Strictly Come Dancing : Show 2

I was worried about this years competition not keeping my attention, after all my attention died out in a few weeks last year. Last night though it changed my mind, so much potential, even the “bad” dancers look so much better then they have for years.

The competition looks very good.

Mark & Karen
Cha-Cha-Cha : I’m Your Man – Wham!

I enjoyed his dance, I think it was really well danced. You could see that he put a lot of effort into it and the dance worked really well for me because he was very enthusiastic about the whole dance. He did extremely well for a first dance and him and Karen get on very well.

I honestly think he’s one to look out for, the Latin is the harder one to usually make yourself look comfortable doing and he did look comfortable.

I gave him a 5.

Judges Scores : 5 7 6 6 = 24

I think it was pretty much on par with yesterdays scoring. Maybe a point or two too high but still deserving of it nonetheless.

Alison & Aljaz
Cha-Cha-Cha : I’m Every Women – Chaka Khan

I will admit to being totally blown away by her. I’m not going to be the only person that didn’t expect her to be as light on her feet as she was but she was bouncy, bubbly and just a wonder. And she can dance. She isn’t just entertaining she genuinely has a lot of talent there.

I made the bold announcement that I want her to win, but I think she just personifies what I love about Strictly. She WANTS to be there to learn to dance and enjoy the experience. She’s a fan in heaven right now and I couldn’t be happier for her. I wish more contestants were like her.

I gave her 7. I honestly think she will be the one to watch.

Judges Score : 6 6 7 7 = 28

Compared to others underscored? I think she did a lot better then some who are on similar scores. Overall? Fair.

Steve & Ola
Tango : Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

I don’t like his personality. I’m not sure what it is that winds me up about him but I don’t’ like him. His partnership with Ola is going to wind me up.

Saying that he was totally on par with Jake Wood. Both of them had fantastic debut Tango’s and he put a lot of drama into it, which I didn’t think he’d be able to get so naturally. I was actually very impressed with him and think he’ll go very far into the competition.

My score was a 6.

Judges Scores : 6 6 7 7 = 26


Jennifer and Tristan
Jive : Happy – Pharrel Williams

Tristan made the dance too hard for her. She coped with it very well but she to my eyes struggled to get her feet and frame working together. When she got the steps right she wasn’t doing much with her arms or was bent over or looking for Tristan, when her top half was perfect she became a bit stompy.

They make a good team though and I think he’ll give her the confidence to push ahead. She looked terrified and I’m happy she made it through.

I gave her a 3 which I think was actually a little generous on my behalf.

Judges Scores : 3 5 5 5 = 18

Yeah I’m happy with that. Better then Scott but on par with Tim.

Thom & Iveta
Waltz : You Raise Me Up – Westlife

We had a whole VT telling us how pretty Thom is and having to listen to how much Thom seems to love himself.

He came out on the dance floor and looked petrified and it showed in the dance. It just looked sloppy and nervous the whole time.

Don’t get me wrong I quite like Thom and I love Iveta as a professional, I see so much potential in him as well. He’ll be an interesting one to watch grow during the competition.

I had to give him a 2 though. Personally I felt that for a dance like the Waltz he did really badly whereas Jennifer for a energetic dance like the Jive did really well. The difference being that Iveta kept their Waltz simple whereas Tristan went overboard on the Jive.

Judges Scores : 5 6 6 6 = 23

Over marked. His Waltz was no where near as nicely done as Judy’s.

Sunetra & Brendan
Tango : Bad case of loving you (Doctor Doctor) – Robert Palmer

I actually enjoyed the dance a lot. I think she’s got the right attitude. She seems a little too short for Brendan, then again I’m probably wrong there. I have to admit I didn’t notice the problem the judges had with her frame and I think it was my favourite Tango OTHER THEN it had no real passion in it.

For an actress she didn’t act the dance at all and I was a little disappointed by that.

Because of that I gave her a 6.

Judges Score : 5 6 6 7 = 24

Fairer scores I have to say.

Gregg & Aliona
Cha-Cha-Cha : Hot N Cold – Katy Perry

Now I want to have a bit of a rant about this. I’m going to do it at the end of the blog though* so follow the star to the bottom for a Aliona rant (do not read if you like her because I really can’t stand the girl.)

I think Gregg did a good job. He looked alone on the dance floor, he looked nervous and he looked like he had had 0 reassurance from his partner.

As it was he was pretty bad. Worse then Scott in my opinion.

But I like Gregg and I hope he improves.

I gave him a 1.

Judges Scores : 3 5 5 5 = 18

Unfair. If not worse he’s at least on par with Scott no where NEAR as good as Tim/Judy/Jennifer. Silly score. Maybe they felt sorry for him?

Frankie & Kevin
Waltz : Someone Like You – Adele

I liked it. I don’t like Kevin much but I think Frankie is lovely and I think she looks beautiful and elegant when she dances. She did a good job but I failed to really connect with the dance.

I’m not sure that it was as good as the boys Tango’s. I really think they pipped her. It isn’t just because the Tango’s are passionate Latin dances, I’m a sucker for a nice romantic Waltz over any kind of Tango any day, but I just didn’t feel it. And for me that is what is important.

My score was a 5. Maybe a little low but personal taste.

Judges Score : 7 7 8 8 = 30

Over marked. WAY over marked. No where  near time for anyone to get a 8. Silly. Really over marked. Not as good as Alison who deserved 10s if Frankie is getting 8s.

Simon & Kristina
Jive : Good Golly Miss Polly – Little Richard

I really enjoyed it. Perfect music for a Jive, they looked perfect for the dance and he performed it so well. I think he was being massively hard on himself when he finished the dance it was a wonderful first dance. Suited his personality and wonderfully put together by Kristina.

So vibrant and energetic.

I gave him a 7.

Judges Scores : 6 7 7 7 =27

Stupidly under marked in my opinion compared to Frankie. In fact compared to Frankie I feel quite a few of the guys have been under marked. He was the best over the two nights for me.


So there you go. The judges have spoken and placed Frankie on top and Scott onto the bottom of the leader board.

Personally I see so much potential and potential in groups that I never usually see it. I think Tim could surprise us, I think Alison could win this and I think that Kevin and his sister are going to be unbearable.

The quality of dancing is much closer then it has been for a few years and I don’t think it’ll be a clear run to the Glitter ball by far this year.

For me I’d place Simon and Alison pretty much at the top of the leader board.

I loved Tim, Judy, Jennifer and Gregg. I think we are in for some really nice dances in the future from all involved.

I can also already hear the 10s for Frankie and will be surprised if she doesn’t get them first.

No one goes home this week so I’ll be back next week.









*My rant? Well my rant is about Aliona.

I can’t be the only person that thinks she looks so uninterested in dancing with Gregg?

Now I was never a fan of Aliona’s choreography but she is far from the professional with the worst luck for partners. When she gets good ones she never listens to what the judges tell her and in some instances wastes their talents. When she gets “duffs” she goes into sulky mood.

I’m not saying that she isn’t genuinely nice to Gregg. I’m not in the rehearsals so I can’t say. But I haven’t actually heard her say a nice thing about him and in the VTs she looked like she’d given up. She was swinging her arms about, looking miserable and completely disconnected from the whole experience.

I might have her wrong and if I do I’ll hold my hands up and say so but for people like Gregg there still is a point in teaching them to dance. If you can’t enthuse people with a passion to dance you shouldn’t be on Strictly.

Look at the difference of all the other pros. Natalie with her attitude towards Tim and the fact that she really did get such a good dance out of him. Anton’s patience with all his partners, he might not bring the best out of them in the Latin and sometimes plays it up for laughs but he gets them to dance. Ola, Erin, Lilia, Iveta…. They all have had “duffs” before and they work with what they are given to leave their partner LOVING to dance and to get the best out of them.

I’m not saying I believe Gregg can win but putting effort in, giving him confidence and dancing to his ability is what I really believe got Darren Gough and Chris Hollins to the Glitter Ball. Neither were the “best” but people DO care about people who try and do THEIR best and they become the best in the eyes of the people who watch them.

Gregg danced his heart out but I can’t help but feel that Aliona just didn’t care and that is ruining the experience for Gregg and I think that is terrible.

I could be wrong. I hope I am. I feel sorry for anyone that gets Aliona.


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