My One Piece Adventure : Robin, her secrets and a teary goodbye!

It can only be the Water 7 arc! And what a long one it is at that. To the point I’m not FULLY through with it yet.

Never mind. I’m getting there!

So after the Davy Back Fight the Straw Hats meet Aokiji, Vice Admiral of the Marines. He warns them about Robin, beats Luffy and sets us on a heartbreaking exploration of one of our newest members.

The arc is split into a few bits. First we go to Water 7 to try and patch up Merry, Robin disappears and we find out that Merry can’t be fixed which makes Usopp walk away from the crew.

Then there is an assassination attempt, kidnapping and a train journey.

We then attack a whole island full of Marines to save Robin. This includes a flashback to one of the saddest stories so far (Gods damn you Oda you out do yourself every story!) and we delve into the reasoning behind Robin giving herself up so easy.

After the hardest battle so far we go back to Water 7 and end the arc with a firey goodbye to Merry (MERRY!) and fun look at Luffy’s family as well as meeting old friends.

It is a very long arc full of new people and places to talk about! I doubt I could put much structure into telling you how I loved this arc even if I tried!

Water 7

I’ll start with the people of Water 7. I liked Iceberg and Franky but I was never fully happy with them telling us Merry was going to die until Franky threw Usopp into the water and we saw the damage to the keel of the ship. It was a sad realisation and the whole story about Merry having a voice and doing his best for the crew was heartbreaking.

Also Usopp standing up for Merry was a lovely sentiment, it wasn’t really said in the arc but not only was his adventures so far always on Merry it was given to them by Kaya and he put so much into keeping her spirits up when she was ill and saving her when she was in danger.

In all this Robin has gone missing. Usopp has lost a lot of money to the Frankie Family. In the night someone tries to kill Iceberg and it is blamed on the Straw Hat crew.

It turns out that some of Icebergs best workers are actually working for the World Government in a group called CP9 (Cipher Pol 9), they are attacking Iceberg using Robin to get the plans for Pluton, a deadly weapon that they believe Iceberg has. In actual fact Iceberg has passed it onto Franky who along with Iceberg is the apprentice of a man named Tom.

CP9 seem very unbeatable, and the story of Iceberg and Frankie is sweet.

Train Chase

So CP9 escape with Robin and Franky and a high speed train chase ensues!

I really liked this part of the arc because again we got to meet a whole load of super powered marines! I hope we see T-Bone again, he seemed to be a really cool character that I’d love to meet again and see his true power. It made me laugh that he couldn’t bare to see his marines bleed.

It did feel like it was all a bit too fast but it gave us the possibility of some really great adversaries in the future!

It also makes me happy to see Zoro able to stand next to Luffy and look just as strong and Sanji use his initiative and get a lot of action too!

Enies Lobby ATTACK!

So our destination is reached and everyone has to get into the World Governments Judicial Island Enies Lobby to save Franky and Robin!

Whilst Luffy shoots off ahead and causes havoc the others are left to break through. Everyone gets a battle and everyone (well other then Usopp) gets to win. Even Nami has a great battle with a Soap Women (Devil Fruit user of CP9 Kalifa.)

And that is the nice part of this arc, for a change it felt like everyone was working hard, sometimes the joke of having Nami and Usopp leaving it to the guys wouldn’t have really worked with this arc when they were all fighting to save their friend.

In the middle of this we got Robin’s story and along with Choppers I think she has the saddest one. The whole arc made me love Robin more and more, even when she was working with CP9 I couldn’t help but feel for her, I knew it wasn’t all as simple as it seemed.

I think the thing that made me really sad though was Franky. He was getting slowly more infuriated with Robin who was ready to give up no matter how much her Crew fought for her but he didn’t believe his family would show up for him. When he finally heard the Franky Family had shown up and were fighting for him his reaction was priceless.

Again it showed the vastness of the Marines and this time it also had Luffy learning more about his powers, he learnt how to do different things and thought about what he was doing more frequently.

Of course we won and Robin comes back!


The Going Merry’s spirit brings her to the Crews rescue one last time, when out of the danger area though it is finally time to say goodbye to him and he gets a Viking burial whilst he says goodbye to the crew!

I loved the Going Merry and am going to miss him!

New Era…

The end of the arc focuses on the new.

First off we get the revelation that Garp (from the title page adventures with Coby and Helmeppo) is Luffy’s grandpa and we get to see Coby and Helmeppo and how they look now they’ve done their training.

The most important thing is the new ship… And the fact we’ve got a new shipmate!

Everyone now has a bounty on their head, Luffy and Zoros have both sky rocketed and the rest of the Crew have them now as well (poor Chopper only having 50 beri!) Not only that Garp seems to have left the Franky Family out of everything but Franky himself also has a bounty.

So now it is important that Franky leaves as well so his family and the Straw Hats, in rather weird fashion, get him to join the crew! YAY WE GET TO KEEP FRANKY FOREVERS AND EVERS!

Now this was interesting because its the first surprise I’ve had. I’ve seen a lot of edits and stuff about One Piece but to be honest I’ve never noticed Franky so never realised he’d be joining us! The others I knew were going to be part of the Crew so it was never a worry that they wouldn’t but Franky I’m so happy with. It was the only Crew member I haven’t been spoilt for!

And with that we’re off again, oh and I got the happy surprise of seeing Shanks again, I love Shanks. I can’t help but love Shanks. He’s wonderful!

I’ve never been more motivated to catch up and currently I am on Chapter 438! This is going so well and I’m loving it!


4 thoughts on “My One Piece Adventure : Robin, her secrets and a teary goodbye!”

    1. So far it is one of mine too. It had a lot going on but never really felt too long. I haven’t really read much One Piece recently this is the last arc blog I’ve got at the moment. Love this one though!

      1. Indeed. So you don’t know yet what happens after that? But I’m guessing that you must, even if it’s just by spoilers.

  1. I kind of do and kind of don’t. I kind of know a lot of what is going on NOW but I don’t really pay attention to any actual story moments. So as far as the stories go I’m not really spoilt up until about a few months ago when I started following a lot of One Piece blogs on Tumblr. I still think when I get to it a lot of the stuff will come as a semi-surprise to me.

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