Free! Eternal Summer : Invincible Prime!

I couldn’t believe how touching the last episode was, to see Nagisa in such a vulnerable state and to see the boys surrounding him and helping him was more then lovely.

Now that he is free to carry on swimming lets see what they are up to this week?

We are going to prefecturals!

This year everyone makes it in their individual events and we are waiting till next week to see the relays.

I loved seeing them all competing though I have to say that my favourite part of the whole episode was actually the Mikoshiba brothers. Seeing Seijuro come to cheer on the team and his little brother is sweet. Momo worked so hard for his brother and Gou!

It makes me wish there was more of him in general, I think they missed out not having him last season (Seijuro this is) more often because he is actually a lovely character. I love his relationship with his team and to be fair there was a love that Rin could have learnt from him last year that we missed out on and there is a lot he could still teach.

Not only that I just love him and Momo together! I mean they are adorkable.

Kiddie Mako and Haru was actually great and seeing their friendship the way we’ve recently seen Rins and Sousuke’s was sweet. We usually only really ever saw a small part of their growing up but we really got to the beginning of it this time out and it was sweet. Mako and Haru mean a lot to each other and though it is obvious to anyone watching that they care most about each other sometimes we don’t really see it (if you get my drift).

I really enjoyed the episode but I can see the next one being a bit heartbreaking with the relays!

Another great episode.



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