Barakamon : Un ni Oegii

“Un ni oegii /Umi ni oyogi ni iku” (うんにおえぎいっ /海に泳ぎに行く)
Translation : Going Swimming at the Beach

It has been a while since I saw Handa scribbling on the side of a boat. It hit me right away whilst putting the episode on how much I missed it really. Such a well written anime. So lets just jump right back in?

The first half see’s Handa teaching Miwa, Tamako and Naru how to do calligraphy.

Man is he really obsessed! He was hallucinating about it all and going off on one big rant. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. He really does love what he does even if it drives him crazy. This leads the girls to pondering whether or not he’s ever had a girlfriend, to be honest the way he is I doubt it! But the sacrificial offering of Naru didn’t seem to go down too well…. Then again I’m not sure Naru was too upset about it!

Aww cute she has a little crush on him!

The second half was a trip to the beech.

It really gave us a better view into everyone else as Handa ended up spending this half of the episode knocked out, not being able to walk on a rock beech (seriously?! all we really have around my area are rock beeches, they are so much cooler then sandy  ones!)

Hiro is adorable, I loved him with his goggles on trying to fish! Miwa was her usual naughty self with Naru right behind. And Tamako is well… Tamako.

In all it was just sweet and Hiro said it best when he pointed out that Handa has gone from being a outsider to part of the gang. It is nice that he’s been welcomed so freely and even the kids love him. He might not be the easiest person to get on with but they seem to totally care about him.

And it has taken him completely away from his work which is probably what he really honestly did need. He finds more love in writing when he’s had time away having fun and that is the whole point of being on this island.

I loved seeing him spending more time with other people and wish that we’d get loads of episodes of just him, Miwa, Tamako and Hiro doing random crap together. They are by far the greatest foursome in anything I watch right now and it could be hilarious. It is also difficult to think that Miwa and Tamako actually are younger then both Handa and Hiro. I know that Handa is 23 (they mention it in the episode) and Handa (also in this episode) mentions he’s close in age to Hiro but Miwa and Tamako are still in school so surely they are going to be a lot younger…. Nonetheless they are one great foursome!

The proof of how much I enjoy it is I don’t concentrate on taking screencaps because I’m absorbed in the episode. I don’t have the time to do what I do with Free! but I just love it.



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