Barakamon : Yosonmon

Yatsura” (よそんもん /東京から来た奴ら)
Translation : Guys from Tokoyo

So we meet Handa’s rival and his best friend. It is like a recipe for disaster really isn’t it?

We didn’t need Takao to show up to tell us how anti-social Handa is but if anything it went a long way to show how far he’s come.

Takao has only really come to spur him on bringing the 18 year old who beat him in the last competition with him.  Kosuke is a strange one I have to say, he pretends to be a sweet, innocent and kind person but you soon realize actually he’s a callous, conniving little git.

He is Handa’s number one fan and has come to bring him back to Tokyo because apparently his calligraphy has gone downhill since he came to the island. He doesn’t think about what he’s saying and is so sure of himself.

Miwa and Hiro do their best to make sure that he doesn’t upset Handa but the growth in character that Handa has had proves to be a blessing as he is easily able to make his mind up to stay in the village and not worry too much about what the kid says to him. Of course he needs a little help from Naru and her paper airplanes but he gets there.

And I think that is a wonderful thing.

He might care a lot about his work but he’s chilled hell of a lot and he’s getting there, slowly. He knows what he wants, he wants his own unique style and even if he finds it it might take a while for people to accept it but he already has his fans in the village who don’t care what he does because they just believe in him.

Takao and Kosuke got a completely different welcome to the village then Handa did and it showed how their village really is one big family. They accepted Handa into the family straight away and that is more then just sweet.

He’s becoming ever closer to Hiro as well and I just adore Hiro’s mum and can’t believe he called her a hag!




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