Doctor Who : Time Heist -Spoilers-

We’ve gone from creepy things under your bed to bank heist.

Only in Doctor Who can you have two extremely different stories positioned right next to each other in a series. Man do I love the diversity of the stories we are getting to see!

Bank job time!

The Doctor and Clara are robbing a bank. In true Ocean’s 13 style. With professional bank robbers and all.

This episode if anything really worked for me because of the supporting characters. Psi (Jonathan Bailey), Saibra (Pippa Bennett-Warner), Ms Delphox/Madame Karabraxos (Keeley Hawes) and of course the beautifully made Teller all added so much to the episode that you wouldn’t have had with just the Doctor and Clara.

The story?

As far as bank jobs go this one was alright. There wasn’t much logic behind it. We’re told it is the most secure bank in the world, it seems only the vaults themselves are secure though as vast parts of the building are deserted with giant vents that you can nearly walk into. The constant “threat” of the Teller never really felt like much of a threat if I’m honest and seeing the ending told us that the Doctor had already been into the bank once before to deposit chests for them to pick up on the way it all seemed rather pointless.

It didn’t make it any less fun though! But not something I’d want to watch any time soon. After the initial adrenaline of it being a new and exciting episode wears off then the little things started to bug me and if I watched it again I feel that they’d bug me even more.

If anything it could have done with a second episode.

This plays out a lot with the characters. There was so much potential with Psi and Saibra that I feel was crammed into one episode. Saibra didn’t work half as well as Psi did, their problems were both easy to understand but you were made to care about Psi and his problem, not so much with Saibra if I’m honest.

Some of the best moments were emotional moments with Psi. In the end I was hoping he’d attach himself to the TARDIS and never leave, then again with him now knowing who his family and friends were I doubt he’d want to have gone through all that trouble just to not go back to them.

The ending was another “Hide” ending. Love conquers all. The bad guy Madame Karabraxos brought the team to her bank to save the Teller and his mate who she, at the time the episode is set, is keeping as a slave. There is never any point in the story that you’d feel like she’d ever feel sorry for someone else (I mean the fact that she killed all her clones and never cared… Why would she care for the Teller?) and there wasn’t much of a need for the Teller to be a good guy with a mate tied up in the bank.

There is a little too much “love” thrown around Doctor Who at times. I don’t usually complain about it but I am in this episode.

I don’t think it was the strongest episode but it was a lot of fun when it was happening. Made me want to go bank and watch the Italian Job or one of the Ocean’s films. Now they were good heists!


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