Free! Eternal Summer : The Somersault Turn of Promise!

“Yakusoku no Samāsoruto Tān!” (約束のサマーソルトターン!)

This week the episode focuses on Rin and Sousuke.

Our boys are getting a lesson in nutrition from Gou, the fun to be had in that situation!

As I said the week really deepens the bond between Sousuke and Rin, we see a little more of their past together, their competitive spirit and Sousuke’s real feelings towards the relay.

So far I’ve not been too sure what to make of Sousuke, he is kind of playing the new guy as well as the villain of the piece but he isn’t a bad character and he isn’t a nasty one either. He’s actually quite a straight forward guy. He is a man that knows what he is doing with his life, after he’s finished this year at school his future is set, he’s been scouted and he’s going to live his dream.

His big concern is that his best friend won’t be doing the same, which is an understandable feeling. You get more of a insight into his workings though, it must of hurt him to be so close to Rin yet not hear from him when he left. Obviously we all know that Rin hit a wall and become Mister Grumpy Pants but Sousuke doesn’t know that, well he guessed he’d hit a wall but that was really all he’d guessed.

Rin loves the relay and that is what has bounded him to Haru and the rest of the guys, we find out the Sousuke doesn’t like the relay for many reasons and that the pair fell out about it. I guess it is easy to see where his threats to Haru come from when he probably had no indication that Rin was back before the competitions last season and to see Rin throw it all away by racing with people who he didn’t know as well as him…. I can’t really explain that well but I can understand how it hurts and how he wants to get the best out of Rin.

It was actually lovely and it is nice seeing Rin develop away from Haru and the rest of them. He really is starting to get his own personality away from the others which he needed as he isn’t part of their team even if they are friends.

The stand out moment was Rin taking charge of who will be in the relay, he decided to use his own passion and choose from a group that WANT to do relay other then force the best people to do the relay as well. It was a sweet scene that gives Rin his own independence. You got that he was the one always striving for the relay when he was a kid, his kid form has much more character, personality and individuality then the teenage Rin ever has but now you get that present day Rin is started to blossom on his own.

We won’t talk about Momo-kun this week. I feel a squee fest is in order at some point!

As for the team well that was were the humour came this week!

Gou did a Bento check and rated their lunches out of 100. No one passed the test, it was quite funny seeing their lunches and matched them perfectly. Mackerel and rice for Haru, a lovely but meaty lunch for Mako, a beautifully prepared lunch for Rei and sweets from the cafeteria for Nagi.

They challenge Gou to make them a better lunch which she does but she fills everything with flavoured protein powder.

In the end she comes up with a difficult training regime which Goro approves and Rei comes up with food they can eat but they get distracted by Goro’s pizza.

The episode was perfectly balanced so that no part seemed more important. If you didn’t care about Rin and Sousuke (why wouldn’t you? Their bromance is sweet!) then the main four were only seconds away from their next escapade.

It is nice that this series we are focused on both swim teams not just one team and one individual from the other team. It’ll make them competing against each other more fun!




(Sorry I didn’t edit the screencaps to get rid of the bars, I know I was stupidly late with the review and there were so many I just left it!)

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