Little Shop of Horros (1986)

I’ll kick off my side of the Halloween season with a musical!

OK so you are never going to be scared of Little Shop of Horrors from the opening singing with a terrified looking cat watching three ladies in matching blue dresses singing in a thunder storm till the end number.

There is no better time then to watch it though then during Halloween. Especially with young’uns who are too young for the Freddies and Jason’s of the world (they magic them into their heads without seeing what adults have done to their nightmares!)

All the songs are catchy and the story is fun and it is full of such personality. Rick Moranis was a big part of my childhood and his depiction of Seymour in this was one of the reasons (that and obviously the Key Master!)

The charm is in the simplicity. You aren’t watching the film for some ultra amazing storyline or complicated sci-fi adventure. What you get is actually quite a sweet love story full of such lovable and memorable characters.

I mean we can talk about Seymour and Audrey I all we want but how much do we love Audrey II! Especially when it begins and he’s a poor little sick plant! Audrey II’s head dropping is possibly the cutest thing.

Then you have the human characters. Seymour is perfectly lovable and extremely lovely. You can’t help but love him. In true Rick Moranis style he’s the lovestruck geek with that lost look in his eyes. Ellen Greene was such a sweet little character. I loved when the girls in the street told her to leave her abusive boyfriend for Seymour. She was perfect to play Audrey next to Moranis’s Seymour. It is a love story that stays with you forever.

The cameos in it are amazing too, full of actors/comedians that I was raised on and fell in love with. John Candy as Wink Wilkinson being as loud and crazy as ever, Steve Martin as Audrey’s bad boy boyfriend dentist Orin Scrivello and of course the wonderful Bill Murray as Scrivello’s Masochist Arthur Denton who goes in for a long slow root canal. Apparently Murray improvised most of his lines, we have to love Bill Murray!

I didn’t mention it above but I couldn’t think of a better person to be a dentist then Steve Martin with a strange black hairdo!

The songs are great, they last in your head forever. Personal favourites beings “Skid Row (Downtown)”, “Dentist”, “Somewhere that is Green” and “Suppertime”. But the whole thing from beginning to end is easy to sing along to.

For a film of its time it hasn’t aged in my opinion, it still looks as impressive as any film in the cinema today. It isn’t something that you look at and cringe at and I don’t think it’ll be dated for a long long while. There is a reason people still love it and its down to the charm and charm like that never ages.

With a wonderful cast, brilliant music and the best talking plant to ever exist you know you love Little Shop of Horrors.

Of course like all good movies you have two endings. The one where the heroes get a happy ending and the one where the Audrey IIs take over.

Hmmm I wonder which one you’ll be watching this Halloween!

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