Jive : All Shook Up – Elvis Presley

I feel the Quickstep has stopped being a Quickstep, I feel the Viennese Waltz has stopped being a V.Waltz. Now I honestly feel the Jives just aren’t Jives anymore. I remember celebs like Bill Turnbull and Dennis Taylor really struggling to learn these dances, the pace of them, the accuracy. They didn’t do them particularly well but they got so far and are remembered because in a dance going 100 miles an hour they really honestly tried and professionals like Karen, Lillia and Darren really pushed their celebs to learn the dance.

This Jive felt like a Rock ‘n’ Roll dance. I personally felt there was a lack of kicks and flicks of any kind, there was no urgency and most of the time he was trying to be Elvis, from what little I know of Elvis he wasn’t really famous for being a Jive-r.

For that reason and that reason only I think for now on whenever I can’t tell a dance by just watching it I’m going to award a 2. So Jake gets a 2 this week. I’m sorry but if I just sat down and watched him dance with no foreknowledge of what he was doing I would have guessed at something completely different.

Judges Scores : 8 9 8 8 = 33

I was always expecting him to get high marks so this doesn’t surprise me much.

Caroline & Pasha
Quickstep : We Go Together – Grease

I was torn. Like Mark it was rather slow. A lot of the time she looked like she was dragging her feet and she made countless amounts of mistakes. There were too many props around the floor and another week and another celeb who lost timing because of a failing prop.

I loved the feel though and I felt if it was a tiny bit faster and she didn’t keep stumbling then I would have marked it quite highly. It is the first dance that I really enjoyed from Caroline, I still don’t like them as a partnership but I think this kind of dance suits her personality.

I gave them a 5 which was generous considering she spent most of the dance stamping into position.

Judges Scores : 8 8 9 8 = 33

I will die of shock the day that Caroline doesn’t get above 7s. She’s always been over marked and this week nearly all the judges pointed out countless mistakes and things she needs to improve yet gave her 8s and a 9. Why? Because they painted themselves in the corner by trying to be nice to everyone and score on the higher end of the market. That doesn’t excuse Craig at all who uses all his paddles though. Silly mark, higher then Frankie and Pixie who maybe didn’t do the best dances but didn’t have half as many mistakes.


This week made me feel happy again. I could finally sit down and relax. I do think there will be some 10s next week, I think Caroline, Frankie and Jake all look like they are on the verge of setting Len’s Pickled Walnuts on fire. Saying that I don’t think any of them are close to a 10 yet (even though Frankie’s Flamenco… I mean Paso got one last week) so look out for tears over here.

I think the leader board was OK-ish. There were too many ties and there were a few that I’d change around.

The whole evening felt a lot more simple and happy though. I was much more relaxed watching it and enjoyed listening to the judges instead of cringing the moment “YEAH BABY” was being bellowed by the moron in the middle.


Week 4s rant, other then my internet sucking and the fact that I had to spend all weekend waiting for my internet to let me type one sentence is Darcey.

I like Darcey, I like her heck of a lot more then I liked Alesha. My biggest problem right now is her shocked face when a bad dancer gets a 2 from Craig and then way over marking them with a 6.

I don’t know if the judges scores are all rehearsed or something but the scoring is terrible across the board but she never EVER goes below 5.

Actually I lie she’s gone below 5 about 4 times since she joined the show.

This whole not using the range of the paddles thing left the leader board tied all the way up and down it. A dancer like Scott, if he thinks he deserves 5s and 6s is delusional in the extreme and the judges shouldn’t be kind to him they should be honest. It is starting to wind me up big time.

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