Gotham Episode 1

If there is one franchise that I actually care about in the DC universe it’ll be Batman. Whereas I find most of their other heroes bland and pointless Batman has always held a place close to a lot of peoples hearts. Whether its old style Batman TV shows, Batman films, Batman comic books or Batman cartoons, at least for my generation Batman has been THE Hero that everyone knows.

The other thing that makes Batman so great in my opinion is the care taken to establish every character, whether good or bad or a bit of both. No character is left without a story as to why they ended up where they are now.

Gotham, the new TV series, has promised to dive into the back story of not only some of our favorite villains but also to James Gordon, everyone’s favorite Police Commissioner.

It is nice having a episode in Gotham not following Bruce around. Not even the murder of his parents is seen from his viewpoint but from that of Selina Kyle who is kind of hanging about in the alley.

The rest of the story follows Gordon, at this moment in time only a detective, as he tries to find the murderer of the Wayne family.

What it has done in one episode is actually very interesting. I like the cast who seem to fit perfectly into the grim universe that is Gotham. We’ve met some of the best loved characters in the Batman universe but I’m not sure how they are going to get to where they are meant to be. I also think there was at least one or two characters who I think we’ll be seeing much more of later in the series, though I could be wrong. I enjoyed that kind of challenge. For some of the characters it was easy to tell who they are, they had their real names or else were already doing what we’d expect of them, but there were one or two that left me scratching my head wondering if they are the people that turn into X or Y in the future. I won’t put my musings down on paper just yet.

What I really liked is that one of my personal favorite characters, The Penguin, featured heavily in this episode. I’ve always liked that character and even though I’m not sure he’ll be a feature in the series any further or at least only minimally it was nice to see him there and being played so perfectly by Robin Lord Taylor. If anything I hope the series runs long enough to see him come up against the big bad Bat.

I didn’t think that I’d enjoy the episode as much as I did and even though in the long run it could end up being just another cop show at the moment its fresh enough that it could go either way.

Some really good actors in the mix, most of whom I’d never heard of but I think they all fit into the universe better then any of the casting in the Dark Knight trilogy.

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