My One Piece Adventure : Skypiea Arc

I’ve been trying to catch up with One Piece for a while now, I’m not doing too badly! At first I tried to review it as I went along which meant it went a lot slower then I really would have hoped for but I have long since given up on that and just got on with reading or watching it.

I’ve just finished the Skypiea arc and though it would be a perfect time to start writing about One Piece on here!

Whilst out in the Grand Line just after having Chopper join their team the Post (the item that directs them because compass’s won’t work) starts to act weird. Robin tells the crew about Sky Islands and they dock up on Jaya Island to find out more.

They meet a really rather annoying pirate named Bellamy.

Whilst Luffy has his way with Bellamy, Robin finds out about another person on Jaya Island named Cricket who would be the only person that could help them reach the Sky Island. Cricket tells us about his ancestor Montblanc Noland, he found a city of gold and when he returned to his own country and tried to bring his king back to the island it had gone. He was executed as a liar and Cricket is trying to find the golden city.

Obviously by the name you can guess that Luffy and his crew end up in the Sky Island (Angel Island) and whilst battling a God they find the ruins of the ancient city and the great bell of that city.

We also find out the story of Noland and his adventure.

Every story so far has been very emotional, I can’t say I’ve been disappointed with a single story. They’ve all been so packed with real emotions and real drama that you can’t help but become attached to the characters.

Usually those stories are attached to a living person (e.g. Chopper) and therefore a happy ending ensues. This time out the two people at the heart of this story are both dead, thousands have died in the 400 years and only now can descendants of both individuals have a peaceful and happy ending.

I loved the story of Noland and Calgara. Noland just happened upon the Island after hearing the bell chiming, he was the only member of his crew that could hear it, the Shandian people weren’t welcoming to people in general, guarding their ruins with their lives and Calgara was their top guardian, but they had even more reason to be afraid for when Noland arrived they were in the middle of sacrificing someone to stop a plague.

After a misunderstanding, many harsh words and Noland being crushed by the land, Noland is able to cure the village and befriend Calgara. Before leaving they upset the natives accidently, the reason for the plague was a disease spread by trees so they went around the island to cut down the infected trees, unfortunately they didn’t know that the Shandian’s believed the souls of their ancestors lived in the trees therefore when they saw what they had done they got upset. It was a tiny bit too late when they found out but they sent the bell ringing to let Noland know that they were always there waiting for them to return.

When Noland did return Shandia had gone and all that was left was one half of a house. He was executed for lying about the city of gold.

What actually happened was the Island had been sent flying into the air, Calgara had died trying to keep the land and ring the bell as the people of the sky took charge of the land.

There was something so moving about the story, it is one thing I love about One Piece is that it IS very romantic in a old fashioned sense, it doesn’t have to all be about love, romance can bloom from anything and One Piece finds just about anything to make it bloom!

I felt that the arc was a little too long, there were a few “final battles” and “final moments” and sometimes the fighting with Eneru the God (actually just a elemental Devil Fruit user) were too drawn out. Overall the arc was a good one though. If only for that wonderful story and Luffy ringing the bell for Cricket to hear!

Leading up to the final battle there were some really good moments, I loved the unique look of the cloud islands. Conis was great and I loved the warriors. The snake was awesome too! I can’t remember his name now was it Rolar?! He was funny. In fact one of my favourite moments was seeing Luffy inside him tickling his tummy. Everyone thought the snake was just attacking them but in fact he was just reacting to having Luffy inside!

Also can’t help but love how bad assed Zoro was, but that is for another blog totally!

The beginning of the arc was a highlight, it didn’t feel like filler or a beginning it felt like a proper story of its own, you could see the conclusion a mile off when Cricket started talking about how they’d get to the Sky Island but it was nice. There was a lot of thought put into all the characters and their back stories.

I was kind of hoping that Cricket would end up trying to get to the Sky Island, it would be nice to see him meeting Wiper in the future seeing their ancestors were such close friends. It probably won’t happen but I’d like to see it happen. He’s looking for a new dream though with his two ape pals so hopefully they’ll be back one day!

As for the Straw Hats… I dislike Nami a little more then I did to begin with and I’m not sure why, I hope one day her gold obsession stops because it annoys me. I love Zoro and Sanji even more and more then ever just want to see them fighting more. People told me this would be the story that gets me into the Zoro/Robin ship but I don’t see it that way, Zoro hates everyone so it isn’t so much that but I just feel thatΒ Zoro would stick up (and bitch about) any of his crew mates. It is what makes their family. And plus when he defended Robin he was only making a very simple point, after all she IS a woman! Luffy is just Luffy and as always says the right thing to make me tear up! Robin and Chopper are fast becoming favourites and Usopp….. Man I love Usopp! I hope he never changes!

This so far has been one of my favourite stories even if I felt it was a little long winded.

I do hope we get to meet the guys in Skypiea again one day or at least go to another Sky Island! They are so cool!

I haven’t even mentioned the dials or gone into the trials and Eneru’s priests!

So much I could talk about with this one.

Now onto the next!

(I haven’t even mentioned that during this we got a indication of what my joint favourite character, that being Red-Haired Shanks, is up to. I love Shanks and squee like a fan girl whenever he pops up, along with Zoro and Sanji he is my top favourite character and I want more of him! He is AWESOME!Β 

Saying that I also loved Ace and want to see more of him, I have really enjoyed the “Finding Blackbeard” front page adventures with him.

But still…. Shanks!)

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