Free! Eternal Summer : The Crouching Start of Vindication

“Setsujoku no Kurauchingu Sutāto!” (雪辱のクラウチングスタート!)

Everyone has gotten through in the solo races so this week we are looking to get through in the relay. The boys are on a roll and need to carry the momentum on!

It isn’t that surprising that a good deal of the build up to the race is centred on Samezuki. This year there is so much more going on in their group then there is in Iwatobi.

The only real drama in Iwatobi is Haru being scouted which isn’t something he really wanted.

On the other hand in Samezuki you have a whole load of broken hearts that they couldn’t be in the relay (poor Nitori) and one that only wanted to be in the relay to find out what the others feel about it but still seems to be a complete git about everything. Yes Sousuke is being a bit of grumpy moron still.

Samezuki win the relay after Makoto messes up his timing at the very start. Iwatobi still get through but only barely.

I feel that all this pressure on Haru, who doesn’t want to think about his future he just wants to be happy really (because that is all his Free talk means, he wants to be himself and be happy) will come back to bite them. I feel really sorry for him. If anything any of the other members would be jumping for joy after being scouted but Haru is the last person that wants to be bothered with talks about the future.

But going back to Sousuke there must be something more to his bad mood then just not liking the relay. He is much more interesting being the way he is then Rin was last season but I also now that I like him just don’t want to see him hurting Rin. Sometimes I feel he isn’t being honest but doing his best to really piss people off because he doesn’t like Haru or the fact that Rin would probably choose Iwatobi over him.

I also don’t think it is true. Rin only really choose Iwatobi last year because he was on a downer, it must be hard putting so much pressure on yourself, being so far away and then in your own eyes failing. So when he swam in the race I think should never be mentioned again it basically put his mind back on track.

Sousuke really just seems bitter half the time. And this time there isn’t any decent or even half decent reason for it.

“Having a free heart” Rei is a poet, he should go on to be a writer.



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