Free! Eternal Summer : The Locomotive of a Twist!

“Henkyoku no Rokomōtibu!” (変局のロコモーティブ!)

So we have made it through in every event, go Team! Now all we need to do is practise hard and we can win.

Woo Team!

This week though we kind of slow down a tad and follow my favourite character in the whole anime. Makoto!

After going to give Goro the teams times from prefecturals he kind of gets hijacked into teaching the kids how to swim.

You know what I think I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now just in case I haven’t and because its true. I’ve always felt that Makoto’s true calling won’t be competitive swimming but teaching swimming. There was something about him last season, and the way he is with his brother and sister that just makes me believe he’d be great as a teacher. I mean he could coach older swimmers too but I really do think his greatest strength would be teaching kids how to swim.

This episode went a long way to proving that for me. He was great with the kids and I think even without Haru prompting him he would have been able to help Hayato overcome his fear of swimming. It was a wonderful scene, a wonderful build up and the ending made me cry!

What this episode also did was introduce a character who probably won’t show up ever again but has joined my ranks of the most wonderful characters ever! That is Hayato’s older brother and old friend of Haru and Makoto, Kisumi. Man was he hilarious! He was only really there for a little bit of comic relief and the big revelation at the end though.

I don’t feel we get enough episodes with Makoto and I feel at times they forget his strengths. He has always been a good leader, a good teacher and calm headed but sometimes this season he’s not been all there. I liked this episode because it showed off his strengths without making it about someone else as well. I also can see him going back to that and I wouldn’t be surprised if he really is upset about not doing it any more. It is a shame that Goro didn’t think of giving him the part time job!

Anyway a quick word on Kisumi’s big revelation.

So Sousuke has a shoulder injury. It explains hell of a lot. I don’t think I explained how I felt about Sousuke correctly in my last blog but with this added bit of information I might be able to explain a little better.

For me the problem with Sousuke is that he was just a nasty character. It was a problem I had with Rin to begin with. The difference with Rin in the end was that it was quite obvious even from the start he was jealous, it took till this season really to completely roll out the bumps in his development but it happened and I love Rin.

Now I LIKE Sousuke, which is different from Rin as I hated Rin.

At first I thought it was simple that he just disliked Haru because he felt he was holding Rin back, but I also had the knowledge outside of what Sousuke knows that actually Haru was what was pushing Rin on.

Recently though he just says and does things that make him seem like a ass for no real reason. His coldness TO BEGIN WITH with Nitori was a bit off and some of the things he says to Rin. I mean this is his friend, whether or not he likes some of the things that Rin does is irrelevant you’d think that he’d be a little more careful in what he was saying to his friend.

NOW we can see the bigger picture.

Remember that Sousuke is already scouted, he’s going to uni after this to swim. This year to him, as long as he doesn’t totally f-up is just a year to relax before going to uni.

How long he has been injured I don’t know, but it explains a little of the coldness if he’s swimming through the pain. Maybe he just doesn’t want to be weak? Maybe he has some mission to “save” Rin? Maybe he’s just scared that if he took time off to heal his dreams would be ruined? There is a lot more going on behind those grumpy eyes then first we’re lead to believe!

It will all lead to some nice moments later in the series I believe. I hate to think what Rin is going to feel if Sousuke really damages his dreams swimming through the injury.

What a big bombshell to drop on us in such a sweet and innocent episode!



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