Barakamon : Onde

“Onde /Nenbutsu Odori” (オンデ /念仏踊り)
Translation : Buddhist Chanting Dance

Handa seems to finally be a part of his new home, it is only right that the messages of reminder that he’s only here to learn and grow as a person are starting to pop up. After all his life is in Tokyo so he can’t stay here forever right?


This episode actually had one of the most important and STILL unanswered questions ever (as well as a great point) but I’ll come to that later.

This episode really feels like it is settling Handa into the village for good. It has got to the point now that he’s just accepted as Naru’s guardian, expected to be doing things and just part of the furniture as it is.

His social awkwardness makes him agreeable to adults and kids alike, the scene where he is fighting the kids over the beetles only because he didn’t want to lose but gaining their respect at the same time proves it. The whole village loves him because he doesn’t really fit in anywhere. He seems to have been so consumed over the years by his job that he’s never….

Well he’s never lived really.

The village has given him new life, and its shown him a different way of being. Instead of going to a grave site and being solemn the villagers go there and bring joy.

It is this way of life that is bringing life into Handa.

Now the question and the point?

Well first the question I guess.

Who and where are Naru’s parents?

When they first started going on about a grave site I thought maybe Naru’s parents had died but they were never mentioned. Handa kind of wonders where they are or at least the fact he’d never seen them but he doesn’t ask anyone where they are.

It is a good point though, she seems to live with her grandpa as far as I can tell and I’ve never seen a adult actually related to her other then him. Does she have parents? Does this go a long way to explain why she’s so close to Miwa and Taka and why she seems to have attached herself to Handa?

The other point was the fact that even though she seems larger then life she is still a person.

Not in the way it sounds but she’s always so full of life, so happy. She’s always running around with a group of people and being the life and soul of any party.

But she admitted to getting lonely.

And that kind of hit Handa hard.

I’m going to put this out there but the ticket for one day that Handa will do anything for Naru might be one day longer staying in the village. I could be wrong but I don’t expect it to pop up again till the finale!



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