Dracula : Dead and Loving It (1995)

Count Dracula is one of the age old “monsters” that kids learn (kind of) about as a kid and who sticks with us through thick and thin.

So what’s better then to talk about Mel Brooks Dracula : Dead and Loving it?

A fun look at one of the oldest legends in the book, starring the ever funny Leslie Nielsen as the Count himself.

Like with most of these movies the thing that makes you love it is that it doesn’t hold back. EVERYTHING is subject to a joke or two, whether it is his shadow with its own life, his two wives or the many powers of Dracula.

For some this kind of movie is too much. Some people don’t like the joke a minute style that Nielsen thrived in. For me it is the greatest pleasure to watch. You have to actually look at every scene, listen to every word and know what it is that they are satirizing to understand the jokes but it makes it all the more pleasing in the end.

The cast isn’t giant but the film doesn’t need a big crowd, it just needs its actors to have perfect comic timing and partnering Dracula up with Peter MacNicol’s Renfield is perfect. And I’ll tell you this, the amount of movies I’ve seen MacNicol in and I’ve ONLY just learned what he is called makes this movie even more impressive now!

Half the decent lines go to Renfield in my opinion, even if he isn’t there for that long (being locked away for the majority of the movie) every scene he’s in he steals. The wonderful line of “I’ve saw nothing *door slams* hehe I’ve seen EVERYTHING” has me crying with laughter just thinking about it.

I don’t think it is as good as some of the films Nielsen has done in the past though. I prefer Spy Hard for example for the amount of humour they put into the film, but it is a fun look at a legendary character we all know and love. As a kid Dracula films left me cowering behind a cushion, so once in a while it was nice to be able to laugh at him instead.

There is something extremely relaxing about this kind of humour, you can just sit back and let the laughs come to you and there is so much to laugh at. The terrible accents for a start. There is no story underneath it, it is just one long and rather funny joke in my opinion.

I think it was one of the best things I was asked to watch for our Halloween season. It was fun, it played out well and I loved every character.

Love it!

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