Barakamon : Yakamashika

“Yakamashika” (やかま)
Translation : Annoying

We were introduced to the crazy world of Handa, a calligraphy genius who has been sent to a small island to “cool off” and rethink himself after punching a curator who didn’t like his work.

We’ve met the very friendly, some would say over friendly, neighbours as well as their kids who have been using his empty house as a base and don’t seem ready to give it up quite yet.

Through all this there is a story of a artist trying to find his own unique style.

The second episode does not disappoint, it carries on perfectly from where we left off. He seems to have just accepted Naru who for the life of him just won’t leave and he’s introduced to the son of the mayor and the lady who has been cooking his meals.

This episode see’s Handa overworking himself, when Hiroshi shows up to deliver his food he’s pretty much fainting, by the next day he’s hospitalized.

The ghost of the hospital gives him inspiration when he drums it into Handa that the kids all sounded mighty relieved to find out that Handa was OK. It made me wonder if he’s ever had anyone who cared that much about him before because it seems to have hit him hard.

There is a lot of humour in the episode including learning about Naru’s vocabulary which is being influenced by two teenagers she hangs out with. I loved the bit in the hospital when Naru miss hears what they ask her to do and is running around the place looking for I believe a eggplant instead. If the voice artist isn’t a kid they do one of the most believable kid voices ever.

Handa’s hard work seems to motivate Hiroshi who is only just scraping by in school as average to work harder and not be half assed about everything, whether that carries on or not I don’t know! Hiroshi does a complete U-turn quite fast in the episode, even though his mother seems to love cooking for Handa he takes umbrage with it but completely changes tune when after the ending credits roll he comes over to Handa’s house and see’s the bloody (literally) mess he’s made of cutting onions.

It is hard finding your own unique style and it seems that Handa only gets moments of inspiration, man do I know how that feels, but his hard work and motivation is inspiring. Hiroshi is correct with that! I’m much more like Hiroshi in that I do a lot of things half assed, mainly because I lose motivation of belief in myself. My sister is the total opposite, she has so much belief in herself (not much motivation at times) that she never gives up even if she herself can tell she’s terrible at what it is she’s doing. Me, even if I’m good at something sooner or later my self confidence dips and that is it. So maybe I’m less like Hiroshi and a tad bit more like Handa because it usually takes a burn out for me to lose my motivation, whereas Handa has become ever more motivated.

I’d love to have anything that I was as passionate about like Handa has, to be able to find unlimited motivation to do it even if it is driving me crazy.




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