Barakamon : Barakakodon

I like things that are a bit out there and wacky and when I read about this slice of life anime with a character shipped off to a island where he has to get used to his neighbours who are all a bit strange I was interested right away!

I’m really excited by this anime through its synopsis and can’t wait to see what its all about!

So episode 1 :

“Barakakodon” (ばらかこどん)
Translation : Cheerful Child

I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the first episode, I really hope that it carries on as good as it started. It has a little bit of everything I love, Slice of Life tends to be the genre I love most as long as it isn’t coupled with romance (I don’t know but I find hell of a lot of romance angles silly) and this one looks like a great one!

The main character is called Handa, and after winning a prize and being critized by the curator Handa loses control and punches him. His father then sends him away to a island, a island that hardly has anyone on it, has only one bus a day (man that sounds like a nightmare to me! I hate buses!) and a load of crazy neighbours.

I love the mayor who is wonderful (I didn’t get his name though!) and is just as crazy as the kid that seems to inhabit Handa’s house, her name is Kotoishi. She uses his house as a playground.

When I read the synopsis I didn’t think he’d grow so much within one episode, but from finding her in his cupboard to the end when all his neighbours come to help him unpack there is a giant difference already. And I like that. She’s already shown him something he’d never have seen in the city and his calligraphy is already starting to come to life.

Every single character, no matter how much time they were on screen was so full of life and personality, it is like an invitation to carry on watching and getting to know them. I am really excited to see how Handa gets involved in the small town, it was lovely to see everyone come to help him unpack his stuff and even lovelier that he didn’t turn them away, I had a feeling for a second he would but he kind of accepted it.

There is a lot of comedy there, of course there is, but there is also so much to explore. He needs to learn to improve his art and I think that the adventure he will go on is something that could inspire others. I’m interested to see it.

Recently these kind of anime’s have really got to me (not in a bad way) and made me open my eyes to the world and how big it is and what I could do. Kiniro Mosiac (a anime about a English girl who moved to Japan to be with a student who had come to visit her in the holidays when they were kids) had a big effect on me. I’m pretty much a country/city girl, Plymouth is a small city surrounded by country and its made me thirsty to want to expand my surroundings, meet people from all over the world and take the big step of moving away from Plymouth. I believe this could have a similar effect on me, my creativity recently has suffered thanks to many things.

Ahhh and there I go babbling on again!

This is definetly something I will be watching, I am very sorry that the most regular articles on here will probably become anime articles (I’m soooo sorry!) but  yeah this could be important!


Opening Credits

Ending Credits

Episode 1

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