Good Burger (1997)

A tale of fast food, war, friendship and a kid making his teachers life a living hell.

Good Burger was the 1997 film from Nickelodeon starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell (best known for their show Kenan and Kel.)

I have always been a fan of Kenan and Kel and I loved this movie. The partnership works so well. Looking back as a adult on the film I guess I can say the reason it works so well for adults and kids is that it is simplistic. The humour comes from really random things like the way Ed (played by Kel) talks and looks at the world or the way Kurt (played by Jan Schweiterman who I had the BIGGEST crush on when I was a kid) keeps speaking in first person.

The story is as simple as it can truly get. Small business (in this case Good Burger, a small fast food restaurant being pushed out of business by a bigger and better rival (Mondo burger) and at the heart of it that is all that matters. A lot of other really weird, random and over the top things happen around it but in the end the underdog wins and the corporate giant gets sent to prison.

To over analysis the film would be to ruin the humour it has. It very much is a childs humour, you don’t have to follow a big complicated plot to enjoy it you just listen to the barmy way the characters talk and see the stupid things they do and laugh along with it. To see it through a adults eyes you see the little flaws that don’t matter to kids, though to be fair the story was very well plotted in my opinion. The fight back against Kurt and his Mondo burger doesn’t really kick in until the end, after it is safe to say that Good Burger has survived.

The thing with it is I think it has aged, I can’t see my niece finding the same enjoyment out of it as I did, I can even look back and laugh at the clothes they are wearing fully aware that people DID dress like that back then (even over here in England to some extent!)

It is a great movie to watch as long as you had seen it before you grew up. My mum never liked it and I know a lot of friends who were never into Nickelodeon and who now looking back on this with me don’t like it.

Personally I think it is a hidden gem of a film that only worries about entertaining people and showcases some great performances from Kenan and Kel as well as having some wonderfully memorable scenes and lots of great one liners.

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