Doctor Who : Kill The Moon -Spoilers-

There are many reasons why I haven’t reviewed anything after Caretaker and the big reason is this episode right here.

Kill the Moon is one of those episodes that could just be any kind of episode but it also has a big moral question that is very close to a lot of people’s lives.

So why didn’t I like Kill the Moon?

“If you think we should kill the creature turn your lights off….”

Earth gets to choose whether to kill a creature that is living inside its moon. We know nothing about this creature, about what will happen to Earth after the moon-egg breaks apart. All we know is there is a baby creature living in the centre of the moon and it is struggling to get out.

The Doctor ends up leaving Clara, Courtney and a astronaut who was sent up into space to find out what was happening to make the decision.

That might feel like over simplifying the whole episode but it is the whole episode.

The choice of casting and the way the Doctor talks very much makes the whole argument into a abortion argument. One that has a right and wrong answer. A debate that doesn’t have a right or wrong answer was given one. It was given one in a silly manner.

You can make a argument that this was never the intent of the writer but seeing I came online afterwards and I found out I was by no means the only person to come away with a anti-abortion message. I don’t usually jump to silly conclusions with episodes, it isn’t like I see real life messages in every episode, but this one kind of hits you in the face. You can’t help but see it glaring at you.

The whole world got a choice to kill a baby or let it live. They decided to kill it just to be told they are wrong (and the Doctor does say a few times that it was indeed wrong) and their opinion is ignored.

For me something similar (not the abortion theme but the rest of it) was handled much better in the Beast Below, if not making the Doctor look a bit of a tit in that episode. It gave Amy Pond and “England” a choice to kill a innocent animal or let it live. It ended up that they made the “right” decision not because it was right but because it was humane and you shouldn’t inflict pain on others for the betterment of yourself. It wasn’t a right answer it was the answer they felt to be right because they themselves personally couldn’t make something else suffer. It turned out that it was extremely right because the space whale itself was trying to help. This time out we are told it is right because you should never kill a baby. You never knew ANYTHING about the thing in the moon and it was right to question what would happen to the shell, gravity and everything else….

We didn’t get a debate really on any of that, every intelligent argument for killing the creature was met by “Its a baby” “What if your wrong” and that isn’t how you carry out a debate or discussion.

Even if you don’t take the abortion theme from it there is something that stuck in my throat that when you ask a whole planet what they want to do for their future you ignore them.

Or the fact the Doctor apparently now can’t make decisions about the future of any planet other then Gallifrey.

There was so much I just didn’t like about this episode, I mean to start the episode we got lumbered with Courtney and had to endure Clara telling off the Doctor for telling her she isn’t special therefore she’s gone “off the rails” even though she’s been a brat all season long anyway.

The best part of the episode was the dramatic confrontation between Clara and the Doctor afterwards where she walks away from the TARDIS telling the Doctor to leave and not come back.

This series has hung on a balance for me and so far it is shifting in the wrong direction.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who : Kill The Moon -Spoilers-”

  1. I’ll agree with you on one thing. I’m not sure the writer wanted it to be about abortion over it being about morality. It is the same as the Space Whale in so far as it was a question of do you save one individual or many.

    Saying that they both have massive problems.

    For a start I don’t believe the Doctors actions in either. I don’t believe the Doctor would willingly make the Space Whale brain dead and I don’t believe the Doctor wouldn’t want to help make a decision like the one he left Clara to make.

    The thing is you can’t preach morality without having a proper decision on the narrative. If the Moon hatches a billion people would die. If the creature in the moon dies a billion people will live.

    THAT was the moral question because we had no information about anything other then Moon Hatching = Possible bad thing.

    Where the abortion thing comes from I think is leaving three women in the room together, telling them that the one surviving man can’t make the decision and then referring to the creature as a baby constantly. It conjures the image of abortion. After all abortion is a question of morality in its own way. I think both questions are similar enough that I don’t think it matters which one you think the episode about and I think both don’t have a right or wrong answer.

    As a person you don’t know how you’ll act in these situations until you are forced into them. It is easy making a decision when we didn’t see all the horrible things that were apparently happening on Earth and it ends up being mute because we find out that it was good.

    We didn’t know that. The ending of the episode could have been one of two things. First off it could have been what it is. The second could have lead into a second part where the Doctor has to save Earth from a monster trying to destroy it and then find something to replace the moon to save civilisation.

    Just because Clara was “right” doesn’t mean her answer was the right one.
    (It also doesn’t make it the wrong one, what I mean is morally she did what she thought was right and it turned out OK for everyone but she could have made the same decision and been wrong and killed the whole planet, just because the writer decided the creature was OK and would produce a new egg in place of the old one doesn’t mean that when she pushed the button she could be sure of that and what came next could have been a bloodbath. She also went against the wishes of the whole planet. She grew up in a democratic country, she gave the people a voice and she then ignored that voice. People die to have the right to vote and she didn’t give the world that choice which in itself is another moral story right there.)

  2. I think Anna has a point it is more to do with morality then it is to do with Abortion though there is the obvious nod to abortion there. Both are questions of morality but neither means that one ideology is better then the other. There are many people who agree with abortion who probably wouldn’t agree with abortion if some chav was just using it as a form of contraception. There are plenty of people who don’t agree with abortion who might see the benefit of offering abortions in extreme circumstances. Likewise I might think killing one person to save 100 is the only right answer but then I also agree with it being dependent on that one person. If that one person was someone I loved I might have to think twice.

    Being able to question your own morality is important for everyone.Having the ability to say that you were right or wrong is important. Seeing it from other peoples point of view is also important. Life isn’t black and white and not everyone is the same and we all need to start to learn that morality isn’t black and white either.

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