Eraserhead (1977)

I know so many people who are fans of David Lynch, I had never seen a David Lynch film before sitting down to watch Eraserhead.

How it had been described to me by the people who had seen it?

The weirdest film you’ll ever see…. You’ll never forget it when you’ve seen it…. Don’t try to think too much about it….

Agreeing to watch the film for our Halloween film season. Well I was just a little scared at what I’ll find!

The whole time I was sat watching the movie I kind of felt like asking “what the hell is going on?!” the unfortunate circumstances I hinted to above is that no one actually knows.

It will leave you scratching your head and wondering what you just saw but what you did see is a masterpiece of film making.

Shot in black and white the movie centres around the character of Henry Spencer played by Jack Nance. As far as I can tell his girlfriend gives birth to some hideous freak of nature which other then looking really strange and crying a lot doesn’t do much the whole movie. Henry ends up looking after the child, or at least “looking” after the “child” most of the movie but a lot of it just seems to be some big metaphor for sex, as far as I can tell.

That is basically everything I COULD tell about the movie and I’m probably wrong and most of it!

You will strangely love it though.

The imagery is amazing and even though nothing horrid is shown on screen till the very end (and even then it isn’t horrid) it easily makes you feel a little uncomfortable in different ways. Nance plays it perfectly, Henry goes through everything like its just another day, not that he’s the most normal of characters. Nothing seems to really phase him, not even the mysterious women in his radiator who sings strange songs whilst, what I christened as Sperm Monsters, fall from the sky onto the stage around her.

Adding in the sound, the ever present industrial sounds just humming on in the background.

It really, other then being very confusing, is very well put together.

Whilst watching it (remember my only REAL knowledge of Lynch is at one point Rammstein did some music for a film or something in the 90s) I never would have guessed it was made in the 70s! I mean this could be in the cinema today and it wouldn’t look out of place. It is so unique that it is timeless in its way.

I mean I could sit here and have a in depth discussion with you on what we all think its about, what the sperm monsters are about, who the girl in the radiator is, why his baby is a deformed Sperm Creature….

And if you want we can!

But right now all I’m doing is telling anyone who HASN’T seen it that you honestly should. You’ll never forget it that is for damn sure.

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