Free! Eternal Summer : Forming a Standstill!

“Shissoku no Fōmingu!” (失速のフォーミング!)

We’ve had a short one episode break from competitions and now we’re back.

How are the team going to do at regionals?!

Well lets cut out most of the episode and talk about the important thing.

From episode one we’ve known that Haru wants to be Free. We can all agree on this yes? And when he means free he means swimming free. To be happy, to be content and to be swimming.

This episode did everything possible to stop him swimming free.

EVERYONE put pressure on him. You’re being scouted, you’re the pride of the school, we are all watching you…

Now Haru is difficult, we can’t get inside his head, we don’t really know what he wants in the future, I don’t think he does either.

So this episode really forced him into a corner that OTHER PEOPLE wanted him in. I feel for him, I honestly do, mainly because I don’t have the foggiest clue what I want to do with my life. I didn’t when I left school and now I’m here at 25 in a dead end job still not sure what I want to do with my life. So I get it. He wants to swim Free but what will that mean after he’s finished school?

It is true that he has shown no interest in swimming professionally at all, he’s only in the club so he can swim with his friends.

So with all that pressure on him, in his individual race he stood up. In the middle of the race he stood there unable to go further.

Now lets widen the net shall we?

Because here we have a whole group of third years who have no idea what they really want or if they do are being pulled away from that dream.

When Rin pointed out that Makoto is good enough to get one or two scouts calling, from the look in Makoto’s face I’d say he probably hasn’t. His performance that left him fourth possibly won’t either. So does Makoto want to swim professionally? Again we haven’t really ever had a look into his mind. He seemed to love teaching the kids last episode and before then he loved swimming in the team not really for the competition but to be swimming with Nagisa and Haru again.

It wasn’t about Makoto but maybe he is good enough to win? Maybe because they aren’t Samesuka and they are just trying to swim together and do well for each other now that Makoto and Haru are facing the end of their time at Iwatobi even the smallest of things can add a tremendous pressure to them? Rin telling Makoto he’s good enough for at least one or two scouts to get hold of him maybe made him concious of this fact and instead of swimming for himself he became burdened with doing better TO BE scouted?

As for Rin himself he’s so busy trying to organise his life around (what looks like) going to uni with his friends he’s forgotten that maybe it isn’t everyone’s dream? Because he loves to swim with his friends AND swim competitively he thinks Makoto and Haru will feel the same way. That belief has now been shattered by Haru who got very emotional at the end of the episode.

And what of Sousuke?

Well he’s a fool isn’t he? His injury is actually looking very bad, and he doesn’t look like he’s going to make it through this tournament in one piece. So now he’s actually putting his future on the line for what? To race with Rin? To make sure that Rin keeps his mind on racing? To better Haru? Or does he really REALLY want to know what swimming in a relay the way Rin does feels?

Then again it could all come down to showing weakness. Can he be dropped now that he’s been scouted if he admits to a shoulder injury? Even taking time off because of one you’ll be wary of it the rest of your life, injuries tend to have a clingy effect to your life.

He might have his future in the palm of his hand but it’ll slip out if he isn’t careful. That last scene where he’s sat all alone in pain in the shower says everything really.

And here I am again talking about a bunch of anime characters like they are real and full people and like the answer of any of these questions are important. But you know what they are important and that is the great thing about the anime. There is so much at stake and by this time you love the characters so much that it hurts to see them hurting and you get scared for them when things are looking bleak.

Man I love this anime!




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