The Omen (1976)

A movie that really has stood the test of time. From the brilliant cast to the rather chilling story, The Omen has been a hit since it arrived in the cinema’s.

So popular it spawned three sequels and as recently as 2006 a new remake.

I shall never look at a little boy called Damien in the same way again!

Shall I get it out of the way first? Yes I think so. One of the reasons I adore this film is two of the actors. Patrick Troughton and David Warner. I actually saw this film before I ever knew Patrick Troughton was The Doctor once upon a time. They were magnificent in the film and thanks to theirs and the other cast members acting this film really feels as fresh today as I guess it did back then!

I’m no big fan of bloody horror movies, slashers (other then Psycho) aren’t my kind of thing. The Omen makes you think and that is what I love about it.

Things just happen around Damien and it is up to the viewer at home to decide whether he is a Antichrist or whether the people around him are all imagining things, and that the creepy old nanny is really at fault. Of course in the end you are left in no doubt over what Damien is, and what a wonderful little boy they had chosen to play Damien! Harvey Spencer Stephens was a little boy you could really believe would never do such things.

In the end no one who came in contact with the child was spared. The deaths in the film weren’t gory as such but they were wonderfully thought out. From willingly hanging themselves at Damien’s part to the infamous tricycle scene, no one was spared in the film.

But it was the genuine love that the parents (Gregory Peck and Lee Remick) had for each other and for Damien, the unwillingness to let go until the very end and the pain on their faces as these things happened that really made the film wonderful. It is their emotional story that really makes the film for me, I know it doesn’t for anyone else in the universe, but for me it just makes me sad.

Forever a classic there is no happy ending at the end of The Omen, no survivors, no “hope”. Damien is the Antichrist and he’s still there smiling at the end credits.

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