Barakamon : Hitonmochi

“Hitonmochi” (ひとんもち)
Translation : Mochi Thrown In Celebration

Over worked and not taking to moving very well Handa is determined to come up with a masterpiece. His masterpiece might put him in the hospital mind you but a masterpiece is what he is after.

He’s slowly coming to terms with having a bunch of kids surrounding him and having no real privacy, in fact I think it is making him a better person.

Lets just hope he doesn’t work himself to the ground hey?

I did like how this episode kind of included the older kids more. I now think I have a handle on most of their names.

Miwa is the one with all the posters from episode two who is pretty much normal teenager and Tamako is the one that wants to be a manga artist and doesn’t want anyone to think she’s a geek or know that she likes the kind of manga she likes.

See I’m doing better with the names!

The episode really revolved around Tamako and her crazy assed manga which, if it is any consolation to her, I’d read in a heart beat. Full of gore, blood and bromances it looked rather wonderful, though maybe not so much to Handa who was sent packing with Soul Eater to read (I’m just a bit bouncy about that, I love Soul Eater!)

Again it is a very real place I’ve been to myself both Tamako and Handa. Handa has totally lost confidence after coming second in a competition and it didn’t get much better when he wasn’t picking up any of the Mochi but the important thing was he had fun being with his friends (is it me or is it weird that at 23 he has a load of kids as his friends?)

Tamako…  Well I was there in college, I used to write a load of stuff that people could see was really good but their only opinion was things like “it’s a bit over the top” (well yeah usually it was science fantasy stories THAT IS THE POINT!) or else “I don’t really like this kind of thing myself so don’t really know”. Not that it was their fault they had that feeling to what I wrote but it makes you rethink what you are doing. Kind of… That wasn’t well explained was it?

It was nice that he kind of got over it at the end though, it didn’t look like he was ever going to get over it, especially when the old lady told him sometimes its best just to say you have it and let go. It is true though that sometimes you just have to let it go but it is hard. So hard.

I love that it really is just a mini life lesson every episode.

I also love the relationships that are starting to bloom! They are all very sweet and we have some real brilliant characters here.



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