Free! Eternal Summer : A Resolutions Heads-Up!

Last episode Rin stood up to his Captain duties and took a step forward in making Sousuke understand how he feels.

It was a lovely episode for Rin, something he has had very little of in the first series and something I’ve loved so much this series.

Now back to Iwatobi to see what the fantastic foursome are up to!

How many Nagisa centred episodes have there been because I can’t remember many! This one was perfect though, even fun loving, laid back and energetic Nagisa needs a bad day and this was his.

After his falling grades at school his parents tried to force him to leave the swim group so he runs away from home and it is up to his team mates to infuse him with the courage to tell his parents how much he loves his club and he won’t give it up.

I think it was probably one of the sweetest Nagisa moments ever, and he has a lot of them. He’s a lovely character and has a lot of moments where he is kicking the confidence, love, pride or motivation into everyone else, it is nice to see him having some of his own treatment back at him.

It went a long way to showing how much the team have grown together in the space of the series and a half, this time last series I doubt Haru would bother to care let alone be the puppeteer in events. Makoto I used to think was the glue that held everyone together but he’s gotten much more…. Childlike and laid back this series (not sure how much I like that or how much I’m remembering Mako wrongly from the first series.)

Of course if it is Nagisa though there is only one member of the team that can really hit home how much he needs the team and how much the team needs him, of course that would be Rei! The man that Nagisa bothered to death to join the team.

Rei couldn’t swim but Nagisa never gave up on him and no matter what Nagisa said this episode Rei wasn’t having any of it, and with him on Nagisa tail his grades are sure to sour!

It was one of the most beautiful episodes showing in full effect the bond the group have.

Really you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful moment.




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