Barakamon : Shiman Ontsandon

“Shiman Ontsandon”
Translation : Island Dads

Handa learnt a very good lesson on when to give up and not to let him get him down last episode. I wonder what he’ll learn this week.

Even though she’s at the forefront of every episode Naru hasn’t had much to do recently so it’ll be interesting to see if she gets some air time. She’s like some guardian angel sent to Handa for the betterment of his health!

This episode felt very light, in fact it was the first one that seemed to breeze by me. That isn’t a negative thing at all because I was left wanting more.

We deal with Handa’s writers block by being introduced to Miwa’s father (after we’re introduced to Tamako’s brother) who kind of forces Handa to write the name of his boat on the side of it.

Again it really is the kids that bring the best in him out, when he says he doesn’t like what he is doing (he really meant the pressure) they all stuck a hand print on the boat which lead Handa to work hard to cover them all. To be fair I think it would have been cool to be left with one or two hand prints on the boat but what do I know?

I loved the hilarity of Handa not being able to use a old fashioned phone and the look on Akki’s face was brilliant! It doesn’t seem to sink in to anyone on the island that he wouldn’t have seen something so old fashioned, then again my grandparents had one of them up until I was about 5 so it really isn’t that out of date is it? It was funny either way!

It was a nice change of pace, even though he kind of learnt something it wasn’t a big life changing episode he just ended up having fun with his friends (which is still a bit weird that they are all children no?)

I think we needed a little bit of a break from all the life lessons though I do miss having grumpy Handa which is always fun.



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