My One Piece Adventure : Save Ace!

Luffy isn’t going to let impossible odds stop him from saving his brother. The arc looks like it is only ever going to become more dramatic and more fast paced.

We are on our way to Marinford to save Ace!

This was the best arc ever. It is also a good story done right. I think it cemented One Piece as my series of choice now over Fairy Tail. I am actually very emotionally tired after reading this!

So the war?

My head is still spinning a bit from what happened. I mean it was so strong I only had to read what was happening, it didn’t need the pictures as it all played out in my head. Baring in mind we have no real connection to half the people involved it was easy to feel bad for the Whitebeard Pirates, the story of Whitebeard just wanting to have a family and calling his whole crew his sons was just moving.

There wasn’t even any comedy in the whole of the story it was just one long dramatic run.

Again like Impel Down I can’t wait to see it in anime form (which I am watching at the same time as reading now) it just is going to look magnificent!

I had shivers up and down my spine while seeing the forces square off against each other, and in true pirate-y fashion we have a big grey area over whether the Marines are really good guys or not. The family feeling of the pirates was heart warming, the blind Marines following all the orders and being so one track minded was quite scary.

I get that the Marines didn’t want people to lose hope in them, they are meant to be the ones that keep them safe and having them see them give up or lose would stop the people having a force that “saves” them from the horrors of the pirates but at the same time I feel that the Marines are just as bloodthirsty as pirates, even worse because some pirates don’t want to hurt people intentionally.

This is the first time I’ve seen a major battle done well in a manga, I’m not a big manga reader and I’ve always felt that the big fight scenes in Fairy Tail sometimes get really messy. This one didn’t for me and I was very impressed with the art the whole way through. It really highlighted some very interesting people and actually made me quite sad that I won’t get to see Whitebeard in his prime because he looked like helluva guy!

Whitebeard’s pirates were all so cool to watch fight and to look at and they honestly made me cry. At times I was reading it with my nose barely off the screen of my laptop, I couldn’t read fast enough!

The Marines were the ones that came up looking like unbeatable giants though (and I don’t just mean the giants!) they were so overpowered it was amazing! I never really wanted Whitebeard to win (whilst at the same time wanting him to win) because I wanted to be able to be scared of the Marines still. Their power and blindness in following their path of “justice” was some of the scariest things in the series. The fact that they didn’t care about their wounded until Red Haired Shanks (YAY SHANKS BABY!!) showed up and stopped the war was an amazingly bleak outlook.

First we lose Ace.

This was the big hitter really. I guess I kind of always knew that Whitebeard will fall but I really didn’t know whether or not Ace survived. I had heard of Ace so thought he’d have to have been in the manga more often then he had been for me to know so much about him, obviously I was wrong. It is strange really thinking of how upset I got seeing him die when I’ve never actually honestly seen him in the manga so it isn’t like he’s that important to me. But he was important to everyone else so he became important.

It was also quite a shock I guess as well, after all you didn’t think anything else negative could happen, Luffy had saved the day and then this random guy came along and killed Ace right in front of him.

The Marines victory actually seemed quite…. I’d like to say destructive, hard and horrible but I don’t think they are the right words. It was ominous.

I loved that they told us how many wounds Whitebeard had got and then showed that not one single wound was to his back. That kind of made me tear up too.

The fact that the fighting wouldn’t stop until Red Haired Shanks (SHANKS!!) showed up and ended it showed just how bloody it could have been.

As it was Shanks ended it and Luffy was taken away to be patched up leading us to learn about his and Ace’s past, something I’ll talk about in my next blog.

I wasn’t expecting the arc to effect me so much, I also didn’t miss any of the Crew even though I kind of felt that it was a shame none of them was there. It really did just flash by so fast for me.

This is really one of my favourites now purely because it really did effect me in such a strong way. I loved every moment of it and was pulling my hair out at the end because it just didn’t look like they’d get away and then Shanks showed up and stopped it.

I hate Blackbeard. I don’t dislike Law as much as I thought I did.

I’m so lost and confused.

3 thoughts on “My One Piece Adventure : Save Ace!”

  1. Yes, yes, and YES! ! ! Trafalgar Law is one of my favourite characters in the series. He’s become a significant character lately, which is awesome! The war is still my favourite arc in the series. I miss Ace, but his death made the series so much better.

    1. Its one of my favourites! I won’t say whether it is or not till I get up to date because things change so fast but I really loved it. I’m actually now so interested in Trafalgar Law and I never thought I would be! I also agree that they needed the death of Ace to change the dynamics within the world. It was all beautifully orchestrated!

      1. You said that right! Everything about the War & the effects of Ace’s death are beautifully orchestrated. The latest manga chapter just threw a huge bombshell about Trafalgar Law’s real identity. I don’t know if you already heard about it, but it’s awesome. I wasn’t expecting it.

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