Strictly Come Dancing : Week Two Fan Girl Magazine

Week 2!! Last week we got off to a explosive start. One of our favourite casts in a long LONG time. The new professionals have made a brilliant impression and we are looking forward to a series of brilliance!

This week we’ve split the celebs up into two teams Team Anna and Team Amanda, we decided we need to split them to properly talk about them more. Team Anna consists of Sunetra, Scott, Caroline, Jennifer, Tim, Judy and Alison. Team Amanda consisted of Steve, Pixie, Mark, Thom, Frankie, Gregg and Simon. Jake was the odd one out but after the Dance Off and me losing one of my team meant he came to me!

So attempt two of the Fan Girl Magazine is GO!


*More cream cakes!
Oh yes, Gregg had more cream cakes for us to marvel at! Lots of cream he even was attacked by Aliona who was in a happy mood with the squirty cream!

*Simon’s unintentional Tango Face
The judges were telling Simon he had no drama and whilst Bruno was talking about his face the relaxed listening face that Simon had put on was exactly what Bruno was looking for! I don’t know what the judges were talking about he had a great Tango face!!

*Aljaz the Slave
Not only was the VT brilliant but it was so funny to see him faint in the end of the dance! I bet Alison was very VERY pleased! He also looked the part of a sweet and cute little PA!

*Tristan’s outfit
I’m afraid Anna will find something to add on here about Tristan every week and this week it was his outfit! Last week she thought he looked perfect in purple, this week she went mad for him in pastel colours and pink!

*The Boys Introduction!
Oh how I loved the beginning of the results show with all the boys giving us something to scream about! We have some wonderful professional dancers and we got to see them in full happy swing right from the start!

*Jamie Cullum
We all love his music so it was a happy forum that got to listen to him singing “Don’t let me be misunderstood” with Gregory Porter!

The Dances

Team Amanda

I loved this week. I loved it as much as last week. There were some really promising dances and everyone in my opinion had improved.

I was extremely impressed with the ballroom dances. Pixie and Trent were my favourite this week, I loved how elegant and fragile their Waltz was. She looked like a Princess and she had beautiful lines. Her and Trent are a great couple. Simon and Kristina’s Tango I think was unfairly treated, I thought they had a lot of drama and a great story coming through, I agree he was out of time but I was glued to the dance throughout! The only one I don’t think I liked as much was Mark and Karen, the dance was beautiful and I loved them together but I really did feel like the music, costumes and actual dance didn’t match each other. It felt like I was watching a whole load of things thrown together. I think it was beautiful but that was about it.

The Latins were more hit and miss for me. Jake and Janette, well there isn’t any need to talk about him! He was amazing. Then again I found out on Saturday that apparently he had dance training (OK I follow James Jordan on Twitter and that is a FACT!!!) Steve and Ola were alright, I think his Tango was much better but I loved the fun of their dance. Thom and Iveta blew me away in the first dance but again it wasn’t as good as their dance last week but it was hell of a way to open the show!

I was always lucky to have the two Charlestons! Gregg and Aliona finally let their wild side out, you could see that Gregg had grown on Aliona and they were as cute as can be! I was fascinated by Frankie and Kevin’s hybrid 50s style Charleston and think that I’d love them to stick to the 50s. Boy were they lovely even if it was a hybrid dance!

As I said though Team Trixie were the ones that I loved, their waltz had me in tears and they looked completely gorgeous.

There was no other dance on Anna’s side that I preferred to Team Trixie this week but I have to say that I did enjoy Tim and his Nattie’s Waltz! What a beautiful dance that was!

And if I had to pick the “worst” dance I’d have to say it was poor Judy who seemed to struggle the most! The poor dear didn’t seem to have remembered the dance and if she had remembered it then she didn’t do much in it! The biggest improvement was possibly Jennifer or Sunetra who both come out with gutso and were two completely different dancers to last week!

Team Anna
We had some really good dances this week and I think my team had the biggest improvements!

I’ll start with my favourite dance of the night from everyone. Tim and Natalie. I think it was scrumptious! Tim looked so handsome and his wonderful charisma and sweet gentleman nature made the dance a wonder. It looked like a dad dancing with his daughter at her wedding. They have such a sweet connection and the dance was just perfect. Similarly for me Jennifer and Tristan had a great story. I feel like at times Jennifer feels so uncomfortable doing some of the elegant feminine lines and I think that she feels safe in Tristan’s hands. Both were the biggest improvements on the night and both had me in tears!

The majority of my teams dances this week were Ballroom, Alison and Aljaz had a great Foxtrot but I felt like they didn’t actually do enough Foxtrot for my tastes. It was great roleplaying though and the story was wonderful. The way that Alison commands the floor when she’s on it is amazing and I loved Aljaz’s face through the whole of the VT and the whole time on the dance floor. Giggly fainting Aljaz wins the night! Unfortunately poor Scott wasn’t too much better then last week. He was stuck in a very camp Tango which once again for me felt more like Joanne dancing around him and making herself look good and Scott trying his hardest to remember his steps. Terrible song choice. Then again the music choice for Caroline’s Tango was just as bad, I wasn’t sold on their performance either I much preferred Simon and Kristina’s!

Tim was beaten this week though for worst dance by Judy! Whatever it was that she was doing she didn’t do enough of it and when she did do it she failed miserably. Contrast to Sunetra’s very confident dance and my two Latin’s were as different as could be!

Tim, Jennifer and I think Team Trixie were my favourite dances of the night though after calming down about hybrid dances I also adored Frankie and Kevin’s. I really wanted to love Kevin last year and this year so far I am loving him. Can’t wait to see what everyone does in Movie night next week!

Music Corner
Team Amanda
I think there was a lot of really random music choices in there and I don’t think they all worked.

Frankie and Kevin’s forced them to add the rock ‘n’ roll element to their Charleston which even though it looked lovely also kind of ruined what could have been a great Charleston. Gregg and Aliona’s Charleston was alright with Ray Charles “Hey Good Lookin'” but personally I felt like it was a little slow or maybe that was just Gregg!

The way that they sped up “Mambo no. 5” gave the perfect Salsa song for Jake and Janettes brilliant routine. Similarly “Hot Hot Hot” was a great choice for Thom and Iveta! I also feel that the Waltz’ were all wonderful, especially Team Trixie’s Waltz to “Come Away With Me.”

The Tango’s were awful though. “Sing” by Ed Sheeran had no real drama to it, “Stop” by Spice Girls for a Tango? We were hoping for some magic there but it was like a pop prince and princess dancing together! I also felt that “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz was the wrong choice for a American Smooth, possibly would have been better for their Waltz! It failed to make me connect with the dance at all.

Team Anna
Sunetra’s was pretty good it helped the fun come through on her dance. I really think the song choice was good for her. She seemed to love it.

I had the terrible Tango’s in my team, oh joy! Caroline and Pasha’s Tango to “Blame” by Calvin Harris wasn’t terrible but it still wasn’t as good as it could have been. I don’t see why we need to look at modern music for Tango’s traditional Tango music would be perfect. Then again we can’t complain about anything when we still have “Stop” by Spice Girls for poor Scott’s Tango. I mean whoever thought that was a good idea I don’t know!

Saying that the Waltz music was lovely. Tim and Natalie dancing to “When you wish upon a star” was lovely, it gave such a romantic feel to the song. “Natural Women” for Jennifer also for me gave such a good story between her and Tristan. I think both songs with the dances made me want to cry. I LOVED “I Just Want to Make Love To You” for Alison’s Foxtrot, I wasn’t too sure on the Foxtrot itself but the music and the role playing was great!

The only other song in my team that I have to talk about… Well it doesn’t matter what Judy “danced” to as the lack of dancing would have gone with anything. As it was to be fair “She’s a Lady” by Tom Jones was a great tune for their Cha-Cha it was a shame she hardly moved!

Fashion Week 2
Team Amanda
I hated what Steve was wearing, I get that it was meant to be symbolic of what he would wear but it just looked silly in my opinion. Especially compared to what Ola was wearing, she looked so beautiful. I really think they need to match them up better!

Again I wasn’t too happy with Pixie and Trent. I like them both but I really didn’t like the suit they had dressed Trent in (why did he have to look so… unfashionable when Tristan looked lovely?!) and I do think the crop top with the skirt wasn’t right for the Waltz. I know they said they were going to have netting on the dress to make it look more like a one piece but Pixie didn’t like it so they took the netting off but I think that would have made it lovely. They both still looked lovely though on the dance floor though!

I think Mark looked lovely, I loved the sparkly jumper! This season they seem to be dressing the celebs more and more like they would be dressed in real life. The only thing is that it was a step away from ballroom (a bit like Steve in his Tango last week) and I think it took me out of the dance a little but I think him and Karen looked lovely together and I really loved her dress! Then again it is hard to make Karen look anything but beautiful!

I really loved Thom and Iveta in their matching red! There was something about Thom’s outfit that felt like they were going for a gymnastic type of look for him that felt a bit odd but I really liked it. I think Iveta looked beautiful and it really made the dance!

Frankie and Kevin were both PERFECTION! I didn’t like the hybrid rock and roll Charleston but I don’t care! Frankie looked lovely in her pink! I can’t believe she doesn’t like the colour because it suits her so well! Kevin looked extremely handsome in his jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket. The costumes really truly made their dance and gave it the perfect feeling.

Gregg in his chef whites was fun and I loved Aliona’s maid outfit. I don’t think it really mattered what they wore it was quite a boring idea but they are fun and they looked like they loved the dance.

Simon was EXTREMELY handsome in his black and blue. Him and Kristina were perfect. I loved how they matched and I loved the urgency in their costumes.

Jake looked terrible. It really gave off a Ace Ventura feeling (that I’ll agree with you Anna!) but it didn’t matter because his dancing just blew us away. Janette was totally wonderful and the yellow-ish colour they had her in made her look absolutely lovely.

Team Anna
For my team I loved Sunetra’s dress, I think it was perfect for the dance but it also really highlighted her. Having her in such a blindingly white dress up against Brendan’s black was perfect to really show her off. I loved the beads and how it moved when she danced. Brendan wasn’t too bad in his number, love the attention to detail on the netting of the shirt.

Scott looked lovely, regardless of the dance. A very elegant and simple design, sticking to basics. Joanne looked like a right pop princess which I guess is what they went for!

Caroline… I didn’t like her dress much! It looked too much like her Cha-Cha dress and I don’t think it showed her off as well as it could. I prefer long elegant dresses in ballroom, hers seemed way too fluffy. It was one thing that took me out of her dance. Again Pasha looking dazzling in a simplistic design. This time I don’t think the matched well though.

Jennifer looked lovely in her pink dress. It matched the suit Tristan was wearing completely and made them both look stunning when they danced. For me it felt very old fashioned, very much like a prom dance too. It showed off her elegant form and helped the gliding sensation. Tristan just looked handsome as hell!

Tim was dressed in what Tim always wears. I’m not saying its a bad thing but it does look much more like Tim is just bringing in things from his own wardrobe and adding a sequin or two to it! Natalie’s dress was jaw droppingly gawjus though. It made her look like a angel. I loved the way it looked like the actual cloth area just wrapped around her. Stunning!

Judy looked nice but there was something strange about the dress I can’t put a finger on. Anton looked silly. I don’t know I just don’t think it suited them and the dance was terrible so it made it all look even more silly.

Alison wasn’t too bad. I think they got the feel of the dance perfect, she looked like a lady Alan Sugar and Aljaz looked like someone that was forced to run around after them. I think there could have been some added detail to the middle of the costume to stop it making her look kind of in two parts on top of each other but her confidence means you don’t care what she looks like in the dress because she could wear a bin liner and still be sexy. Aljaz I’m really warming to this year and he looked adorable. I love the back and forth he has when he dances with Alison and they looked dressed for the part this week.

I didn’t like Jake too much this week, I don’t know it gave off a Jim Carey vibe the way he was dressed. I think I would have preferred him in sparkles!

Ola’s dress I loved (though hated what they’d dressed Steve in) she looked like a Egyptian Goddess!

The only other couple from your half I’ll mention is Thom and Iveta, I loved their matching red costumes but I think what they had Thom in looked silly.

Tristan Watch
This week was a sad week for Tristan watch.

There was a bit of a lack of Tristan on ITT most days, even though they covered all couples equally in a way they always seemed to be running out of time or not have much to say about Tristan and Jenny during the week. When they were on the couch with Zoe he was so sweet, his cheeky little grin (I might have to call him Rin because he’s got a Shark Smile like Rin from Free!) and the embarrassment when he watched the “Meet Tristan” bit was adorable. He was also either big enough or unaware of the continuous hints that he’s a “welcome” *wink wink, nudge nudge* addition to the show. (I would like to point out that even though Tristan watch goes on about how good looking he is Tristan is a wonderful dancer and we also very much appreciate his dancing, in fact see below to see how much we think of him as a teacher!) 

The night started off well with Tristan being chosen, in his beautiful pastel coloured suit, to escort our Claud down the stairs. With so much charisma and lovely movement he whisked her to the spotlight and went floating away.

The VT this week showed just how great Tristan is at teaching. He was able to find the easiest way to explain things to Jennifer and went through the routine with visual guides. From Tin Manning to Proud Fathering it is true that Tristan is a very smart teacher. It really seemed to stick in Jennifer’s head.

Dancing Tristan’s are what we’re here for and him and Jennifer were magnificent this week. A mistake made her lose some confidence but they looked beautiful and charming and the dance made me cry. I thought they’d be safe but unfortunately for us our gawjus twosome ended up in the Dance Off! Fear not they survived and we can now look on the bright side, we were treated to two wonderful dances from Jennifer and Tristan.

He looked lovely and he’s becoming a wonderful addition to our family. Who could possibly wish to lose him next year!?

And that ends Tristan watch for this week. Boy do we love him!

(Amanda Note : Sorry for so many Tristan screencaps today! I only do what Anna tells me on Tristan Watch!!!)
And that is it for this weeks magazine! We’re hoping that we might be able to add more next week or slim down… We don’t know! Whatever anyone wants really! Unfortunately the heart wasn’t in it this week as both me and Anna are F1 fans and we’ve been hurting after the accident of one of Anna’s favourite drivers Jules Bianchi. We do apologise if anything seems sloppy today!
We’ll see you next week!

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