Death Becomes Her (1992)

A more comedic film for our Halloween countdown. Death Becomes Her is one of my favourite films of all time. It is honestly one of the strangest films I’ve seen and full of a completely wonderful all star cast.

So why is it in the countdown?

Halloween isn’t all about scaring people senseless and I love to watch this one at this time of year for many reasons.

The story is simple as anything. Two childish and beautiful women (Meryl Streep and Goldie Horn) who have been rivals their whole life. They end up finding the way to stay young forever but they have to be careful.

It is just a laugh, its a great film that actually has a quite deep meaning about beauty. The fact that these women went to such lengths to stay beautiful forever is quite shocking really. The fact that the moment they do any kind of damage to themselves its like a piece of china and they’ll rot and break and need to be “put” back together.

It probably wasn’t what they wanted you to think about so I don’t tend to. Though it does have quite a sweet ending with the two rivals being forced to find companionship in each other.

The movie works because the characters are so over the top. The two women are crazy, Bruce Willis’s character is such a doormat you can’t help but love him and the rivalry is so bizarre (and the time skips between each event at times) that you can’t help but laugh. I mean when we skipped 7 years into the future just to skip YET ANOTHER 7 years… I don’t think I’ve laughed at a “7 years later” sign more in my life!

The effects in the movie are great, the effects when the women start rotting and breaking is really well done and look so realistic at times. I loved looking at it. It was so smart how they did it and how they “patched” the characters up.

Of course what I love the most is the characters themselves. I mean the three of the main characters are some of the best actors in the world and they worked so well together. I don’t even know why it works as well as it does, for me maybe because I grew up thinking of Bruce Willis as a action hero and here he was being a doormat to two crazy women. Or maybe its just because they actually looked like they were having great fun recording it. I don’t know what but I loved them.

The characters don’t really learn much other then Ernest who learns he doesn’t need either of the women to live. Having a beautiful wife/girlfriend doesn’t make you happy. I guess the two women learn that they have to find happiness with the other one because that is who they are stuck with.

Halloween movie? Technically maybe not. But the effects and the style is something that you can honestly enjoy yourself watching in between some of the greatest horror movies. It really is a great film.

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