Barakamon : Hisan-Iwo

“Hisan-Iwo /Koukyuuna Sakana” (ひさんいを /高級な魚)
Translation : High-Grade Fish

After seeing the improvement before our eyes we get to spend another day with Takao and Kosuke today. How will full Naru power suit them I wonder?

Pretty well actually. To be honest, and fair on them, they take the adventure of the day on like men. They go fishing with Miwa, Naru, Hina and Hiro and have a good time. They even get some special fish based calligraphy done!

So an eventful day, followed by a fun goodbye.

No tears, honestly.

Kosuke is now much more like a pupil then a rival, we finally get the real reason for his words the day before, he’s lost his own mojo and is upset that his rival isn’t performing the way he was before hand. He bases his work off of Handa’s so it hurts him a little to see his work changing, by the end of the episode I think he understands a little more WHY it’s changing, if not actually understanding the reason why.

It’s all good though and by the end of the episode you wished they had a few more adventures together, hopefully by the end of the season they’ll visit again! Or everyone goes to Tokyo to visit them. Now that would be nice.

The real thing I took from this episode is a question. The question being what opportunities do they really have on this island. To be honest we’ve only seen one or two “adults” in jobs, the rest are either young/teenagers or older adults. Hiro thinking about what’ll happen when he leaves school and the fact he’ll have to leave makes me wonder what actually does happen on the island. If they didn’t want to leave would they have to leave?

We’ve only really visited a tiny part of the island and we’ve only met a handful of the residents. It would be interesting if we could actually find out about what life is REALLY like from beginning to end on the island or whether its more about moving on when you get to a certain age and coming back.

Other then that the rest of the episode was mainly about fish.

Good times.




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