Strictly Come Dancing : Week 3 (Movie Week)

There is a reason that this blog is so late. I have to say right from the start that I absolutely hated the night. I watched it live with Anna, Amanda disappeared after about three dances. We were angry, disappointed and confused by the night.

Lets talk dancing first shall we?

Well the opening number was actually very impressive. I loved the dancing, I loved getting the judges in on it, I liked it all. It was a nice opening to the show and it gave me hope that it was going to be a great evening. It was kind of fun to see Donny Osmond in the middle of the dancers but that was the best part of Donny.

There honestly needs to be more pro dances like this, many more American Smooths, Charlestons and Ballroom dances. There are way too many show dances that are based on Latin numbers, I know Latin is much more in your face and WOW but for me I love seeing how elegant and beautiful they are doing Ballroom numbers. We get that all our professionals are sexy but it is nice to see them looking much more elegant.

Though I do have to ask is the foursome of Simon, Frankie, Caroline and Pixie being touted as THE contenders even by the show? All four were left in the middle of the stage in front of the band  whilst the others marched back onto the stairs. It was interesting for me.

But dances!

Alison & Aljaz
Jive : Footloose – Footloose

I have to say I knew from the moment I heard she was doing her Jive that she’d struggle a little. She’s light on her feet and has more musicality then most of the other celebs. I don’t think she has the bounce though. The other Latin dances are going to be fine but I don’t think she can get the bounce.

And she didn’t. The Jive felt a little flat, the kicks weren’t really there. She brought all her personality and love for the dancing to it but there was little energy in it. It felt a lot slower then it should have been. The girl has moves though and I wanted to dance along and I’m a boring git who doesn’t tend to get too carried away. Her and Aljaz have a very flamboyant and enjoyable relationship. Last year he was very quiet and reserved, I think mainly because so was Abbey, this year he’s let his hair down and there is a lot more cheekiness coming out in his choreography and his VTs.

I gave her.. Well I can’t remember and can’t be bothered to double check on the forum but on second viewing (which I’m doing with judges muted) I gave her a 4. I think I might have given her a 5 on the night. Looking back I think it was much better then Jennifer’s but not as bouncy or lively as Pixie and Simons.

Judges Scores : 4 5 7 6 6 =  28

Donnie already made me feel sick to my stomach. What they marked compared to the other Jives was about fair.

Steve & Ola
Quickstep : I wan’na Be Like You – The Jungle Book

I have high hopes for his Quickstep, I think it will suit his personality and I think he’ll be much more comfortable in the Ballroom. I was even more interested when it looked like Ola was dressed like a banana and Steve came swinging on like a monkey…

Man did I love it. They stayed in hold for longer then I expected (Gods do they let them out of hold in Ballroom for forever now a days) and they got around the floor so fast. He didn’t even look out of breath. It was fun and energetic and he looked great when it come to the Charleston kicks.

I gave a 6. A great attempt and I like it when dances look like they are supposed too. Fast and fun. Enjoyed it.

Judges Scores : 6 7 6 7 8 = 34

I think slightly over marked, then again mainly because there are five judges therefore we’re dealing with higher numbers anyway. The 8 I think was silly. 7s OK…. Donny giving a decent score, about the only time in the evening.

Jennifer & Tristan
Foxtrot : Mamma Mia – Mamma Mia!

A shock for me that she was in the bottom two last week so I am hoping that she’ll come back bouncing this week. Foxtrot should be a good dance for her, she can be elegant and beautiful and she’ll have learnt so much from last week.

I was actually… Disappointed. I don’t know when the Foxtrot become a American Smooth, or why we need a AS and a Foxtrot that look exactly the same. Something the judges don’t seem to mention is the fact that there didn’t seem to be much Foxtrot in the Foxtrot and a lot of story telling instead. She was out of time with him, she seemed to be staring at him the whole time, she went from hunching up to doing something even stranger with her back so it looked like Tristan was dancing with a real statue. I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I had to give it a 2.  I was hoping for much better.

Judges Score : 3 5 5 5 5 = 23

PLEASE someone point out to the judges that in week three it is NOT mean to give a bad dance a 3? That 5 is not the only paddle they have?! That if they scored OUT OF TEN we wouldn’t need the ten paddle in like week 5. Getting a 10 is no longer difficult and you can see why when dances that aren’t that good get 5s.

Simon & Kristina
Rumba : Take My Breath Away – Top Gun

So Darcey started by telling us that the Rumba had to ooze passion. I don’t see Simon being able to do that. I think him and Kristina haven’t clicked perfectly yet, he really will be suited to lively and fun dances, something I think that you can see in his VT but I don’t think he can do passionate characters.

I think it was a good attempt. Personally I find the Rumba a rather boring dance anyway and I think some of the personality of the dance was taken away from the clothing choice. I know it is silly to say it but it looked flatter and more wooden because he was wearing trousers and a t-shirt and just didn’t look… Rumba-ish.

It is hard for me to mark a Rumba. I have to give it a 4. I tend to mark Rumba’s low anyway and I preferred his other two dances. Unfortunately that means he’s still on a downwards trend with me. Shame really.

Judges Scores : 4 6 7 6 7 = 30

I think for what they said about the dance they over marked it. They kind of panned it but then gave it 6s and 7s. I do feel for him though he takes on board what the judges say but at the same time doesn’t come across very well. It didn’t help that I don’t think the audience knew whether to cheer or boo what the judges were saying so there was a eerie silence.

Judy & Anton
Quickstep : Don’t Rain on My Parade – Funny Girl

I’d like to say nothing is going to be worse then last week for Judy. I have a feeling that the Quickstep could prove me wrong. I mean at least if she dances we should be OK. The problem is because I don’t think Anton likes Latin much even if he had a good partner I don’t think he’d ever win because he’s just terrible at Latin but he’s a great partner for the worse dancers.

Was that meant to be shoulder rolls at the beginning? More standing still. When she got into hold she looked like she was plodding along next to Anton, her frame was terrible she looked like she wasn’t even trying. She just kind of put her arm over Anton and let him hold her hand. They then put a illegal lift into the end before Anton flopped her down in front of him for a big “finale” moment that looked more like Anton had just finished shopping.

I have to give her a 1. I just feel more like she’s given up. She started off looking like she could improve, now I think she doesn’t want to.

Judges Scores :  3 5 5 5 5 = 23

I don’t know I think it was over marked and this is the problem when they don’t go under 5. When you don’t go under 5 then two dances that are bad but one that is a slither better, will get the same marks and I think that is wrong.

Tim & Natalie
Charleston : Money, Money – Cabaret

I think Tim has been improving. He was really good in his Waltz but he also has some musicality so I think he could do well.

Props, props and more props. It wasn’t needed. I’ll give them the fact that the story was amazing… But there were so many problems with the props, necklaces that won’t come loose things in pockets that didn’t want to come out that they were constantly trying to make up time that they’d lost. It wasn’t quite as sharp as it could have been BUT I will say this I would LOVE to see Natalie do this dance with another professional because it looked great. I think Tim did good acting the dance and it had its moments but it was their poorest dance by far.

I gave them a 2. I’m hoping they can bounce back next week.

Judges Scores : 2 5 5 5 5 = 22

Another load of 5s that were unneeded. I think there is no real reason for me to mention how I feel about the judges at this point…

Caroline & Pasha
Rumba : I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Armageddon

I have to say the same I said above about the Rumba, I just dislike it. The VT was silly because the “Love” that they were trying to “recreate” was from a scene with Liv Taylor and Bruce Willis who played father and daughter in the movie…. It grated on me because I like the movie. I don’t know why. They are also starting to annoy me.

Rumba faces have to be my favourite thing next to Paso faces though and at times Caroline looked more constipated then she did in love. Pasha looked like he had travel sickness from all the running around in circles they were doing, I mean every second one of them or both of them were spinning in circles. And I’m sure Caroline has been in the same dress in various colours three weeks in a row now. I didn’t like it, then again I don’t like Rumba’s very much hence talking about faces and not the boring dance.

3 because I felt generous.

Judges Scores : 8 8 9 8 9 = 42

I know, I know, the judges are right and I’m a big grump but it was like watching a merry-go-round and I honestly feel sorry for Pasha who had gone a little green.

Scott  & Joanne
Samba : Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid

Scott can’t dance. He can’t dance and someone higher up wants him to be the comedy couple. Last weeks Princesses Tango and now this weeks Under the Sea themed Samba. It feels more like he’s there so they can put random celebs on the show, first Robbie Williams now The Hoff….

Anna said it best when she said whoever dressed him like a crab, chose the theme and the music should be ashamed of themselves. He looked pained to be on the dance floor this week. I don’t know why they even decided on Sebastian when he looked more like Flounder with his……. Wiggles…. And if Joanne is choreographing her own dances on the show then I have to say that she is terrible. Sorry but each dance has been about her and half of them have little content to them. She did look pretty as Ariel though. I’ll give her that. Red hair suits her.

I give him a 1. That isn’t being generous its in lack of anything else. It isn’t even like he likes being the “Jokey” one like some of the past contestants. Its cruel at this point.

Judges Scores : 2 5 7 5 6 = 25

THIS is when Donny Osmond should have been taken to a dark room and locked there. 7 because it is entertaining? I mean 6 was over the top but 7? It makes everyone else’s scores just pointless.

Frankie & Kevin
Paso Doble : America – West Side Story

Do not get me wrong I like Frankie and Kevin. I think they are a good partnership. Kevin’s Paso from last year gave me nightmares though so I was dreading this week.

Kevin really only has one trick when it comes to Paso’s doesn’t he? It looked nearly the same as his one from last year (help me for having to watch this one twice) he seems to think that a Paso is basically stamping about, clapping your hands and having your partner wave her skirt around at you whilst at all times looking dramatic…. And to a point he’s right but why is it when he does it it just looks very silly? I think this year it at least matched up to how I felt the song felt but really…. I don’t want to constantly see Frankie’s knickers whilst Kevin looks “passionate”. I guess I can be happy that we didn’t get him in his little matador costume this year.

I gave it a 6 because even though the above was moaning I did think it was good and the best dance so far. It played to the song and Frankie is great.

Judges Scores : 8 9 10 9 9 = 45

And you can guess I was not happy with that can’t you? 8s and 9s was where I KNEW before she’d set a foot onto the dance floor she’d be getting. A 10? Way to ruin it.

Jake & Janette
Waltz : The Godfather Waltz – The Godfather

I was a bit unsure about Jake last week because I thought without the lifts that the Salsa lets him do I wouldn’t have enjoyed it much. Saying that props to Jake that I can’t even remember what Janette did last week I just remember him dancing. It was like he was the professional with a very disappointing celeb.

I kind of liked the fact that they did kind of a moody waltz. The only reason it didn’t work for me was because even though it was a moody waltz it still didn’t feel like a waltz. Saying that I think he’s one of the best. I think it took too long to get into hold. When there he was clearly leading, it was a bit static at times and it didn’t have the floating sensation that I feel a good waltz should have. I also have to say I think it was too showy, there were too many moments that looked more for show then were part of the dance. He kept in character though and has a lovely frame in my opinion.

My score would have to be 7. Best dance of the night so far. Very accomplished but missing something.

Judges Scores : 8 8 8 8 8 = 40

Well for Donny that was underscoring. How could he give a 10 to the Paso and not to THAT Waltz. If anything it was a very brave choice for a Waltz. Personally I think four 8s would be alright for it but I think I’ll stick to 7 being perfect.

Pixie & Trent
Quickstep : Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast

These guys are my favourite I think. They are understated in their dances. Trent gives Pixie a lot to do, lots of content and gets the best out of her. She’s a superb dancer and I can only see her improving. I think Trent is a great professional because his dances so far have felt very much like the dance they are meant to be dancing. He really does feel like a throwback to Ian, Darren, Lilia, Erin, Matthew et all (and Brendan and to an extent at times Anton.) It is lovely to see it.

The Quickstep was similar as there was a theme but there was no swinging from vines, movie props or obvious throws to the film. There was so much energy and everything that I love in a Quickstep. The Charleston moments were great, there was so much charm, she acted it out perfectly and I loved the kicks. Man does she and Trent have legs. There was so much content in there and she did it so well. I loved it. It was the one dance that made the movie night worth it.

7. I think it can be improved and I’d love to see it again later in the year as I think it could be even better with some more work on it. I just think it was beautiful.

Judges Scores : 7 9 9 9 9 = 43

Now I agree with Craig’s score, obviously but I don’t agree with it in context of what he and the others have scored the other dancers. This is where it all goes tricky. It should have been higher. In fact it was (so far) dance of the night.

Thom & Iveta
Charleston : New York, New York – On the Town

This is one of my favourite dances to one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite films of all time. I’m also very hot and cold on Thom. There is something about him that I don’t like but I feel like it is only because he’s trying to be confident in VTs and not coming across as confident at all and I wish he’d stop trying.

This dance was his best by far. He put so much work into it. I know they do every week I’m not saying he doesn’t but he had the character which I think has been missing no matter what anyone says about his Waltz (he looked bloody terrified) his personality matched it and I think he did a good job. There is still heck of a lot of work to be done but this is the energy and the love I want to see every week. So in other words I agree with Bruno, he finally showed his personality and it was just nice.

5. Even though it was his best so far it needed some more work on it but this time it felt right.

Judges Scores : 7 8 7 8 8 = 38

See this dance wasn’t as good as Pixie’s and I feel actually disappointed for her that it was marked the same by Craig. Nevertheless the judges have lost their minds anyway this week. And Donny never had one.

Sunetra & Brendan
American Smooth : The Way You Look Tonight – Swing Time

I thought the judges were harsh on her in week one, I think she improved most on the night last week (did the same as Thom did this week, put a lot of personality into it) and this week I know that she’s going to be perfect. Why? Because Brendan is honestly the best AS dancer and choreographer on the show.

The song was perfect for a start, the choreography was perfect and they looked lovely. From week one she has worked more and more on telling the story and it worked well this week. But I also think there are small things the judges have told her to keep a eye on that she’s done well. She looks more comfortable and her frame has improved. I did think they went out of time once or twice but I think it was beautiful.

I gave her a 6.5 because I think it just lacked a little of the polishedness of Jake and Pixie. She was better then anyone with a 6 though.

Judges Scores : 7 8 8 9 8 = 40

I guess compared to others it was fair. It seems that the judges have gotten stuck with two paddles for the last few dances.

Mark & Karen
Paso Doble : Superman Theme – Superman

You thought Scott had been screwed?

First off I am a boy and NO, never have I wanted to be Superman. Probably off topic but he’s the most boring superhero there is, there is nothing in him at all that I would care to look up to. Secondly how can you do a Paso to Superman?

Badly it seems. First off it seems that Karen feels sorry for her soon to be sister-in-law and got on the floor to flounder like a fish in honour of them. It felt like they were running at times, I mean I know it is all bull fights and all that but it turned into more of a comedy bull fight staged by Laurel and Hardy just running mindlessly away from bull’s. He didn’t look in control, manly or anything, he just looked like a moron in a cape. And then some stupid stunt to make him “fly”. How quaint.

I had to give it a 2. It is every reason I hate themes. They gave them a stupid theme to work to so they did. They then put as many props and stunts and poses to make sure everyone at home understood “look we’re dancing to the Superman theme” when really everyone at home was just laughing at the costumes and couldn’t care about the dancing which was terrible anyway.

Judges Scores : 6 6 9 7 7 = 35

Farcical. A 9 because it was entertaining to Donny. Lovely. Mockery. Because this was better then Sunetra’s lovely AS, Pixie’s beautiful Quickstep and in actual fact was better then everyone but Frankie?


My favourite of the night was by far Pixie. I just loved the charming little dance they did. I also think that Sunetra was beautiful and that the whole load of them are starting to mix it up. At first I thought there were a few contenders and one or two dark horses but I could predict the final, now there is a whole half the field that I think could do it.


I am planning on doing a results show blog as well, there is no point doing two separate blogs this week so I’ll just put it into the same one.

The Mary Poppin’s dance was again much better then last weeks Frozen inspired dance. Again it was just lovely to see all the professionals do something that wasn’t just a random Latin show dance.

I actually really like the behind the scene stuff, I love it on ITT as well. I’d prefer if they had a little more of it and less flashbacks to the dances that we’d only seen 24 hours before and couldn’t vote on or change our mind on whether we wanted to or not.

The first couples in the dance off were a real shocker. I never in my life would have thought it would be Simon and the other professionals and the judges looked gobsmacked (especially Donny who is a idiot.) Then again it is their stupid scoring and his bad reaction that has probably sent them there. There are much nicer couples that people want to vote for.

Donny’s singing has always been something I’ve appreciated but by the time he put a microphone in his hand and started to sing I wanted him to drown in a bathtub of disappointment that I was feeling right then. For me it was also perfect to have Anton and Joanne dancing together. Not just because they are Ballroom specialists (you might have guessed I prefer Ballroom to Latin) but because their distaste for Latin means that most weeks I’d rather they just sit out of every dance. Joanne is no Erin though.

Len’s Lens kind of made me decide that if we died Kevin’s hair or Frankie’s then they’d be twins. They look very similar.

The second couple in the bottom two is Jennifer and Tristan. Why they haven’t got any kind of support is saddening but there you go.

Now we never ever needed a dance off, I think it is some horrible sort of torture to force Jennifer to carry on with the dance off when she’s in there with one of the contenders. Nothing she could have done would have saved her and it was painful to watch it.

We say goodbye to Jennifer and Tristan.

Very sad.

Jenny was lovely and I am sad to see her go. She improved a lot week by week and she had a great relationship with Tristan. I think they were a lot better then some of the people left in the competition and she’s a very humble lady.

I’m more upset to see Tristan go though. I think out of the three newbies him and Trent are head and shoulders above Joanne. That doesn’t mean I don’t like her, it isn’t some boy group thing and it isn’t because I “hate” her. I just think his choreography has been great, he’s been very gentle and understanding to his partner and I really wish we could see a lot more of him. I’m hoping he comes back for the next series.

So that is it for week 3 (other then the weekly rant below) I’m looking forward to next week where the theme hopefully won’t kill the night and there is NO Donny Osmond in sight.

Week 3 Rant

I’m thinking of making this a permanent fixture. It’s here anyway so why not.

I have high hopes for theme weeks every year and it always disappoints. It actually made me very angry and having Donny as a judge made me even angrier.

I hate that professionals need to sledgehammer themes into their dance, I hate the fact that judges tend to mark higher as long as they fit the theme and not so much the dance. It gets on my nerves.

But a guest judge? I hate that most. And I hated it more because it was someone like Donny Osmond whose qualification for being there is because he won DWTS and is a entertainer.

I don’t care who the people at home vote for. If Tim gets to the final and wins it I won’t sulk because better dancers didn’t because the public vote for who entertains them. But the judges need to vote on what they see not how much they like it. I feel a lot of them vote for who they like more then who did best. Flashy dances have always been popular with the judges and people at home.

The judges make a mockery most of the time anyway but Donny was just stupid. 10 really needs to mean perfection not just I think it looks lovely.

I think I’ve ranted enough about it by the time I’ve finished the blog I don’t feel like ranting anymore.

I really hated this week and it made me very angry. Let us not talk about Halloween.

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