Doctor Who : Listen -Spoilers-

Sorry that I’m a bit late on the reviews, I’ll have this weeks review up tomorrow!

But first we have a Moffat classic to talk about. Steven Moffat is known for taking the everyday things that creep you out (or sometimes don’t!) and make them scare you more then you can imagine. From Stone Angels to Shadows.

Now he wants you to sit and Listen…. And become terrified of the quiet around you!

This episode so nearly was perfect for me. It came under the same problem Hide did last year. I loved the whole grabbing your foot under the bed thing, like the Weeping Angels it was truly something I could relate to. Even with drawers under my bed in the dark in the night I can’t have my legs dangling over the side of the bed because of a fear of something grabbing it.

That much I got.

Just like Hide the ending kind of fell flat. I didn’t see the point in having to have the monster things from Hide being good, why can’t creepy things just be evil creepy things?

This time I wasn’t too sure about it being a “echo” or some such of Clara grabbing hold of the Doctor’s ankle as a kid.

It would have been much better for me if there HAD been something under the bed. Like the Vashta Nerada. Well it would just be a boogeyman but for me it would at least be better then nothing.

Leaving it as being a echo of when Clara did it to the Doctor leaves the question, unanswered, of what was under the blanket that scared Rupert Pink. I mean people online have come up with many different explanations, the main one being that it probably was another kid…

What are we going to do though?

The thing that brought the episode back up (leaving it at 9/10 instead of 7) is the wonder of Samuel Anderson. He doesn’t only play Danny Pink but his great-great-grandson Orson Pink.

Again I feel the actual story of the great-great-grandson is a bit meh but it is also rather interesting. I mean we get to meet him thanks to a mental link with the TARDIS that the Doctor follows into the future. Seeing as we know that the Doctor gets there from Clara’s link for me it is a downer on any “drama” in the relationship between Clara and Danny. To get there through Clara’s link, even if it is messed up a little with her thinking of Danny doesn’t stop me thinking that it is meant as an indication that Clara will leave with Danny and have a family.

It didn’t matter much though for me, even though there were moments that I felt the story wanted to be clever just so that it could be seen as being clever I actually think the episode worked really well. Again, which is happening a lot this season, I can forgive the episode anything because of the marvels the cast are doing with the characters. Jenna Coleman once again stole the show as Clara (some say its becoming too much about Clara and not enough about the Doctor but that is a discussion for another day)and Peter Capaldi is growing ever more strong as the Doctor. I said above that Samuel Anderson was amazing and I’ll repeat this right now. In fact up there I only said it was a wonder, so I’ll add amazing, brilliant and so good to that. I truly love Danny and actually really want him to travel in the TARDIS with the Doctor, I think him and Capaldi would have such wonderful chemistry together. Even the kid who played Rupert was wonderful!

For me it isn’t a classic episode like I think some people thought it would be but it was a good episode and so different once more from everything else so far this season.

A proper thriller using the things that really scare you in real life to scare you whilst you sit watching a family program.

Of course there are lots of threads in this story that are going to carry on for the rest of the season. Danny and Clara’s rocky relationship and the Doctors jealousy? Competitiveness against Danny? It really will be interesting to see how this all ends up in the bigger picture.

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