Doctor Who : Robots of Sherwood -Spoilers-

The third episode of the series brings the light hearted nature of Doctor Who back, a fun romp with Robin Hood written by Mark Gatiss.

I’ve always enjoyed Gatiss penned stories so was so happy to see a story by him in the first half of the series, even happier to see that it tackled a story with Robin Hood!

And what a wonderful story it was! so full of energy and excitement and lovely little moments for all the cast.

This one had one of the best casts I could ever imagine! Tom Riley was the perfect Robin Hood, his cheesy laugh and chiseled good looks worked perfectly. His chemistry with Twelve was great, no matter what the Doctor didn’t want to believe there was a Robin Hood and he laughed in the face of his disbelieving and left the Doctor with a message that will come back to haunt him.

Ben Miller is great in anything and this time out he was wonderful as the Sheriff. Again he had so much character brimming out of him it was wonderful to see him interact with Clara and the Doctor.

As for the wonderful twosome this time out I had no qualms about Twelve, from the second the episode started till the moment it ended he WAS the Doctor. For a change it just felt right, it hadn’t felt quite right for me up until this episode but this was just perfect! I loved the grumpy old man. I also loved his refusal to be classed as a hero. As for Clara she looked wonderful! I love when the companions dress for the time period and she looked amazing. I know I’m not here to talk about fashion.. Or maybe I could open a Doctor Who fashion alert section every week! But the colouring looked great on her and it just worked!

The episode itself was wonderfully paced with such a fun story. There wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t glued to the screen. It was a great change of pace from the last two quite drama heavy outings and even though underneath the bright and cheerful exterior there was still plenty of meaty moments in the dialogue. It had a lot of really strong moments for everyone not just the TARDIS crew. Not only that it felt like the script wanted to develop Twelve as well as tell a story, something that lacked from Into the Dalek and obviously would have lacked in Deep Breath.

It isn’t going to be everyone’s episode because not everyone likes the fast and silly stories. I’m starting to see in a lot of places that I visit a shift in attitudes towards wanting real Sci-Fi drama, real dark situations more akin to something you’d see in a adult program post watershed, personally I think that the show needs to keep its depth! The thing about having a Time Machine like the TARDIS and a audience as vast as Who has is that every week is a new and exciting treat. I have enjoyed the series so far, not as much as I enjoyed the last few, but I have enjoyed it. This showed that the show is still up for mixing it up and after a few weeks of dark, “gritty” and adult (ish) themes it can still do jolly and fun in buckets whilst developing characters and bringing in new themes and developments all the time.

Of course Robin vs the Doctor in the sassy banter all episode long was a wonder to see and I can’t help but think I’d love to see Tom Riley back as much as possible in the future! He worked so well with the Doctor and I loved that they ended up looking more like squabbling kids then they did the heroic legends that they are!

A very good outing and one I will not be afraid to watch time and time again.

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