My One Piece Adventure : Impel Down Arc

It can’t just be me that loves a get together? I don’t mean going to one but when there is like a narrative over a lot of people gathering. One of the most powerful scenes in the whole of the Pirates of a Caribbean films is when they all hoist the sails to go to war. I just love it when you get to see a load of people, especially when they are strong and ppassionate like the Marines and the Shichibukai!

It is one of those small things I love and it is done so well in this arc!

Again these blogs can go on forever so I’m not going to talk too much about the plot itself but how I feel about it.

For a start Impel Down’s structure.

OMG it is so cool! I loved that it was underwater, it looked more impressive then Enies Lobby and was just so much cooler! I loved the fact that it was six floors of hell, well technically the sixth floor was the one most like a normal prison.

I don’t think I had a favourite floor to be honest but I just loved the whole concept of it. It really is terrible and its horrible and it made you feel sorry for the guys trapped in there when you probably shouldn’t be feeling sorry for them at all!

But the people they have?

BUGGY!!!! MR 3!!!!! BON CLAY!!!! CROCODILE!!!!

It was like a hello to all our old friends and this time they were working together. I don’t think the guards were as well thought out as some of the guys we’ve come across before (well those guys BEING the “bad guys” of old arcs compared to the “bad guys” of this arc for example. I might be happy if Magellan showed up again but Hannibal and the rest. A bit meh-ish. Then again I guess it was building up the pirates we didn’t know (Iva-chan for example) and they were in a great rush! It had to be at breathtaking speed or the urgency in the story to save Ace would be lost.

Again this is something I think that One Piece does so well. Never did I forget that it was a race against time, I felt like I was at a race against time to finish reading the chapters, like me getting to saving Ace was what was going to save Ace. There was actually quite a lot of chapters in there but it always left you breathless after reading them. It never once dragged. The introduction of the New Kama was perfectly timed to let you get your breath back and worked well to build even more drama and tension after Luffy looked like he’d failed. Of course me not having read this at the time knew that Luffy would survive, after all I do kind of know bits and pieces that are happening in the manga right now and Luffy is very much kicking and eating, and I guess it shows the strength of the writing that even though I knew Luffy would win out I actually felt terrified for his life.

I am now going to rush on with watching the anime because this arc was magnificent in manga form and I’d love to see it in the anime. There was great humour, great drama and a lot of good action and it played so vividly in my head. In fact I feel like watching the anime WHILST reading the manga at the same time just to get there faster.

Can we just have a minute to love Bon Clay though?

I couldn’t really get over how ugly the character looked at first but he won me over so fast in the Albasta arc. Now once again he’s just brilliant. I love him I think he’s amazing and don’t want him to have been killed by Magellan! I hope he survives and we meet him again.

I got chills when Luffy was running to the entrance with Jimbel and Crocodile! I mean it just looked so cool, Crocodile is one of those characters who just makes any panel he’s in look deadly cool.

And Buggy! I once heard that apparently Buggy ended up one of the Shichibukai, I always wondered why he would be put in that group! I’m guessing seeing Black Beard has entered Impel Down and obviously he’s going to either become more notorious and join Shanks and Whitebeard or else be vanished from the Shichibukai, the fact that 90% of the people who have escaped think its down to Captain Buggy and the fact that the Marines probably won’t want anyone to know it was Luffy, Crocodile, Jimbel and Iva who also escaped he’ll inherit the title because of the break out? Either way since the moment Buggy appeared in the manga he’s been one of my favourite characters and not only am I happy that he’s appeared again and again but I’m happy that he’s still just as fresh and fun as always.

To be honest I was a bit worried about having a arc without the Crew. I’ve grown attached to all of them and have written in detail how I think the strength of the series lays on the family feeling of the Crew.

My worries were blown away though, the arc was amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I honestly don’t know what happens to Ace so I’m going to hang on to hope that he’s still alive an well by the end of the arc. But there are even more dangerous people in front of us and I can’t wait to see if Red Haired Shanks (my ultimate favourite character) shows up. In fact I love him so much that every time he reappears or is mentioned my heart skips a beat and I re-read the page/section/panel time and time again just to relive Shanks as much as possible.

I’m a sucker for cool characters!

You’ll be happy to know I think I might actually be able to get to the end of catching up sooner then I thought! I know there had been a gap between the last few and these reviews and my two weeks holiday ended up being a duff but I really think I’ll get to the end. When I do then I’ll have weekly updates as the chapters come out! I’m more likely to remember and read One Piece then I am of Fairy Tail at the moment, again no offence to Fairy Tail but there are a few story lines I’m not too happy with and I’m in no hurry to find out what happens next!

5 thoughts on “My One Piece Adventure : Impel Down Arc”

  1. Indeed, Impel Down was an awesome arc. Not just for the urgency to save Ace *sheds tear*, like you mentioned but also seeing the familiar faces like Buggy, Bon Clay, Mr.3 and Crocodile. What a combination this became.

    I hadn’t appreciated this arc as much at the time because I was so engrossed in saving Ace, I didn’t even realise half the awesomeness that occurred. Thanks for the review man, brought back a lot of memories.

    I review the manga on a weekly basis if you ever want to chat and discuss. I am always open for that. Love the show more than life itself.


    1. I totally agree with you, I think it was only because I like to think back long and hard about the arcs before I post my reviews on them that it really dawned on me just how amazing the arc actually played out. The amount of emotion they were able to throw at you just by reintroducing characters you already know whilst keeping the adrenaline going was brilliant.

      I will probably check your reviews out when I get up to there! I’m trying to stay as spoiler free as possible whilst I catch up but the moment I have I’m sure I’ll enjoy your reviews ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  2. I’ve just started the Fishman Island stuff, I was able to whizz through a lot because I had a two week holiday and then went back to only working 14hrs a week but now I’m doing full time for a few weeks so I won’t have much time to read anything with everything else I’m doing but I plan on being up to date by Christmas!

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