Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Kicking off our Halloween season….

Bright colours, bad hair and terrible acting.

What more needs to be said about a horror movie from the 80s?

Saying all that and “Where’s my DOG?! Where is Pooh Bear?!” I loved this film for SOOO many reasons!

Looking at the title you can’t ask for more then what you get. Loads of horrible looking clowns (a alien race from outside space!) running around the place turning people into cotton candy.

The clowns are grotesque and I can honestly say that I understand why people might find clowns scary after seeing something like this. No matter how funny it is they are geniunely scary to look at I guess. In the era of rubber masks you couldn’t ask for better.

I loved it more for the humour. They WERE clowns doing CLOWNISH things, it wasn’t just clowns for the sake of looking like clowns they did funny things like the one who rode up to a load of bikers on a little bike and then challenges one of them to a boxing match just to punch his “block” off (literally) and the one that is driving an invisible car and knocks the driver off the road.

Killer popcorn? You’ve got it!

On another note it actually made my stomach turn when they targeted a little girl, it also made me quite sad that the guy at the beginning, who obviously lived alone with his doggy, actually only went so close to the big top space ship because he loved circus’s. I mean the acting was terrible, he looked like a grumpy old man and within seconds was a cross between the really weird characters you get in Scooby Doo and a child.

But all of this just makes it so much fun. You can’t really go too wrong with killer clowns!

What makes it stand out the most I guess is the fact that it actually has some really inventive deaths. I’ve already mentioned two but then you also have the one that kills people by eating them with his shadow puppets.

It is actually a very good film in my opinion, it has its moments where it is quite scary but there is a lot of fun to it. A good film to pass the time with and good for a laugh. It also is home to some of the most amazing fireworks I’ve ever seen.

All the way to the end where the ice cream men survive, the spinning top big top taking off and exploding and the girl who seems to have two boyfriends.

Is it over?

Cream pie to the face.

Apparently there will be a sequel, now that I HAVE to see!

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