My One Piece Adventure : Davy Back Fight

Right after the Skypiea arc we go to Long Island where everything is…. Long…..

Here we encounter Foxy the Silver Fox who challenges Luffy to a Davy Back Fight.

The Davy Back Fight is a way to strengthen your crew. It starts when two Captains agree to the fight. It has three rounds (or at least this one did!) and each crew member can only fight in one round.

After meeting Tonjit on Long Island and his horse Shelly Luffy is enraged when out of nowhere a pirate shoots Shelly.

The pirate, Foxy the Silver Fox, challenges Luffy to a Davy Back Fight and without really thinking about it or knowing what it is he agrees!


The first round is a race. You had to make a boat out of barrels and then race around the Island. Nami, Usopp and Robin are the crew of the Tiger Barrel and they face Porche, Capote and Monda in the Cutie Wagon.

I loved reading about the race even if it is one of those things I usually find boring in manga. You can see how fun the race looked though there were a few moments that I think the translation let itself down because I was getting confused with what Foxy was trying to do to cheat!

In the end the three of them (and I was surprised they used Robin seeing she is a Devil Fruit user!) used their intelligence to beat Porche and her team just…. As they got to the finishing line Foxy used his Devil Fruit powers (the Nora Nora Beam that slows things down) to let his team win.

RESULT : Foxy chooses Chopper to join his team.

After being very sad about the news Zoro tells him (basically) to man up and Chopper stops crying waiting and watching the next game…


This is some weird kind of football game. One of the players on each team is that teams “ball” and you have to get them into a ring to win. The Straw Hats had picked Chopper, Zoro and Sanji for the match but with Chopper out it ends up being Zoro and Sanji against the Groggy Monsters (whose ball is a half fishman half giant!)

I LOVED this one! Zoro and Sanji are my two favourite crew members and I loved them arguing with each other, at times I really wish they’d both get on a little more and this showed why! Their finishing move when they both stood up after being beaten to a pulp was fantastic and they could be sooo cool together if they tried!

You can see why the Groggy Monsters hardly lose! I mean it takes our monsters to beat them though I would have been totally disappointed in my Zoro baby (sorry!) and Sanji if they hadn’t beaten them.

RESULT : Luffy brings Chopper back!

So both teams have one victory, the final round….


Obviously this ends up being Captain v Captain.

I loved the fact that Luffy fought the whole thing with a Afro!

Foxy’s Devil Fruit ability is really cool, the ways he was able to use it reminds me of something I think Crocodile or someone similar said to Luffy about how his attacks become predictable, this was one of the first times I really believed that Luffy thought through his attacks. Even though the fight was pretty funny (Foxy being, well… Foxy with his running about) but it was also a tough TOUGH battle and at one point I was trying to figure out what Luffy could possibly lose if he loses to Foxy.

The way Luffy won was so clever and I didn’t see it coming! It really was him using his brain for once over brawn, OK he actually does do some really intelligent things quite often but you know what I mean!

RESULT : Luffy chooses to take Silvers emblem instead of a crew member.

I loved the fight it was a lot of fun. It also showed the intelligence of the group over everything else, everyone had to think about how they were going to win more then they have had to a few times. It really showed their strength as a team but I also think they all need to do a bit of work on their team work!

My favourite was always going to be the Groggy Ring purely because it had Zoro and Sanji both competing. It also brought back memories of ref hate from younger life as a fan of wrestling and football, the ref NEVER see’s ANYTHING! I’m sure they are taught to look away at the most important points. Well wrestling refs are of course but still.

Through the whole of the games I was thinking how aloof Robin still is, she isn’t part of the team but at the same time she still starts to enjoy their company more and more. It seems the end part of the Long Island arc will see a bit more of her story so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I really have loved this stretch of One Piece and can’t wait for our next adventure!

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