Psycho (1960)

The most instantly recognized and one of the legendary horror movies. EVERYONE has seen or heard of Psycho, and if you haven’t I’d like to visit that rock you’ve been living under!

From the iconic shower scene to the big reveal at the end Hitchcocks Psycho is a beloved film that is just as loved now as it was back then. To the point that it has been selected by the US Library of Congress to be preserved in the National Film Registry for its Cultural, historical or aesthetic significance.

I don’t really have to tell you what the film is about, everyone knows. The simple story of a man with a split personality brought upon him by an overbearing mother whom he killed and then was “taken over” by.

I love the film for many reasons, Anthony Perkins was wonderful as Norman Bates, a character I honestly felt so sorry for even after we know he’s a murderer. Janet Leigh was amazing as Marion Crane and after the focus switches Vera Miles and John Gavin were great as Marion’s sister Lila and Marion’s lover Sam.

It is the change of focus that I love most. You start with Marion and just when you think the story is about her she is murdered. In that infamous shower scene.

And even though Norman is from then on ever a threat to Lila and Sam in the end the ending is so intelligent, he doesn’t just get called a looney and taken away they actually EXPLAIN what was wrong with him. We learn about his past, about his split personality, about what drove him crazy and that it was his “Mother” personality that killed people and has now dominated her son.

The whole film is beautiful.

It is easy to see why it is so beloved, it was the first of its kind and it was very simplistic. There was a lot of people standing about talking things over so you always felt part of their individual lives. It wasn’t just about the deaths and Norman it was about how people interacted with Norman and each other. Lets not forget that Marion was hardly an innocent, at the time her relationship with Sam was the thing of Taboo’s and she had just ran away with a lot of someone else’s money, but she is murdered just after she decides to go back and make it all right.

It was an extremely intelligent movie that really made you think.

One thought on “Psycho (1960)”

  1. Good review Amanda. It’s an old movie but it still works in today’s day and age. Especially when you think about how many inventive things Hithcock did to make his movie seem as cool as it does.

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