Strictly Come Dancing : Fangirls First Impression of the Couples

The blog was a bit bare this week, I will admit it. I wanted so much to get it written that we didn’t put too much effort in. We’ve been talking it through though this week and we have a action plan for next week so look out next Monday for our fangirl blog!

As it is on this wonderful Thursday that I have off I decided, seeing we didn’t really talk about how we felt about the pairings in our blog I’d dive right in and tell you all my feelings on our wonderful Strictly partnerships!

So lets start in no particular order!!!

Alison & Aljaz

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t like Aljaz much last year, I found his routines with Abbey boring, but it didn’t help that I didn’t “get” Abbey either. I could see she was a good dancer but her dances didn’t click with me.

Alison? How can you not love that enthusiastic, bubbly and confident women? From the moment I saw her giant grin I knew I was going to like her! I don’t agree with her on Aljaz, but I’m happy she’s got the partner she wants!

Didn’t they do great though? I knew a lot of people had written her off when the season started and didn’t understand why! She has so much rhythm and I think she’s determined enough that she’ll do well in both Latin and Ballroom. Above all else she is loving the experience and it showed in their Cha-Cha. She was beaming from ear to ear and dancing like it was the only thing in the world that mattered. She was more then amazing.

One of my couples to watch and already I’m liking Aljaz even more. Great partnership and I really think she could be a contender this year!

Caroline & Pasha

I have never been a Pasha fan. Ever. I don’t like his choreography and I don’t like his personality. He comes across as over the top for me. I liked Rachel a lot when they were paired together but I never felt that he really worked to her strength.

Caroline is a face I know very well from the various things she does but I have never really seen much of her work. First impressions on her VTs was that I wasn’t going to warm to her at all. Not even in a nasty way, she just has that “presenter” face on that is full of confidence and even though I know that it is just a working face it is then hard to ever forget that when they struggle.

Their dance was one of my favourites of the night. I didn’t go as gooey over it as most dances but I feel that she’s got a lot to give to the competition and I can’t wait to see what she can do! As a partnership I felt very “meh” about them, which is a shame because I was trying to like everyone this year, hopefully they’ll grow on me.

Right from the start she is a contender.

Frankie & Kevin

I started off by loving Kevin last year. I ended up not liking him very much. He always seemed over hype and acted like a kid a lot. I love his dancing though but his personality became overbearing very quickly and the whole Kevin from Grimsby thing started to make me want to shout very loudly at whomever had said it.

Now I have heard OF The Saturdays. I have never, as far as I’m aware, heard one of their songs and I couldn’t tell Frankie from any of her band mates until she was introduced in the launch show. I still couldn’t pick out her band mates from the crowd if you asked me to. The VT was the first thing I know about Frankie and I think, I think, I’m going to like her. She seems very down to earth and very focused.

Their dances was lovely but not as good as I think the judges made it sound. But the chemistry between her and Kevin was good and if they stop focusing on Kevin being Kevin and show them as a couple I think they could be high on my list. All I want is Kevin to act naturally and not like he knows there is a camera pointed at him 24/7 and I think these two could very well impress me!

Another contender right off the blocks!

Gregg & Aliona

I do not hate Aliona. I don’t even dislike her as much as Anna and Lucius do. The problem is she can’t disguise her emotions. And sometimes they make her look very brattish. In the launch show it was like a “kill me now” face pulling contest after being “lumbered” with Gregg. Aliona…. I just couldn’t put into words how I feel about her.

In contrast Gregg looked over the moon to be dancing with Aliona, though I bet he’d look over the moon just to be in the show! I know little about him but I find him a lot of fun. I think partnered with anyone else and I’d fall in love with him. As it is I just feel sorry for him!

And the dance and the VT was WHY I felt sorry. I’m not saying Aliona is the way we perceive her to be or that the training footage is all there is to her but the whole time in the VT it felt like she didn’t care and the dance looked more like her dancing and having someone shadow her because he had to be there. I want her to cheer up, I want her to just get on with it and love being in a partnership for the sake of teaching someone to dance. I really want to shake her and tell her that she’s wonderful and if she put half as much effort into being positive then Gregg would be alright! We’ll see.

The dance was terrible though. I didn’t feel like Gregg was watching Aliona because he couldn’t take his eyes off her I felt he was watching her because he didn’t know what to do and needed some reassurance. Out within the first few weeks me thinks! Poor Gregg!

Jake & Janette

I really love Janette. She’s bubbly and positive and she’s a wonderful dancer. I can’t even find more words to describe her. She’s great!

Jake is a face that nearly everyone in Britain should know! I mean you can’t escape Easterenders even if you try! Not only is it promoted to heaven and highwaters on the BBC it is over all the magazines in super markets as well. So of course I knew who Jake was, and I loved him from the moment he started talking. So unlike his character in Eastenders and much more down to earth and humble. I really liked him.

HE CAN BLOODY WELL DANCE AS WELL! I was not expecting his Tango to be so good! I don’t know why it shocked me so much but I was thinking he’d start a little worse off and come out of the blocks later but he was by far one of the better males over the two nights! He got into character, he danced really well and his partnership with Janette is sparkling. I really REALLY love them!

One Dark Horse right here!

Jennifer & Tristan

Hmmm the words to choose so Anna doesn’t cry? I don’t watch DWTS so SCD is the first thing I’ve seen Tristan in. He’s goodlooking I’ll give him that, but I preferred Trent……. I’m leaving it at that before Anna kills me.

Jennifer again I hadn’t heard of. I’ve done my utmost best to keep away from Mrs Browns Boys because its the kind of comedy that I don’t enjoy very much (OK so I had heard of her because I’ve seen one or two episodes of Mrs Browns Boys but that doesn’t in any way mean I remembered her!) First impressions from the VTs were that I was going to fall in love with her. She seemed so sparkly and happy!

Their dance wasn’t the best but their relationship is one to watch. She said it best its like a big sister and little brother. I think Tristan can get the best out of Jennifer but I think they have a long way to go and they can’t stand still. He needs to rip that goodness out of her fast. I think she could be a good mover if she was given the confidence that a partner like Ian Waite or Matthew Cutler used to give to their partners. I hope they do well, if only for Anna’s sake.

I don’t think they are Dark Horses but they could be. At the moment I think they’ll be one of the middle couples to go sometime after the worst dancers. I also predict they’ll go out on one of their best dances AGAINST someone who isn’t so good but much more popular (Scott and Joanne?)

Judy & Anton

I’ve heard a lot about Mr du Beke not being the nicest person in the world but on Strictly he’s just such a charming personality that I don’t care that it possibly is fake he just makes me smile. Its like seeing something out of a movie with his stupid little ways. I’ve always liked Anton even if I think sometimes he doesn’t do his partners any good and ruins his own chances with his silly Latin stuff.

Judy, well I know of Judy being a big fan of her sons! I’ve never really paid heed to what newspapers have said about her so all I’ve ever seen is a passionate women who is deadly proud of where her two boys have gotten to through hard work. That is the kind of determination I want her to give to this competition!

Their relationship is one of my favourites. Already it is sparkling with great charisma I think these two will be worth watching!

Unfortunately the dance was lovely but it wasn’t great. I think her reputation and the fact people don’t class her as a celeb and seem to be very angry about it means she’ll be one of the first three out!

Mark & Karen

I think Karen is so beautiful, her dancing is lovely and she’s a wonderful person. I’ve loved her since the first moment I saw her. She’s a wonderful person.

Mark I’d never heard of before the show and my opinion of him is a difficult one. I don’t dislike him, I don’t like him, I’m not even meh about him. At some points I think he’s lovely, at others I feel he comes across a little fake, other times I think he’s wonderful and at others I think he’s bland. He’s a strange one. I’m not sure his appearance on ITT made me feel much different about the matter.

Their dance was great though, again I wasn’t hoping for fireworks in week one from him but they had great chemistry on the floor, they work so well together and he really went out there and gave it his all. I enjoyed his performance and love them as a team but him singularly I’m not sure about.

I think he’s another Dark Horse.

Pixie & Trent

I said above that I preferred him to Tristan and I still do. I think his dancing is magnificent and I think he looks like a great teacher. I really hoped that Trent would get a good partner before he’d even taken a step! I don’t know why I felt that way but I really am one of the many who thinks he looks a lot like Ian and even dances a lot like Ian and I miss Ian Waite terribly!

Pixie like Frankie I’d heard of but never heard of her music. Or at least to my knowledge I’ve never heard one. The moment I saw her I thought she’d be quite a bouncy and happy person and I wasn’t wrong! I think I’ll like her energy a lot, she seems like a really positive person and she seems like she really will enjoy herself so I can’t wait to see more of her!

Together they have the perfect dynamic. They look perfect together and they dance so well together that I couldn’t believe it at first. I really loved their dance and the VT and ITT stuff with them really made me fall in love. So far they are one of my favourite couples and I love them so much.

I think she’s a contender. I also love them both so much that I’ll admit to being biased.

Scott & Joanne

I said I liked Kevin so I was happy to hear Joanne was going to be on Strictly. Unlike Kevin I didn’t like her THEN get annoyed at her hyperness, right from the start I got annoyed with it. She seems to have gone straight to over the top happiness from the get go. I LOVED it but at the same time like Kevin just want to shout CALM DOWN! I’m hoping I like her more during the season.

Scott Mills I’ve heard of, of course I’ve heard of him! Who hasn’t? I had no opinion of him though. I like him well enough, he seems like a sweet guy and he obviously is very nervous about the whole thing. I wanted to hug him most of the time he was so sweet.

Together they could be good. They weren’t this week but they could be. I don’t think Scott is ever going to be a dancer but they have matching personalities (when Joanne calms down) and they will genuinely get on. They could have such great chemistry and that is important with the least good dancers! I might have thought his dance was crap BUT I would vote for him basically due to the fact that he loved it so much and I don’t care about anything else other then the fact he loved it. If Joanne calms down they could be really sweet together.

I don’t think he’ll be out fast, he should have a fan base and so will Joanne (Kevin’s fan base will surely vote for her too) but I do think his ability means he should be out in the first two weeks.

Simon & Kristina

I’m opening up my thesaurus for this one. Charming, dazzling, delicate, elegant, exquisite, refined, graceful, stunning, superb, angelic, bewitching, classy… These are all words I’d use for Kristina. One of my biggest girl crushes. Not only would I use those words for her but for her dancing. She is a beautiful dancer and she’s also a great teacher. She cares about her partner no matter what their strengths are and she works on routines that shows those strengths.

I love Simon too! I was a big fan of Blue (though Anthony Costa is my favourite!) and I couldn’t wait to see him dance. I think he’s going to be wonderful. I thought that before the Jive….

…After the Jive I thought it even more. For me it was the best dance by a country mile and him and Kristina are perfect for each other. He has a very dry sense of humour that I think people won’t get but the fact that Kristina does and reacts to it perfectly for people who don’t get it means that people won’t find it hard to warm to him. They are great. They match perfectly and they are one of the best match ups I think I’ve seen.

Contenders through and through!

Steve & Ola

I love Ola, I think she’s great when it comes to working with her celeb. She has a great personality and always bends to match the ability of her partner, she doesn’t make things too hard or too easy she gets the best out of everyone.

Steve I’ve never heard of, and I’m sorry if I ever put Steven. I just don’t seem to want to stop typing the n on the end! I’m not sold on him. Like Caroline there is something about him that I want to see torn back. Its like he’s just being Steve the presenter over Steve the person. I’m not going to say I dislike him because I don’t.

They work well together though and I was surprised at just how good he was. I wouldn’t say he was as good as Jake, I think they scored the same, but I think he’ll be interesting. I think that they are quite sweet together but I’m not sure I’m going to gel with them.

I think he’s another Dark Horse BUT I think he might be a shock elimination at the same time!

Sunetra & Brendan

Brendan, Brendan, Brendan. What can I say about the “Bad boy of the Ballroom”? Well he’s no longer the bad boy that is for sure! I’ve always had a soft spot for Brendan, I think he’s a good teacher and I think he’s gotten the best out of all his partners. I have never seen him totally give up, I think his training VTs sometimes unfairly showed trouble in his partnerships when I actually think that he’s been very patient with some of this partners.

Sunetra I love. I don’t know why I love her but from the moment she stepped onto the ballroom floor on the launch show I knew she was going to be one of my favourites. At the same time I just want to hug her because she seems so fragile and nervous all the time!

Their dance wasn’t the best but I think they have quite similar personalities and I’m hoping that Brendan really pushes her. She seems like someone that doesn’t mind being pushed to her limit so I think they should get on, they both seem quite fiery so I think they match pretty well.

Another Dark Horse. She just needs to work on her technique and listen to Brendan and she’ll be fine.

Thom & Iveta

I know that I’ve seen Iveta before but I can’t really remember her. I can’t really in my minds eye remember if I liked her or not. I have a feeling I did like her but I just can’t remember. I feel a little bad not remembering her either!

Thom I’d never heard of. Neither do I think he’s wonderfully pretty. I’ve found him so far quite boring. I see a lot of nerves though, he looks completely out of his depth, but honestly I get bored when he starts to talk. My friend found it different, my friend thought he was very up his own bottom and in love with himself, I saw it at an attempt at humour. He possibly is a lovely guy but I feel a nap coming on every time he opens his mouth.

And I liked their Waltz but was also very bored. I think I gave it quite a high mark on the night but to be honest I can’t remember it. I think I tuned out after a few seconds and I really didn’t see the chemistry that Claudia was whittling on about. Please don’t tell us this is going to be the “romance” because it is a seriously boring romance if it is!

I think they’ll be a shock exit.

Tim & Natalie.

I HATED Natalie when she was with Ricky. I hated her so much. And then every year since she’s been like a different person. I love her so much and I couldn’t imagine a better professional to go with the “not so good” celebrities. She really pulls the best out of all of them and just seems so down to Earth. I think she’s a bit like Erin, a great pro but when she gets really competitive can come across wrong.

Tim. Well I love Tim. I think everyone I know loves Tim. You can’t help but love him. He has the right attitude, he wants to learn, he’s putting the effort in and he’s just wonderful. Of course his dance was fantastic. It might not have been technically fantastic but how can you not appreciate it when someone puts that much effort in and dances to his best?

And there I go already talking about his dance! It was great and I love him and Natalie because unlike Aliona she’s got the right attitude. She’s putting in the effort with Tim and she’s putting in the passion. I’ve seen people roll their eyes at the “Tim was the partner I wanted comments” but I believe she says these things because whats the alternative? “Why Tim? I actually wanted someone who can dance.” how is that going to make Tim feel? Natalie (like Erin) REALLY can make a less good dancer shine so I feel he’s got the best chances of having people fall in love with him.

I’d love it if he shut us all up and actually improved technically to the point that he could be a dark horse. As it is I’m hoping for two or three weeks and then possibly going out to someone the judges just won’t say goodbye too.


And that is all the couples! Sorry for the very long blog and well done if you read all of it!!

I think we have a very strong pool of contestants this year, I think we’re very lucky to have such good dancers even amongst the “worst” ones. But the thing I love more is the coupling. No year before now do I think has had such perfect match making as this year. There are so many relationships I can’t wait to see unfold before our eyes and it makes me sad that we don’t get to see more of some of them. By the time we’re getting in depth looks at some of the couples people like Tim, Judy, Jennifer and maybe one or two of the dark horses will be out and we won’t be able to explore their dynamics as much. Its a shame that the BBC don’t utilize their website more and gives us more looks into the couples training during the week. I feel like sometimes you are only scraping the top layer off of such sweet and caring relationships and if they don’t last long enough then you don’t get to see just how wonderful the celeb’s experiences are. That is one thing that upsets me.

We might have a few more Strictly blogs during the weeks ahead, we are thinking about doing some so keep an eye out!

And as always you can join the conversation in our Strictly thread [HERE] but also with our appreciation section [HERE] . Usually that section is hidden and is only for members with 50+ posts so you are getting a look at something that we usually don’t have on display!

Anna is being wonderful and giving us screencaps. If you have anything you WANT to be screencapped then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or join up on the forum and ask for them!

We’ll see you soon!

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