Strictly Come Dancing : Week Ones Fangirl Magazine

Me and Anna have decided that after every Strictly this year (as long as we are watching) we’ll have our own “Fangirl Magazine” section. We’ll tell you the dances we loved, the dresses we adore and the jokes we laughed at.

It is all meant to be a little fun so don’t take it all too seriously.

So our first impressions in the first week?


Who would have thought that one of the best dances of the night would be Alison? She totally blew the forum away with her moves! She was by far the celebrity that I loved the most and her dance was more then just the best.

Anna on the other hand was so impressed my Jake that it even blew Alison’s dance out of the water for her. “I loved how much passion he put into his Tango and I didn’t expect him to be so good!”

So many good dances this week though! Too much to ask for!


Celebrity Outfits

Judy’s dress! Did you see it? I loved it, with the hints of tartan and the flowing white it was so beautiful. It made her dance look so pure and elegant. Anna for a change agreed with me. Her lovely dress was the one that we loved!

The boys? Well I loved the black and toxic green of Jake’s waistcoat. Obviously to play up with the song choice (Toxic by Britany Spears) but it also just matched him so well. Anna chose Simon’s red outfit for his energetic Jive, along with his music choice it did make the whole dance light up!

Professional Choice

It was a hard choice and for me it was Janette that came out tops. She looked lovely in her dress and it suited her perfectly. Anna, always the one to go for the more Gothic look, decided that Ola was the professional female for her. She was really beautiful in a Gothic-esque black dress for her Tango.

When it comes to the boys I loved the simple shirt/tie and black trouser combination for Trent. He really looked wonderful. It accented his long… Long…. LOOONNNG legs and he looked the part next to Pixie Lott! It will come as no surprise. Any week. For the rest of the series. That Anna picked Tristan. Move over Brendan you’ve been replaced. From what I understand of her choice it was mainly down to the purple, she loves Tristan in purple. *Sigh* so Tristan it was.


We were in total agreement! Good Golly Miss Polly was the perfect song choice for a Jive! Simon and Kristina were on fire with that song and it was one of our favourite dances of the night!


This week the couple the jumped out for me was Lady Judy and Lord Anton. I loved their chemistry and the way that they bonded. I can’t wait to see what Anton can get out of Judy because she has some potential in her and I can see her being wonderful.

Anna went for Tim and Natalie. She was already a little in love with Tim and Natalie anyway and their partnership is what she’s been looking forward to. It’ll be nice to see where he can go from his first dance!


Tim got my vote, and also a vote from Anna. But there were so many interesting people, Anna also voted for Alison and Jennifer. There was so much energy and the whole cast seem friendly and nice. Too much choice for this week! Just too much!


This section is purely copy and pasted from what Anna wanted to write. Please do not flame me for Tristan Watch, find something Anna has written or join the forum and flame her instead. Le Sigh.

“So for the first week we get to see our Irish wonder, Lord of the Dance indeed he was! His fast legs coupled with the chest hair, the smile, the perfect hair, the glint in the eye and of course the river dancing (can he just do that… A LOT? Every week?) he was all I could talk about all night.

Not that I had shut up about him the whole time anyway!

Him and Jennifer are my ones to watch, if only because they are cute, their accents rock and they just look like two gigantic smiles dancing about on the dance floor.

If it was up to me Tristan and his smile would have river danced off with the Glitter Ball three weeks ago.

As it is he’s got competition apparently. Somewhere around here.”

The look of partnership bliss!

That tongue tho!
And Still the tongue!


*Trent’s Legs
*Alison’s Dance
*Anton’s Kilt
*Judy’s Piper
*Tristan’s River Dance
*Gregg’s Trifle?
*Tristan in Purple (PLEASE?!)
*Tim’s Auction
*The Judges Dancing

So that is it for the first attempt at our magazine. We hope you enjoy it! If you want to get involved then please feel free to comment on Lucius’ review or join the forum or even tweet us @GeekMind . Everyone’s opinion will be listed. If you want to do a “Tristan Watch” on any other dancer or celebrity then just send in your weekly “watch” to or else join the forum.
We’ll try and improve every week but that really means we need your help to make it good. So let us know what you want us to do!

Talk to us!

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